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Archangel Michael - Integration of Virtues 11th Stage July 5 2009

translated from French July 5 2009

NDR's comment from France: After carefully reading the following details you should have all the elements to follow this guidance and thus allow us to save precious time in responding to the many questions we receive. Archangel Michael has offered to accompany us and to enable the transformations in relation to 12 "virtues" or " 12 stars of Mary" in 12 stages, one per week starting on April 25.

Michael comes each week during a period by an alternating of information and a transmission of energy adapted to the "virtue" integrated that day. We do our best to ensure that you find the transcript of these interventions within 24 hours after the meeting on our site. At anytime soon, therefore, in Spirit ...

You can participate in this support:

* Anywhere you are
* In simple receptivity (no special connection is needed)
* Extending your arm and legs uncrossed (preferably sitting, the soles of the feet on the ground, or lying down or standing)
* Participating during the 72 minutes of Michael's meeting from the specified starting time (or at least any 20 minutes at your convenience from among those 72 minutes)
* As Michael said: "Fear not children of the Light to take these overflowing energies now or at any other time, because you will always be permitted to integrate into the transmission of this Light, this transmission of Unity, to allow it to enter the center of your entire being.
* The date and (French) time are indicated.
* The next AA Michael meeting is on Sunday July 12 at 12:00 noon - Midday (French time) [this is the final virtue date - US times are 6 AM NY time, 5 AM in Chicago, 4 AM Mountain, and 3 AM in LA]. There will be no answers to questions at this time.
* For the record, the previous meetings took place on April 25, May 2, May 9, May 17, May 24, June 1, June 7, June 14, June 21, and on June 28.
* Regardless of the outpouring of Michael, it is suggested that you reconnect to the energy of the Source, the Father, every day from 12 noon to 1 PM local time, regardless of your country.

Integration of Virtues - 11th stage

I am Michael, Ruling Prince of the Celestial Militia. Beloved children of the Light, Masters of the Light, Creators of the Light, wherever you are in this world, I wish once again to express the gratitude of all Those of the Light, not only of the Conclave but also of the Angels, the Archangels outside of the Conclave, the Entities and the Masters of the Authentic Light Who thank you for the work that you achieve in yourself, for your brothers, and for the entire planet.

As I have said and again repeat you are a multitude who now verify and live the Truth of your Celestial Marriage. Throughout these weeks of your time on 3D Earth, I have transmitted a number of energy vibrations and codes of Light to awaken in you, in your inner temple and its mastery, the Truth of your transformation to a being of Light, and to awaken all of your humanity in this solar system.

In a very few days, you will see the reality of this dimension of Light. The Source will now arrive in you. The Source will be within your subtle body, even inside your body for all eternity. Gradually, in the times to come, you will become more aware of a number of important elements related to the reactivation of the original Light in your structures.

Slowly during these past weeks you have awakened and activated a number of lamps, a number of vibrations, which encode DNA, allowing Us (as you are revealed and disclosed codes of the true Light) to permit you to live in authenticity and to approve your Divine heritage. You have persevered with humility and simplicity to experience this. In doing this We give Our gratitude to all those who desire to live beyond your separated 3rd dimension. The Source Himself through Me now gives you the grace to perform through His consent the ability to now live His presence in your total consciousness.

Today the 11th virtue is established in you through the 11th star that encompasses the facade of Mary. Today by the meeting in the Unity and the Source the sacred seal of Archangel Metatron, Who sits at the right hand of the Father, has opened in you (so indelible, so real) access to your trans dimensional body. Many of you have already for a few weeks of your Earthly time had the opportunity to inspect the reality of My words, the reality of effusions, and to live in their essence fulfilling this promise. This is now.

All of you who have worked and now continue to work in this final stage (which from today is the most crucial step in the return of the Light in this separated 3D world after climbing one by one to achieve this stage in the vibration of Light) are now to become beings of Light in Unity and Totality. I have designated you during the last few weeks as transmitters and bearers of the Light. I have called you co-creators of the Light. Today, with the seal of the Archangel Metatron and My Radiance and Guidance, I call you the recreated Light. Nothing can now oppose or become an obstacle in your lives to the establishment of the Light of Truth and the Unity and your return to the fraternity of the galactic people, those people of the stars [ETs].

This signals in a visible way to you (and soon to all) the end of your isolation, the end of your separation [and our quarantine that will bring a reunion with the multitudes of beings in the cosmos and with Divinity]. As you know (and as I have said many times) I only do the will of the Father. This is a revelation that will increasingly become evident by the deconstruction of all the illusions that have kept you under their control during the past millennia. It is now no longer necessary.

Whatever the suffering still existing in this world, it will be transformed by the reality of the Light, by the revelation of the Source and the will of the Source. You have amply contributed to the establishment of this new sovereignty, you have amply contributed to stabilizing the Light in this 3rd density, not only for yourself but for your entire planet that accommodates you.

You are now able to realize this giant step. This is not for this immediate moment but will soon occur in time. You will soon have the full revelation of the plan for the Light, and this revelation will include the announcement by Mary. You now have before you moments and moments to live in order to perfect, refine and amplify the Light in this 3D world. Today, by the ascent that you conducted in your own body (even within this 3rd dimension) you will activate this final stage. [Although some say we are now in the 4th dimension which is a time of decision and a living in 2 dimensions at once I continue to use the term 3-D for simplicity.]

This corresponds to the vibration of Light between your nose and an area on your face up to your hair [this area has been called the 3rd eye by many]. This band of Light is a seal that is applied by the Source so you can live in the Unity, even within this separated world. Thus We the conclave, attended by the Councils and certain spiritual entities and, in the presence of the divine Mother and the Source, transmit this last seal to you in the energies of the ultraviolet radiation and the Holy Spirit.

Thus, during these last two weeks of your Earth time, we have provided you with the key contact between your physical body (a demonstration in your body and vehicle in this 3rd density) and what I would call your super luminous body of Light [ He calls this body supraluminic]. Today we imprint in you the mark of the Light after having built your new foundation in your chest in your heart, after allowing the movement of Light to activate the new lamps in you . You are now on the threshold of a new Unity, created within your separated structures by your new super luminous bodies. This makes you today the Lord's anointed. Do not worry about those of your brothers who have not yet yielded to the Light of the Father. Their time will come, their weddings are simply delayed by a few weeks.

Those who belong to the true Light are never left out. Truth, peace, glory, and humility are revealed today by the integration of Unity within this vibrational band between your nose and the top of your forehead. Again you become, by the printing of this stamp in you, the Lord's anointed, but above all you are able to exist and remain in the Light of the Source, whatever the circumstances of life on this Earth. As you know the Earth must go through periods where major deconstructions of the illusions and games of power must occur completely. All that now exists in the separation, in the suffering, and in the illusion will now result in a total termination.

The presence of the vibration of the Source in your chest, the presence of the vibration of the Source imprinted by the seal of Metatron in your forehead and your nose, can establish in you the Light of God, regardless of all circumstances of your lives and the life. The eleventh stage of your Celestial Wedding directed in you the merger of horizontality and verticality [into Unity]. Antagonisms and oppositions will dissolve more rapidly. You are asked to stay centered in this Light, within your control and within your total abandonment to the Father and the Source. By conforming to the Light nothing, absolutely nothing contrary to the Light can happen to you.

Do not judge what is happening, as this is not of the dark nor a reward [or punishment] but it is actually the establishment of the Source within you, at the end of your isolation, to reconnect you to your World Galactic Brotherhood and the Galactic Family elsewhere. All of your Light brothers (the Star people, the people of the inner-earth people, and the Masters of Time [those who are time travelers]) will be visible very soon, not with the sight of your inner eyes [consciousness] but by the simplest vision [with your physical eyes]. This revelation is approaching, you now enter the final stage of this revelation. This revelation will be for you the establishment of Joy, the establishment of the Truth, the establishment of the purity and the understanding of what you are, in full and in truth [as members of Divinity].

The experiences that you have will multiply at your leisure and choosing. As I said earlier, you are infinite beings, beings of Light who have chosen to forfeit the Light temporarily in order to live in this 3rd density, to grow in Light and in time to reveal the Light that you are. This moment is here now. The Source will be revealed to you in a few days of your Earthly time. This does not signal the end, but this sign is the beginning of the joy, the beginning of the ineffable joy that none of you have ever lived before, and in this you join a community of tens of millions of people in this world. [Remember that there are 8 billion on Earth now, so this is but a minute group of enlightened souls now.] You will then have the responsibility of radiating this Light on the whole of humanity, not by any desire, not by any ability, but simply by accommodating this radiation and being what you are [as beings of Light].

The Father, the Source will reveal to you at this very moment His radiation and His presence. In your acceptance this will appear in you. There is no more room for hesitation, there is no more room for questioning, there is only room for the joy. Receive the effusion of the ultraviolet radiation and the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, even in the presence of the Source.

You will soon enter into a time on your planet of Earth’s birth literally in its new 5th dimension. Your Earth will build this quality of Light into another dimension where you can develop in eternal peace your future in eternal Truth, connected to all other dimensions in Love and Creation. This is the future path now for your planet.
You will realize that these Celestial Marriages have preceded and have helped create this. Be grateful for all eternity. By focusing, by bringing your attention to your heart and to the frequency band of Light between your nose and your forehead (the top of the face) you call on your Source to show you the Source and to communicate with the Father.

The communication that was hid by your sacrifice [and you oath to live in 3D] is now over. Each of you is now able to commune and communicate with eternity. Your super body of Light [He calls it your supraluminic vehicle] will be demonstrated and will bring you closer to your 5th dimension more and more as time progresses. Some of you already have had the opportunity to transfer your consciousness and to explore certain worlds, certain events [by your out of body experiences].

You will become increasingly likely to live these moments and to meet with your eternal body. It will be possible in a short time to access the new dimension of the Earth being created in order to stabilize your foundation, to show your presence, your desire and your Radiance. This era of separation is finally over. Do not be upset or interrupted by the deconstruction of this world. As I already announced this in a very short time will grow and expand every day.

Your sky will change in a dramatic way, and you will see it with your own eyes. This is not in ten years, this is not in a year but this is now and henceforth. This is not an empty promise. I execute the Will of the Source. We all perform at Our level the Will of the Source. It will now be revealed and unveiled as well as visually in the form of dreams, in the form of feelings, and in the form of physical evidence.

There are many messengers who will reveal to you the plan of the Source. It will broaden and manifest itself to you in full in the days ahead. This was decided by the Source [Divinity]. In response to your joy and your desire, in response to Our requests, you who live the Celestial Marriage will rejoice. This will be accomplished in Light and Truth, even within your 3rd density.

The signs are already visible within your body but it will become apparent very quickly now, even within your society, even within your media. It can not be otherwise. Prepare yourself by humility, by simplicity, prepare yourself for the beautiful Radiance of the Source and accommodate it. You will understand and live in a very few days the brilliance of the Light, the bliss of the eternal Light. The Source has decreed this. These moments that you will live are unique moments in the history of your soul, the history of this world, and the history of Eternity.

Beloved Creators and Masters of the Light, you have literally earned your place in paradise, you have literally earned your place in the Galactic Brotherhood. You now have a responsibility in your language to roll up your sleeves and work increasingly in the outpouring of the Light. Be joyous in that you are just living in the Source the joy of life in the present. The rest will resolve itself.

You should not have any doubt of that.
You should not have any fear because once again as I said the Light is intelligent, and the Source is even more so. He knows you personally and individually from all eternity. He is in you by invisibly imprinting this on your face [with the Divine sign similar to the dot that the Hindus wear on their forehead], making you beings united with the Light in goodness, love and truth. The doubts that still attack some of you at times only detract you from the beauty of what you see.

There will be changes in your heavens and on your Earth. You will now proceed to live for eternity within your super body of Light [He calls it supraluminique]. This is not an illusion for those who have already experienced it, but it is a promise of pure satisfaction for those of you who have not yet experienced this. There is no more delay for this. There is construction that is now complete and which is complementary. This concept of the Source will confirm in you the reality of your trans-dimensional body. This will occur in you more and more as I said. The work that is accomplished during this week should help to focus your awareness on this band of vibrational frequency located in the area between your nose and the hair of your forehead.

The outpouring of the ultraviolet radiation, coupled with the outpouring of the Holy Spirit and the manifestation of the Source, will continue to occur between 12 noon and 1 PM on your watch at the moment when the sun comes up [it appears that it will be transmitted from the moment that the sun rises]. This time is an agreement required by the Source. It is not only at the noon zenith of course, even though I've called it such, because it is not only at the peak solar period at noon, but the Source and the zenith of the Source decides and declares its time, even if the sun is not performing it.

Thus during this week, daily between 12 noon and 1 PM you will enter increasingly into the intricacies of the plan of the Source. You will experience intense vibrational and beautiful events. This Light, which is manifested in you, will comfort you in the choices you've made: the beauty and the truth of your eternity this week will be manifested in Our latest outpouring of the Celestial Marriage. This will nevertheless be far from being My last outpouring because I will return (as I've told you) for My festival [late September] and also for the festival of Mary for two other key phases in the plan of the Light, because then many things will have occurred on this Earth, both visibly and invisibly. Many things will be revealed to humanity that were hidden for so long.

The dark can not interfere; it can no longer resist; it is deprived of its role as opponent. The Father, the Source in His great mercy has proposed that the forces of darkness join the Light. They have for the most part accepted this. Thus only the human darkness that persists in certain movements in this resistance will continue for some time.
However, this should not affect you because the plan will be revealed to you the same way that your multidimensional body was revealed to you. Thus We ask that even more people participate in this triple outpouring of energy between 12 noon and 1 PM each weekday. We will return in the same manner next Sunday at 12 noon, French time. Receive the effusion of the ultraviolet radiation of the Holy Spirit and the Source.

I will not open a period tonight for questioning. As the Source has asked Me I will leave more time to grant full access to the Radiance of the Source to complete the eleventh stage and prepare for what will occur this week to signal the return of the Light as a tangible demonstration. Beloved Creators and Masters of the Light, I leave you now to live in total inner silence the end of this outpouring of your 11th Celestial Wedding. Be filled with the grace of Unity, the grace of truth and the grace of love. I am Michael, Ruling Prince of the Celestial Militia, and I will speak again to you again next week. Be blessed and I greet you.

My Comments: AA Michael’s message is shorter this week with no answers to questions, and He seems to say that His work is almost over with the 12 virtues ending this Sunday, and that the real intense reconstruction is about to begin with His appearances occasionally at times later this year. He now mentions Archangel Metatron Who possibly will now join in during the next weeks in the intense reconstruction that will occur. How this coincides with Michael’s May 2010 final date is however unclear.

He spoke recently of the inner silence as that part of the consciousness where we remove the mind, and this is part of our eternal body that some who are more advanced have already experienced in their out of body or astral travels. Relying on the logic of the 3D mind will only lead to erroneous computerized programmed thinking that is “illogical" as Spock in Star Trek would say. Much of our knowledge is inaccurate, and when the veil is lifted we will understand what has been kept from us.

He also mentioned that we will be hearing a tone that will guide us and show us that we are beings of the Light, although He not did give a specific octave. I recently experienced a tone in the 450 Hz range during a noon time hour that lasted for 10 minutes and I frequently have low level high pitch tones that are almost undetectable at different times, so this may be what He was referring to.

He spoke last month of solar arcs or flares that we will receive in early July that will be seen by all as proof of His words and work, and that period of time is now here. There are reports that the Sun has now begun actively emitting these energy flares, although the results have not yet become visible on Earth. He has spoken of our eternal bodies of Light that we will receive, and I feel these are far superior to those of the ETs that have visited some on Earth because they only live several thousands of years, whereas we will have eternal bodies that never die.

Excerpts from:

Sheldan Nidle this week stated: “The prosperity programs [economic reforms and distributions] are tied into multiple aspects of the regime changes which are to take place in several major governments [the US is most likely the first]. The diverse levels of legal institutions that are to certify the authenticity of these deliveries are finishing off a series of preliminary procedures. Once finished, these operations can accelerate the drastic changes needed to ensure an unbroken continuity of prosperity.

The components involved in the deliveries are awaiting the 'green light' that signals that the actual abundance distributions can go forth in a swift and timely manner. The elements required to legally transfer these governments into caretaker mode are in place, and the difficulties encountered before are now fully corrected. The personnel to man these interim regimes are approved and officially appointed by our Earth allies. Thus the first steps in this quiet revolution are taken, and a careful waiting period is in place which is not expected to last long. All is at the ready, as the final elements in this long drama are locked into place.”

“Agartha's fifth-dimensional realm has moved upward and now sits a mere 400 miles (640 kilometers) from the surface. This is in line with a vast movement of the north and south poles. Each is migrating toward the other, while the southern pole is also migrating toward Mother Earth's central sun. These movements are to be wholly adjusted when the Earth goes from being a dipolar [duality] to a monopolar entity [Unity]. This shift is to happen once you are ready to leave your individual Light chambers. Then a crescendo of change on Earth's surface can receive its divine coda: the switch to monopolarity. This allows Mother Earth to complete her sacred transformation, becoming once again a functional, fully conscious realm.”

Like Sheldan AA Michael hints that the dark leaders have basically surrendered, although some will still continue to resist the Light. He said earlier that our leaders would be replaced with those of Divine choice. What is delaying this is the Divine timetable that will give approval to these needed changes in time. We have seen no visible signs of this yet but await proof. What will occur in the next few months is unclear at this time, but He said “You soon will have the total revelation of the plan of the Light”, so time will tell.

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