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Cobra on the Surrender of the Cabal - June 13 2012

Stephen Coo interviews Cobra who has become a strong and sometimes controversial voice within the Lightworker community - organizing a series of mass meditations and posting intel to assist the liberation of our planet from the dark.  His first blog was given on March 31, 2012, so he is a relatively new messenger. Stephen said that he has an ET lineage that is Arcturian where the Angels say most who continue in 3D will be evacuated to during ascension.

"In this revealing conversation - which uses voice modulation technology to protect Cobra's identity - Cobra talks about the negotiations for the surrender of the Cabal, the mass arrests, why things have been delayed, "rebooting The Grid", the world financial system, the Archons, the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers and nuclear weaponry. It includes intimate revelations about Cobra's Pleaidian history and teleportation to a starship; Cobra's intel and knowledge on Ascension, Disclosure, New Technologies, and recent events (the Eclipse and Venus Transit). Cobra also discusses personal Light Agendas and light work motivations."

His voice modulation makes it difficult at times to understand him, so downloading the free mp3 and replaying certain parts may help decode it. He has had several assassination attempts along with some of his resistance movement workers so he wishes to remain anonymous.   There are 20 million ET resistance movement workers that are here now who are involved in this Cabal removal who will become involved in this process if needed.  He is a Pleaidian contactee who was teleported to a small scout ship where he viewed his previous lives, this solar system, and was shown his mission now in 2012. He wanted to remain with these ETs but was told he had to return to complete his work.  He was traditionally born into a normal family but kept much of his previous ET knowledge, and he said his family doesn't know about his ET work yet.

Certain Cabal factions claim that they wish to surrender, and the deadline has been set for June 21 which is the summer solstice in this leap year of 2012.  Normally June 20 is the date for the start of summer.  Cobra said that the date for their surrender of April 2012 was given to him 10 years ago, and the Cabal will be removed this year one way or another.  Terms of this surrender involve a world-wide televised broadcast in which they will formally announce their surrender and will step down permanently, but Cobra said the likelihood of this action is only about 50% which seems accurate. 

The Cabal is good at lying and delaying anything that would obstruct status quo, so this action is questionable at best.  If this deadline is not met mass arrests will begin as planned, and punishment will be much more severe.  If there is no surrender banks will be shut down indefinitely which will shut down governments also since they need money to operate. This surrender primarily involves factions of the Rothschild and Rockefeller banksters and not the entire Cabal, and this will begin the start of changes that have been promised for months. Until this is complete there will be no disclosures or other promised events.  There is no way to determine what effects will result from these disclosures since on Earth unlike any other worlds mankind has been so brain washed that they believe all of the lies they are told, so finding out that our leaders are criminals may be hard for some to accept initially.

After the Cabal is removed 1st contact with ETs will occur.  The Pleaidians will primarily be the first ETs we will have contact with because they look and think like us.  This ET contact will begin with a few select people and will be expanded to the media later once the Cabal is removed, and there will be mass fly-overs world-wide so people can adjust to these ships.  I feel that this is needed because they will be used to evacuate mankind before the pole shift and ascension begin.  Mother Mary will make this announcement 3 days before the 3 days of darkness when Earth will stop its rotation and then reverse.  There will be a new government that has already been chosen and trained as Mr. Nidle has stated.  The UN in NY under new leadership will probably be used for the first initial official ET contact with the world.

The reptilian Archons (rulers) have controlled this 3D matrix for 1000s of years from the astral dimensions (4th) as the Gnostics have said, and recently many of them have been removed.  The Earth based Archons are the Jesuits who are the Vatican mafia which has enforced this slave control on mankind for over 400 years, and they in turn control the central banksters who control the world using their fiat money.  The Zionists are subordinate to the Jesuits who have lost much of their power recently.  The astrals and duality will not exist in the future, so the awakening of humanity will be much easier for all.  The Angels say time is not important since we will have all eternity to surrender to the Light and rejoin our Divine family.  Cobra says that he meditates daily in communion with the Source or Creator as I call Him.

There are many new advanced technologies that will be introduced later like replicators that can make 1000s of exact copies of anything that is scanned including food, and Sheldan and others have discussed this earlier.  They can be connected to a computer to instantly produce anything that has been designed, and this may be used to build homes and other items.  Factories that use slave labor could be shut down permanently, and money will be so abundant that it and jobs will not be a problem.  Almost instant teleportation will be introduced so there will be no need for airlines and TSA scanners.

ET clones have been used in the past but have not been used for the past 10 years although he did not discuss the numerous Cabal clones that still exist.  Some Rothschild and Jesuit factions have people buried deep in the military that have had access to nuclear codes, but WW3 and Armageddon have been prevented by ETs many times over the past 50 years.  Most channelers are not completely reliable because the information is filtered by the mind and is thus distorted. Cobra said only a certain number will be able to ascend now to 5D due to their higher vibration, and this will only be discussed from an ET standpoint (not from a Divine view) after the Cabal is removed.  He said that the religious teaching that is most accurate is what is taught in India and other Eastern countries due to their emphasis on enlightenment.

This is only talk so far and although it sounds accurate we will only know its truth when it becomes a reality.  It could occur instantly and peacefully or violently depending on whether the Cabal surrenders or not, but only time will tell.

Rich N

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