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OM Aivanhov - Bodies of Light - August 4, 2010


Dear friends I am glad to be with you again and to answer any questions you may have.

Question: Is it necessary for us to contact our twin flame in order to reach our essence?

Why is it necessary to believe that you should be with somebody else to reach your essence? You can reach your essence by being by yourself, although there is some talk about soul families which is quite accurate. There are some who are involved in nothing but focusing on finding their twin flame. The twin flame is simply the first release of the spirit, the Creation of the soul in the unified multidimensional world but it stops at that point. It has never been said that we can ascend by meeting our twin flame. [Many like to be in crowds to escape loneliness, but once you are at peace with your inner self and essence you will find that you may be more happy being by yourself. In 5D everyone will be in a network with access to all and there will be no need for phones to communicate with others, and loneliness will not exist.]

On the other hand the inner meeting with your twin flame does not have any benefit because the vibration of the twin flames is a reconnection in a certain manner but that does not improve your connection with your essence. I know that you have a particular desire to theorize that when your soul mate is found within your twin flame that he will be your savior and will somehow be able to assist you, but I assure you only you can save yourself although there have been many things written about this concept and a lot of theories have been discussed. There is a spiritual reality however that you will meet these flames later in your life. When the revelation is complete and the vibratory perceptions are refined one can indeed meet with his twin flame on a vibrational level, but there are some who have 20 or 30 twin flames, so you can see what I mean. I did not say that the twin flame concept is not true but I say the conclusions which are drawn are false.

Question: When people perform an action to increase their vibratory level what effect does this have on our current evolution?

I would answer quite simply that it all depends on the intention of each person in this group. If the group decides to increase its vibrational level and it is not hidden behind something else I say why not. That may very well increase the vibratory rate, but it seems to me that we all get tired of saying that the only thing you have to do is raise the vibratory level in you. When you reach the moment when you have established your essence in yourself in your heart, at that level you reach a supra mental transformation and everything that happens around you is connected to this vibrational elevation. This can be balanced by this action but what is the objective? Is it to experience this vibrational rate yourself or is it to raise the vibration of the location or another person around you that you deal with? From the moment that this is a group concept it is necessary to understand the objective of this.

You have many meditations that were created during the 20th century supposedly to serve the Light, and that is very commendable is it not. But where is this energy, where is this increase in vibration? This process is always the same: the best way to be sure of something is to be in the vibration of the heart and at this vibrational level. The danger with this is that you may have focused on this and did not awaken the radiant crown chakra of the heart but centered on the external things and did not know how to develop your consciousness and your energy. It is different than the Celestial Weddings where the Archangelic Conclave poured energies on you. You did not ask for this but it was given to you, although the difference is minute is it not.

Do you understand the difference? In one case this energy brings you the consciousness and vibrational Light while in the other case you claim to possess this vibrational Light and Consciousness whether you have it or not. That nevertheless requires a great amount of confidence to know how this consciousness, these vibrations, and these energies are used. When We pour these energies on you, the majority of you feel some of these effects on the vibratory level and what that can bring to you, does it not. It is as if I came, like presently, to ask you to give Me energy which I will give up. Do you believe that you need that? It is necessary to be a little logical. Who needs consciousness and vibration, who needs to raise it?

How do you say in simple language "Are hospitals the only ones who can care for the sick and needy"? Excuse me for trying to draw your attention to some energy processes that are beginning to be set in motion everywhere on this planet [through death and destruction]. Between those who want to pray or give higher vibrations to Earth's ascension and others who want to give this vibration to the Earth so She remains where she is [by not wanting Earth to change] and others who say that they must supply energy, it is a bit unusual is it not? So be careful by what has been called goodwill. Good will is something that is still used by what is not of the vibrational Light [the darkside with their charities that are often fraudulent and self serving uses this also]. It will appeal to your sense of charisma, your sense of service, and what could be called your empathy, and you say it is for the good of humanity. You see how things can be processed because the human being is a creature of service [slavery] to humans, and while on a spiritual path he wants to return to service and he wants to help. So since there is a call for something, it makes sense he wants to bring something, but you should not reverse things. It is the Light that brings you something, it's not you who will bring something to the Light. It's still a little bit different, don't you think? Think about it for a while. It is very important.

Question: On the same subject, what about group prayers for healing?

Why not. I answer that the problem here is that as you enter into an activity that is very commendable, there is no need for Us to give you energy because when you pray you create energy to cure someone yourself. But again, even though there are still many therapists needed (you are still in the third dimension, therefore as AA Anael said, We are facing a relative and not an absolute truth), there comes a time at the level of your consciousness when you touch the Heart of the Heart as they say and not the Heart of the head [intellect], because the vibrations are activated in truth only at the Heart chakra and the Radiant Crown. If you participate in this kind of process, what will happen? It is very simple: Your Heart will not respond because you fall within the duality. You can not claim to remain in the Unity and continue your interest in duality. So this is not something negative but depends on the level of consciousness where you are at, and when I say the level of consciousness it is not the level of belief, it is the level of Vibration. Understand that it is commendable that there are beings still praying for other people. That is quite justified, but at a certain level of consciousness if you go to the same Crown Radiant Heart, I doubt that the vibration is amplified from the moment you do that. So it is neither positive or negative, it is a relative truth according to your own level of consciousness.

Question: What are the internal vibrations that I experienced in my body during my two hours of daily meditation?

This is the Light that penetrates you, so that is fine. When the Light enters at the level of the whole body, it has intense vibrations throughout the entire body with tingling sensations everywhere. And dear friends you should not worry about that because it will not vibrate like this all the time. It will continue, but do not worry since it comes with small effects does it not, because if you had this all of a sudden you would already have left this dimension, you would literally disappear [die] and that is exactly what is happening now to some. Some of you are beginning to collect these vibrations, whether in the chakras or throughout the whole body, resulting in tingling and pressures at different locations. This is exactly what is happening, but We will perform this gradually and you will get over this. What you should understand today is that if you could make a trip back in time without having lived the decades when energies were transmitted on the planet you would literally blow up anyway [because your bodies have been updated over the years]. And there are people who measure these vibrations, and the vibration of this planet is profoundly different from what it was back several decades ago [the Shumann resonance frequency is much higher and is approaching zero point]. The first fruits of the arrival of supra mind were perfectly described by Sri [Master] Aurobindo. The first arrival of this supra mental energy hit the Earth in August of 1984 and is therefore fairly recent. But if you transfer someone who was alive in 84 directly to today, he would not live one second. This principle is like heating a frog [which would thus blow up].

Question: Is there a relationship between the arrival of these energies in 1984 and the supernovas?

There are multiple relationships. First, what happened in 1984 was the first effusions [pouring out] of the Holy Spirit Who was one of the first of Unified polarity. The Holy Spirit was relayed by the central sun of Sirius and this signal was transmitted from very far away. This was accompanied by Mary on Her return to your vibrational dimension, and They were not present before that time. And you have more recently received a much more powerful dual energy component that is related to impulses of Light coming directly from Archangel Metatron. This was represented by the explosion of Betelgeuse [It is the ninth brightest star in the night sky located around 640 Light-years from Earth and is called the giant's shoulder], a star and a sun that became a supernova. The radiation from supernovas arrived on Earth long before this time of transformation, and I know when, but others have seen lights like that during a period of several weeks. [Some of this Light takes hundreds of years to reach us before we can see it.]

So these are celestial events which correspond to special vibrational arrivals. Understand also that the solar system is moving in its entirety and will be placed in a short time under the influence of the Galactic waves coming from Alcyone in the Pleiades, and you are also regularly linked to other supernova pulses or gamma radiation emissions arriving on the planet and whose overriding goal is in transforming the consciousness of human beings. So you have multiple sources of this vibrational radiation of Light. You know that what has been called ultra violet energies (or adamantine particles) is the influence of Archangel Michael Who was the first to successfully penetrate the Sun. It is moreover the main mission of AA Michael which was aptly described by Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925) as a Christ like mission. That is why you often hear about Christ and AA Michael as the new Tri-Unity where AA Michael is present. [ http://www.doyletics.com/arj/tamrev.shtml ]

Question: When you say that Michael was the first to be able to penetrate the sun ...

As an entity outside this solar system without being trapped by the matrix.

Question: What is the role of AA Michael in our body of essence that is waiting for us in the sun?

His role is to set you free, and that is what He has done so far through this deconstruction process. Also remember that all of your DNA and your consciousness has a significant part, if not a major role in the Archangelic and Marian DNA coding and these vibrations in your lives. Therefore Michael penetrated the sun at the end of the year [2008?] after the intervention of Archangel Jophiel, and He created major arcing discharges and links between Earth and the Sun. This is what has allowed the introduction of the Celestial Marriages and thus the arrival of the Marian [UFO] Fleet around your sun. These higher dimensional fleets cannot enter through the so-called inner Earth portals because they are limited to beings of the 3rd and 5th dimensions. These beings from higher dimensions are forced to enter through the portal of the Sun which was closed by the darkside but is now reopened. [In higher dimensions the Sun is not a blazing ball of fire that we now see it to be.]

Question: Has Michael reopened this door?

Yes absolutely, and He prepared us for the return of the beloved Master known as Christ the Solar Logos [this Logos represents the heart of the cosmic pattern and the source of existence, and its emblem is the Sun which is the source of life and Light], and this opens the door to our bodies of essence. All of you entered into 3D in your carbon based bodies through and are genetically linked to Mary Who created this universe, and this Christ Logos has continued despite this 3D falsification. Christ has planned this mission for many years. The sun is directly connected to your multidimensional door and it is necessary to establish a link and a reconnection with the Sun. I have already told you that when I was young I had a meeting with the solar fire through meditation while facing the sun at sunrise on a beach. This fire literally woke me up spiritually and I was able to establish a communication with what I knew at that time although I could not accomplish it then, but I found that this energy triggered my awakening. So the Sun has a major role in your life because it has a role in the Unified worlds and brings a number of electromagnetic energies resulting from the gravitational confinement [gravity will not exist in 5D] which explains the sensation of heat that you have in your carbon based body, and this sensation is much greater in the body of Light or the body of crystal or any other higher dimensional body. [Our eternal bodies of Light are stored in the Sun and we will be reconnected with the Sun at ascension to receive these bodies at that time.]

Question: Can the presence of Mary in the interior of the Heart nourish the body for the moment and over the long term?

Absolutely. It may be possible even now, given the circumstances of this new energy that you may be able to actually absorb and feed on this energy [no need for food]. There is no reason for you to miss anything. There are people who spend months without eating, and by simply fasting they can feed on this vibrational energy. We have also talked about the nectar of the gods, did We not. [Do not attempt this however until you are ready and able to perform this. I have found myself eating less than I used to, and overeating can now be very unpleasant.]

Question: Somehow, I think it is very gratifying.

Yes, We agree also. The difficulty, if you understand this, is that the revelation of this body of essence is after all fairly recent. You had a friend [Ami] speak to you this afternoon about what has been called the spiritual body or the Divine body. Both of your descriptions of the etheric body or astral body as you can see are incomplete because you have no possible description for the spiritual body or the Divine body. Tibetans speak of red drops and white drops [I have always felt that the Tibetans have little understanding of Divinity and higher dimensions despite their knowledge and location]. This shows their actual inability to understand the body of essence, and even I in my lifetime had this problem. You do not have any description for it, you only have poetic words that describe this immortal body, a body without seam or flaw, a body of Glory.

Some have even represented this body as a body surrounded by Light using Judeo-Christian and New Age paintings and depictions. It is a fantastic concept because nobody can really know what it is. So today you can recognize the challenge that is before Us. We through the Vibrations want you to trust Our words on this because it is something that is completely unknown to you. The best evidence than you have to access this body of essence is to establish yourself firmly in the vibration of the Heart and Joy, because from that point on We know that at the proper time you will receive this eternal body of essence.

But as you know on Earth, unfortunately (from Our point of view but not from the perspective of these people, for that is their choice) at the time when everybody with limited consciousness will return to his essence there are those who will have the ability and vibration (through the Merkabah and those who must keep this biological 3D body whom we call the Angels of the Lord or the Vegan Vessels of Light) to somehow merge with (if indeed it can be called a merger, for it is rather a dissolution and a breaking free) and fully commit their consciousness completely in this new body. But there will also be spiritual beings who will have ignited the crown chakra of the head and who will recognize this body of essence but will not have sufficient vibratory energy to enter into it.

But remember that the separated 3D duality of good and evil will not exist any more, and the bodies of essence and the carbon based bodies will be transported to Unified 3D planets (like many on Vega in the constellation of Lyra who have had experiences with carbon based structures). At this time, there will be a kind of learning or relearning process to be able to vibrate in this new essence. [Most of those who do not ascend to 5D will continue on other 3D Unified worlds which are different from Earth which now exists in duality. Stasis is necessary because most want to remain here and would die and need to be reborn elsewhere if they stayed. They will be transported to other 3D worlds to continue their existence until they are ready for ascension.] The major difference is that there will be no more suffering because the body of essence will not be separated any more from consciousness in this carbon based 3D experiment [and will have a more enjoyable Unified 3D existence elsewhere].

In the same way, when a Friend [Ami] says to you for example that when an Archangel is in His anthropomorphic form in the 5th Dimension and He passes the thresholds and travels to His original Dimension, does this mean that His form of the 5th Dimension disappears? No, it is like a hologram. The consciousness of Michael can be in thousands of places at the same time as well in the 5th dimension and in other dimensions. There is no longer a separation therefore, but there will be much work for you to be able to find true freedom and to reach these multidimensional realms. Then you have others on the other hand who will not have opened anything. These ones will be obliged to face this and adapt to their body of essence, but this work will take much longer. Relearning will be longer, but once again it will be done using the concepts that you learned in this 3D world.

Question: After our merger with the body of essence, what is next?

Anything you want. There are no more limitations of form [bodies] or dimensions. You can even return to your home solar systems and visit different planets [without a starship to travel in]. Everything will be accessible.

We have no more questions. Thank you.

Dear friends, I wish you a good night, a good vibration and beautiful dreams, and I say to you We will meet again very soon. We will take care of you [as you are a part of the United Divine family] Goodbye.

My Comments: OM is one of the 24 Elders and could be consider an Ascended Master. He has started to give details on our new bodies and what lies in store for us in the near future, and this is unique and you will see it nowhere else. The late Robert Monroe in his book Far Journeys talked about his out of body experiences (OBEs) that gives a glimpse of what we will be like when we receive these astral bodies of Light. He traveled during his 30 year period to many places in the universe including Mars and visited other people including those who were in their youth at the time of his visits but were elderly when he knew them, so not only will we be able to travel anywhere we want but we will be able to time travel which could mean that we will not have the limitations and constraints of 3D time that we do now. He said he traveled to the year 3,000 and found no life on Earth. This is because we cannot see life in higher dimensions now, and most of the planets have this life that is invisible to us at this time.

He was known for developing a binaural beats system called Hemi-Sync that uses frequencies below 10 Hz to enable us to connect with our inner selves and with higher dimensions also, and there are several free programs that accomplish this [ http://gnaural.sourceforge.net/ ]. This principle involves listening to a frequency of say 100 Hz in one ear and 90 Hz in the other using earphones, and the brain subtracts these to give us a frequency of 10 HZ, and these low frequency waves are called alpha, beta, and theta states, and some have used these in therapy to assist in healing and in meditation. Problems that those who have had OBEs include difficulty in returning to their 3D body and being attacked by negative beings, but this will probably not be a problem in the future as this Divine cleansing continues and we receive our new bodies. Movies like the Matrix give us some idea of this phenomenon and have some truth just as the Star trek movies do.

Many only want a better 3D and will continue this elsewhere in a unified (not dualistic) 3D world like the Vegans, some of whom have become angels themselves over time, so this will be a better 3D for them. The good/evil 3D that we now have will be replaced by a good only 3D which should help some advance more quickly, and the slavery we live under will cease to exist. Now we spend most of our lives working at jobs we hate to pay the bills in order to survive and have little time to develop spiritually, and this will cease for all whether we ascend or not. Those who are ready and desire a higher existence will move on to 5D, and Earth may become a training ground for Angels who wish to assist others, but how many do you know fit this category? Some like Esu have said that only 10% are ready for ascension and that number may be even less. This is determined by the Angels and is Their responsibility. There are reportedly many robots and clones without souls like our leaders (including Obama) who were created to serve the darkside, and they will be uncreated and will not pollute our future, so even those who continue in 3D elsewhere will not have many of the problems that we now face.

Our 5D bodies will be better than most ETs because they will be eternal and will probably not need food or sleep or be tired or despondent as they are now. This is so beyond our understanding and probably even some of the Hierarchy, and this concept is so new that it may not have existed 10 years ago, as new plans are made on a daily basis and are subject to change. Obama and the Muslims have been active in their support of Allah and their acts of terror and violence, but remember that he is same demigod as Jehovah and is not around now. Those who have returned from the future all say that there is no religion as we know it now because most of these teachings have numerous errors and most religions were established for control, and we may finally begin to truly understand Divinity and our access to these entities as we Unite as one and become Divinity ourselves.

Most higher ETs only have children when they want them and are not an accident from having sex as many of us now experience, and this problem often results in children who are unwanted and unplanned, and parents are often unable to take care of them properly due to working or a lack of money or many other reasons. Some ETs are dual sexed and do not need a mate, and some like Andromedan ETs have vats where children are born and incubated, so the era of child birth as we know it may soon be over in 5D. Most women will privately admit that having kids is miserable, they are often sick around childbirth time, and their bodies are usually in a much worse condition than when they were teens (those in 5D will not age or be sick). Since they will have eternal bodies there will be no need for children to replace those who die, and as the Archangels mentioned most families will be broken up during ascension, so life in the future will probably be much different.

I have been updating my PCs recently and am now working on this message using an LCD HD TV with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 which makes work much easier and faster, and I can fit about five 8 1/2 x 11 pages on my screen. In the future we will probably have living super computers that can perform instantly and we will have infinite access to all knowledge of the universe [no copyrights or patents] and will be able to travel to view the Akashic records of past, present and future actions and thoughts, but we should understand that due to alternate realities we will see futures that some have lived but which have been changed by our decisions and those of higher beings.

Most new PCs have Vista and Win7, and I have been experimenting with the speech recognition that is included free in these systems. Although there is little discussion of this on the Net and it is virtually unknown by most, under the proper conditions I have found that the accuracy is over 90% and with training and use it should reach about 95%, which should help speed up my work in time and should be seriously considered by those who do a lot of writing. A work like this usually takes about 8 hours and some longer works may take 2-3 days of full time work, so I choose these carefully and only focus on new and unique features like what is given here. One problem with this French site is that they want the entire work given and not just important parts, and this seems like 3D control to me, and much of what is said is a repeat of previous work and is not important. Some posts are about 20 pages long and take days of full time work to prepare, so you will only see the most important ones translated and commented on here. According to Sheldan Nidle, in the future we will have small translators that will accomplish this task instantly, and these can be worn on our clothing so we can communicate with all telepathically and will not need languages. The Tower of Babel in the bible was an accurate depiction of the Anunnaki's attempts to keep us separated and in slavery, and the language problems and slavery will soon be over.

There are reports that millions of dead fish have washed ashore not only in the Gulf but also along the east Coast, so any seafood will probably be too poisonous to eat and should be avoided. You will probably not hear this in the controlled media since most of it has been covered up so far, and that should continue. The Corexit that BP used may also have poisoned many of the Southern crops and may make these too toxic eat, so this should be considered also.

It appears that RAP like the Tea Party is an honorable attempt but will probably bring little change since the time is so short anyway and the military is in general too corrupt to enforce it. Sheldan seems to think that a new money system will bring a temporary government and disclosures so we may yet have this, and I keep an open mind on these things and await its unveiling if and when it occurs. Some feel that the hundreds of fires in Russia were caused by the recent solar flares that arrived while the West was in darkness and was thus protected.

The Independence Day holiday that we celebrated recently is a fraud because we are still a British colony under British law paying IRS taxes to Britain, but we may see some change if this new monetary system is established to free us since money and knowledge bring freedom. Some talk about voting and changes in November, but that is also a joke and a fraud. The Republicans want us to be slaves of big business (and big unemployment and big debt) and the Democrats want us to be slaves of big government (which is the biggest business around) with big taxes. We recently had a choice between a bad president and a worse president, and some like me chose none of the above as they are all puppets of the darkside.

Most of this is so new to our thinking that many will consider this a fantasy until they see it with their own eyes. Although I try to expand on this work with my comments, this comes from Divinity who will help create our future reality and is thus accurate. Our present conditions look disastrous, but our future is bright and is beyond our understanding and expectations, so we should remain focused on developing our inner essence and not worry about the chaos around us for it will soon be over. Hopefully what was stated here will occur soon, but only time will tell.

Rich N



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