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Archangel Michael - Preparation - August 8 2009

translated from French

Preparation during the week of August 8 to 15, 2009

I am Michael, Ruling Prince of the Celestial Militia. Beloved Masters of the Light, Children of the Light and Star Seeds, I come to you on this day, accompanied by the radiation of the seven Archangels. Thus, We the Archangelic Conclave from this day on gather within your solar system to perform, initialize and manifest on this date of August 15 the revelation of the Light. As I said in my last meeting of the Celestial Marriage, the radiant terrestrial triangle located in Mexico was activated in Me and must likewise be activated in you this week every day until August 15.

You will climb the seven steps that will accomplish in you the revelation of Light, for your glory and for your Unity. What is on High is like what is now below. What happens in your inner being will also be realized on your Earth and before your eyes and in your skies. The time for this new energy effusion, the keys of AA Metatron's Light, is in 8 days [next Saturday the 15th].

The radiant triangle in you is called the sacrum [a triangular bone in our pelvic hip area]. It corresponds to the awakening of your Divinity (in response to the impetus of the Light, through the ultraviolet energy), the result of Unity that follows your Celestial Marriage and which is initialized in every human being who wishes this. The sacrum is where the Fire of the Earth lies. I have by the Conclave just initialized the awakening of the Fire of the Earth. The fire of the Earth meets the Fire from Heaven. During this week, you will likewise merge to enable this radiant triangle to fuse this material in you.

The radiant triangle will stimulate and allow the merger (for those who wish) of the crown [chakra] of the heart with the crown [chakra] of the head. I have already spoken of the sacred lemniscate, the tone, and the inner silence (but I will not repeat this now). I refer you to what I said earlier, and this will always be valid in your human race, for those who wish to join the Celestial Wedding.

The time is now to unite your intellect with your heart. The heart is reception, the heart is love, the heart is vibration and Light. The Light of the head, the mentality that allowed you to act out in this density must give way to the Light of the heart. Thus during this week, the six points of the heart and the five points of the head will awaken in you permanently, performing here the establishment of the crown of twelve through this 11 point [6 + 5] crossing with the sacred lemniscate. This crown of twelve is the meeting of the twelve virtues that I introduced earlier. This will, under the influence of the sacred triangular radiation and also the heavenly Radiation establish in your skies on August 15 a connection where the body of your being and the body of your personality will merge in this density.

Enjoy this Time in the Light. This is the time to return home, this is the time for the revelation of the Godhead [Divinity] in your dimension. The misrepresentation of the Light by the darkness will no longer be possible. It is your responsibility to welcome in you, for you and in your abode what We offer. The next major date and the spotlight is now on August 15. This period of time will end on September 29, the date I arrived on Earth through the most heavenly. Beloved Children of Light, this week, during these 8 days before your August 15, We will concentrate the triple influence of the Ultraviolet Radiation, the energy of the Holy Spirit, and the radiation of the Source daily during the time period from 1 PM to 2 PM on your watch.

During this time, you will enjoy the strongest support of our Conclave to perform this work and climb the seven steps. To do this you need to understand and surrender to the Light, the Truth and Love and be transformed by the Light. It can not be otherwise. You are asked to give Us your allegiance and your devotion. You are asked not to focus on your ego or your personality, but to let your entire being bathe in the Light of the Source, the Ultraviolet Radiation, and the Holy Spirit.

There are on the surface of this planet ancient tales of the 7 Rings of Fire. These Rings of Fire has been built during these times to enable the Light, the White Light of AA Metatron, to be manifested in your heavens, and to enable the establishment of the kingdom of Light in your dimension. Some of you on this planet know the stories of the Rings of Fire by the Ancients. You will be asked, both in your inner being and for those who have the chance externally, to meet near the Rings of Fire of the Ancients. It is not for me to give you their location. It does not matter whether you know this or not: get together in groups, and especially on August 15, to welcome Lord Metatron.

His seal comes to you in white Light. No existing darkness can survive and continue its life after the impulse of AA Metatron. As you know, Metatron will establish His rule at the end of Time. You have now entered these End Times. This declaration that I am giving you are signs that will be seen visibly by all in your heavens. But I refer you to your inner being as this transformation must first be achieved in you. You must every day this week from 1 PM to 2 PM merge the crown [chakra] of the heart with the crown [chakra] of the head. This work will come simply from the moment you accept, in humility, simplicity, without pride, the Light that comes to you.

The Source [Divinity] has declared the time of His return. We the Conclave have announced and prepared this time since time immemorial, and these dates are in truth and accurate. They are the ultimate proof of the Truth of Light for those who have so far refused to acknowledge this. You will see with your eyes, your senses and especially your heart what is the Truth. And the Truth is simple, the Truth frees you from the limitations of this world. You must enter the Joy in Trust, in Serenity, in Unity and in the reception of your brothers and your sisters. Some of you may feel a Divine impulse to be gathered together with others of like faith during this time. Do it. The time is now.

It is your responsibility to work so that the circumstances of your lives enable you to carry that out in peace and serenity in specially chosen places. Be sure and certain that wherever you are on this planet, whether far away or close to the Ring of Fire, from the moment you accept the Light in your midst, in humility and simplicity, the Intelligence of the Light accomplish this. It will act, regardless of the level of deconstruction visible to you.

This visible deconstruction is merely the deconstruction of the illusion. Deconstruction that is visible to you is the construction in your heart of the New Jerusalem, the New Covenant initiated by AA Metatron. Every day, between 1 PM and 2 PM on your watch, We ask you, if only for a few minutes to receive and welcome what is to come. It is important to simply do this, there is nothing else to do. There is no direct consciousness to the heart, to the head or the sacrum, or elsewhere.

There is simply the need to accept and state clearly and distinctly in yourself, that the Light, the Unity and the Truth of Christ abide in you. By simply saying [in honesty and sincerity]: "I welcome the Light, the Unity and the Truth of Christ", this transformation will come in you. A number of vibrations will then invade your body, your heart and your head in different points of consciousness. You have nothing to do but to merely welcome this Light in humility and simplicity. You can also pronounce this sentence verbally out loud. This is simplicity, this is Truth itself. With this knowledge and the arrival of the Light of Metatron on Saturday August 15 you will be aware of what We together have achieved, beloved Masters of the Light, over the last several months.

This is Truth. Your illusions are eliminated by the Truth of what is coming. There is no other possibility. This will result in the end of your Celestial Marriage process [and the conclusion of the integration of the 12 virtues]. The events taking place on Earth will follow a program that will be either of the Light or of darkness depending on what you have chosen or allowed in your heart.

This completes this message that I wish to tell you today. If you have any important questions over this process which will take place or have a desire for explanations, I will provide answers before you return to your Essence and your Heart in meditation until the end of these 72 minutes today.

We have no questions. Thank you.

Beloved children of Light, here and around the world, I ask you to accept now the triple outpouring of energy supported by the Conclave and the seven vibrations or the seven Archangelic Seals, along with the Divine Mary, your Mother to all. Beloved Masters of the Light, Children of the Light and Star Seeds, We will continue to send the energy effusion until the end of the 72 minutes of this meeting today. Nevertheless, I will not add words and you can, if you like, open your eyes and experience this with your vision. I say that the next meeting is August 15 at 1 PM [French time], where I will speak before leaving, and the Light of AA Metatron will appear in your density [He will now assist or may even assume leadership in the reconstruction process]. You are blessed, receive this effusion of energy.

Ndr from France: The August 15 meeting will not be open to the public.

Wikipedia: The sacrum is a large, triangular bone at the base of the spine and at the upper and back part of the pelvic cavity, where it is inserted like a wedge between the two hip bones. Its upper part connects with the last lumbar vertebra, and bottom part with the coccyx (tailbone). In children, it consists of usually five unfused vertebrae which begin to fuse between ages 16-18 and are usually completely fused into a single bone by age 26.

My Comments: AA Michael describes the energy of the radiant triangle in southern Mexico that is similar to the radiant triangle in our pelvic region, and He compares this radiant triangle with the sacrum which is a triangular bone in our pelvic hip area. He says that this pelvic area corresponds to the awakening of your Divinity, and many know it as an area of sensitivity and sexual arousal. The sacrum is compared to the Fire of the Earth in which Earth will also experience an awakening centered in the triangular area in southern Mexico. He calls Aug. 15 the revelation of the Light and the announcement of the coming ascension to all mankind. He again mentions Sept. 29 as a significant ending date that He earlier gave as the deadline for accepting or rejecting the Light, and He hints that this next 1 1/2 month period is a major stage in the history of Earth and all mankind.

The appearance of Jupiter as a second sun that was mentioned by Christ Michael [Aton] this week may be the sign that many have requested, and this may replace the visible New Jerusalem in our skies or may supplement this event, and hopefully it will include both signs, as we need all the signs and proof we can get to remove the 3D veil from our vision and understanding.

Michael mentions the Rings or Circles of Fire. This has also been described as the coastal area along the Pacific Ocean including California, Alaska, Mexico, South America, Japan, Indonesia, and Philippines. This may be a hint of the possible start of earthquakes in that area and it may also affect Australia and New Zealand through tidal waves. There are reports today of major quakes and tsunami watches in Japan and other areas of the world that seem to substantiate this. This Ring of Fire is compared to the Divine fire in our hearts that will awaken our knowledge of our Unity with Divinity.

He seems to say that starting next week AA Metatron will take over for the duration of the time, and Michael earlier called Him the One Who sits at the right hand of the Father. The suggested time period for our daily meditation has been changed to 1-2 PM daily where ever you are on Earth.

Drunvalo Melchizedek has written many books and has numerous videos on the Net where he describes his work with the Mayan shamans and priests that is still being taught today among these people in Mexico who speak of the 2012 transition. He said he spent over 10 years working with these so called primitives in expanding his spiritual consciousness and knowledge. He has a 2 hour radio show on , but beware that it has a worm virus that will be downloaded to your PC if you access and allow it and do not have a good anti virus that detects it. Just opening up a web page can infect your PC, so beware of visiting certain sites that use scripts like Java, Visual Basic, and Active X.

The next meeting is Saturday August 15 at 1 PM French time, 7 AM in New York, 6 AM in Chicago, 5 AM Mountain time, and 4 AM in LA. The August 15 meeting will not be open to the public, and this may be due to the limited space and the inability to accommodate the many who wish to attend. It was suggested that those who wish to attend can do so in spirit by meeting with those of similar minds in groups around the world in welcoming the announcement of ascension to the world and the arrival of AA Metatron on Aug. 15. Time will tell.

Rich N


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