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Archangel Michael - December 21, 2010 - Disclosures

I am Michael, Ruling Prince of the Celestial Army. Beloved Children of the Light, beloved Starseeds, I am here again as I promised. I have returned United with the vibration of Christ the Solar Logos and Myself, now Unified also with Mary, the Divine Creator of these carbon based Unified Worlds 20 million years ago. Today I announce the period of your great return to your Unity by the Grace of the Source and the Grace of the planet which sustains your life here in this dimension. The veils will fall one after another, every day bringing you a more accurate understanding of who you are beyond the appearance of your ego self. Your fragmented consciousness has seen the final period of this isolation and confinement in your vibration. The vibrational mechanisms of the Supermind and the Vibrational Light that began in 1984 now finds their full attainment and completion. You are now connected and linked to forces of the Intergalactic Confederation of Free Worlds in Unity. The most important thing for you to do is to allow this Liberation.

There are however a few essential prerequisites needed to complete this term that you are in in order to strengthen your testimony of the Light and help your brothers and sisters in humanity have an easier and more abundant access to their multidimensionality. I want to remind you of the important words spoken two thousand years ago by Christ when He said, "Do not judge others, because with the measure that you judge them, you shall be judged also." Judge no one but yourself, judge yourself only. The measure of the quality, value, and effect of your words and your behavior is how you are measured when you ascend.

The Light and vibration of your consciousness must be the only focus in your life in this world now. I bring My sword as Christ spoke of, and this sword is here now to transform the Children of the Law Of One in Unity so His eternal Truth will reign in your heart. We are aware that the burden of your bad habits and your fears are for many of you restraints that are still present, restricting and limiting your full access to your inner essence. Gradually these obstacles will be removed and the density and weight of your incarnations will become lighter.

A number of new vibrations and perceptions have arisen in you now, a number of changes that you are aware of are transforming your conduct in this world and in your life individually. As I announced on September 29, your skies are changing greatly, and the entire fleets of Mother ships [large UFOs] of the free worlds are now in the final phase of approaching you in your 3rd dimension on Earth. These fleets monitor and respond to your calls by the grace of your work on the level of the interdimensional Merkabah of Light that stabilizes in you a little more each day. Now during your 7PM times of active meditation it is necessary for you to be centered in your Heart. The point IS [one of the12 stars on the top left part of your head] is precisely the point that the Christ consciousness penetrates you into the Temple of your body. This Temple of yours must be clean and free of any beliefs, any interpretations, and any judgmental attitudes.

Center yourself every day with every breath in the four pillars which are Attention, Intention, Ethics and Integrity. You will find that it will become increasingly easier for you to differentiate between the false teachings of the past and those new concepts of the future. When the Heart is manifested, it is easier to live in joy at that moment as you are decoupled from your judgmental attitudes, your bad habits, your fears and the chaos around you.

You will learn during the next 40 day period to clearly perceive the breadth of Unity and Truth in you because those moments will be filled with the grace of the presence of Christ in you. Christ and I are now present in your ethereal realms so We may abide in each of you if you are not in a judgmental state and if the intention of worship and grace are clearly established in your thoughts and in your consciousness.

These moments will be increasingly obvious for you to feel and live. No one can be mistaken because the presence of Christ Michael in you will bring you Joy, Light, Truth, and Clarity in this fulfillment. Significant changes in your physiology and psychology will be at work differently for each of you according to each individual's needs. Remember also that "no one can enter the kingdom of heaven unless he becomes like a child." The paradigm and dimensional shift underway requires the full realization of your abandonment to the Light as defined by Archangel Anael. You must choose between developing either your ego personality or developing your inner Divine essence, between the ego and separation from Divinity or the development of the inner Self and the Unification of consciousness.

This final period of time should allow you to clearly see your faults, your weaknesses, and your areas of darkness, not so much to fight against them but to allow their destruction by your being filled with Light. The choice at this time is very simple: do you feed your small human ego light or do you feed your Divine Being of Light? One can not develop at the same time as the other, and it will become increasingly evident in your lives. Is your conduct and attitude calm and serene or is it weighed down and heavily burdened? Are you attached and locked up in social conditionings or do you agree to strive to achieve the path of Joy in the Light.

If the trials and addictions in this world rule your life, you cannot develop your inner Divine essence. It is your own decision and your commitment alone and is not decided by the Unified Forces of Light. If you abandon your struggle for power, influence, and bringing fear to others, then you will more naturally and easily receive the vibration of the Unified consciousness. This will result in a complete involvement and immersion in your own Unity that at times is more intense and stronger as you disconnect yourself from your usual and customary duties. You will experience these moments joyfully, fully, and with more clarity.

If you are opposed to this transformation, your life will become increasingly difficult and will be filled with doubts, uncertainties, even to the point of denying your own vibrational states that you have experienced so far, locking you more and more in suffering and heavy burdens. It is only your consciousness that drives you according to this law of attraction and grace in the vibrational Light that is here for you to receive. This separation from the consciousness of Unity in you as well as in all human beings will sometimes bring painful insights and apprehensions. Understand that this is not an action of the Light, but is a reaction to your own resistance to the Light which cannot be present in this new dimension that is being prepared.

Climatic conditions now on Earth are a perfect illustration of this struggle. Countries, companies, and organizations must identify and position themselves in either the new paradigm or the old consciousness. This will be easier or harder depending upon whether this resistance to the Light is present or not. What will assist you is the death of the ego, the death of illusions and everything that is false. This is the direct result of Our presence in the Tri-Unity in your heart. Will you accept or deny Our presence in you? This is the only question worth asking.

Are you ready to die by maintaining your limitations and your confinement, or will you accept your freedom without fear? Are you ready to be free of your chains and slavery, your 3D beliefs, and your social and emotional commitments? Are you ready to join your Unity without baggage, without weights or other encumbrances? These choices and decisions are yours alone today. Some will remain weighted down while others will become lighter and unconstrained. This will be accomplished according to the level of your faith and your vibration. This is not a time for regrets or blame, it is now time only to fulfill this promise. Your vibratory state is either in peace or war depending on whether you have received this grace of Love or not.

Preparations are now complete. The disclosure of this Unified presence is everywhere on this planet. The amplitude levels of the vibrations seen in the three fireplaces [the crown of the head, the heart, and the pubic areas] will become very intense, allowing you (if the lightness of your inner being is there) to welcome and receive still more Adamantine particles, thus increasing in you the new Tri-Unity and realizing the new Eucharist which is the Holy Communion with the Creator Source. That is how you will raise your vibrational level forever, that is how you will serve the Light and Christ.

Joining the Unity in your dimension has a price however. The price is the crucifixion of your ego and the death of all desires, habits, and control exercised over any other soul. The reward is your Freedom. To become Free and United means to free others of your control over them and to no longer judge others, because it is always the ego that judges others. We as Unified dimensional Beings do not judge others, otherwise We would not be Unified Ourselves. The sign of your Unified state is above all your vibratory level, your consciousness, and a clear perception of the vibration of your heart in the Light. Any other view is that of the ego, only the ego.

You can not deceive anyone except yourself and the result is suffering and pain for you. The more you open your Heart in truth, the more you will have freedom and Joy. Changes to your normal environment will for some be violent and unusual as you decide whether to live in Joy in the heart or to live in pain. If this is done in Joy, this brings freedom and liberation. Look beyond appearances, seek for the direction in what you will live beyond the illusions of this world. Ask for our help, ask for Our vibration. If the path of your Heart is free, then We will be with you in Truth. Beloved Starseeds, beloved Children of the Light, in this very moment in which the vibrational radiation of the new Tri-Unity of Christ, Michael, and Mary is in your Heart, only you will know what is good for you, only you can recognize this by the Grace and Truth that you possess. Give your Heart that desire in your life. What is really your priority? Is it living in the Light or playing the darkside games on this Earth?

Henceforth, souls in incarnation can no longer cheat or deceive the Light. Until now it was possible to be called by the Light without actually choosing to receive the Heart of Christ and living in your inner Temple in Unity. Today the Sword of Truth is installed and established on Earth and there is no compromising: it is either Christ or your ego that will reign in you totally and irrevocably. This decree is enabled by His grace and His presence. Unification is deciding what needs to be resolved and changed. It cuts the dead branches of the ego personality so that the inner Divine self can flourish freely and joyfully.

The separation of worlds and dimensions is coming to its end so that there will no longer be a separation or division for you. By surrendering yourself to the vibrational Light, your personality and individuality will be transformed by the vibration that you carry. Your conscious entity will join the consciousness of the Galactic Forces of the Free worlds in Unity. You will be welcomed and will have a safely conducted tour of the cosmos [the quarantine will be over]. Those who are still on their ground floor will face only duality, the duality of the end of the world.

Everyone will live exactly what he has chosen to live, and it can not be otherwise in the liberation brought by the vibrational Light in Unity. What will dictate how everyone will live is only his vibration. Consciousness is Vibration, consciousness is what you are in truth, and you will experience what you have created in your mind. If your thoughts have been divided and separated and chaotic, you will experience just that. If your thoughts are Unified in Truth, then you will experience only that. The hour for Divine intervention and action has come. The influence of Christ this evening appearing in you is the only means to clearly see and perceive in yourself the Truth and your path in creating your future.

Your thoughts will become more active and creative as Archangel Uriel is now on hand to conduct the ultimate [pole] reversal both on this Earth and in you individually as I have discussed. This is what is happening right now and during the 40 days announced by Mary (from mid Dec. until the end of Jan. 2011). As for Us (Christ, Mary, and Michael) We will return as necessary at any time during these next few weeks in order to make adjustments to your inner development when the need is urgent, depending also on the progress of the current disclosures in your skies [UFOs] and on Earth. We are with you and in you, We are the Joy that is returning among you. Our blessing and our unconditional peace is with you. Be at peace, be in Joy, be in Unity. I will see you again soon.

AA Michael spoke later that day about the decision to extend the deadline of Dec. 21 for each to choose his future destination: "The biggest reason dear ones for this extended grace and mercy to the ones of this planet is simply in part that the “harvest” has not been as large as needed [more are needed to awaken and ascend], and in this regard I do not speak of the fallen angels and thugs who were sent to learn here. Those ones have been alright, not as much as we wish, but more than expected as the statement goes. This other Harvest is that of the Earth souls growing up here on this seed planet. We really do need to increase this and thus this final effort to do so. Seed planets provide the new souls to journey to other planets as they mature. We are hopeful that this experiment, and an experiment it is, will greatly enhance that."

He also spoke about the many robots and clones: "We hope that there will be a great reclamation of the robotoids also [those created as slaves by the darkside without souls], who have not deserved what they have received. We do have special plans for them. Even with the coming announcements they will not get thought adjusters [souls and spiritual consciousness], their thinking is not good, but we are going to provide them another opportunity to better develop their thinking on a mixture of other planets and aboard craft. There are a lot of them. They are not good at problem solving and making cave men of them does not work. This again is an experiment as there are so many on your planet, and we shall see if we can stimulate their minds in other ways, such as by the use of computers to teach problem solving thinking.

They do not have the long experiential journey that normal souls on a seed planet have. Normal seed souls start out as plants initially, are moved up thru various animal forms thereafter and know survival from that experience. The robot has little going for him and especially on a world like this. The few that do get an adjuster do so under medium conditions. They are overwhelmed by responsibility in industry management [they think of work and survival only] and they are overwhelmed when they are raised in abject poverty. Neither creates healthy organic mind growth. These ones are essentially living machines. We will attempt to help them grow gently into thinking during the remainder of their normal life spans and see how it works [so hopefully they will advance spiritually in this new experiment]."

My comments: Most humans go through an evolutionary process that starts out as plants and animals who in time become humans as they evolve and adjust to 3D living. A few have escaped this reincarnation process of death and rebirth by becoming ascended masters like OM and Jesus, but this recycling process and this 3D matrix is now over for those who move on to 5D. The Dracos and Anunnaki created robots without souls to work as slaves for them, and many of our leaders have been in that category also. This allows them to be programmed to work as robots to carry out the desires of their darkside masters, and since they have no souls they have no conscience of right or wrong or any compassion for others.

Earth in 3D has been a prison planet and a seeding planet where new life begins and progresses until they are ready to move to higher dimensional realms. I feel that 5D Earth will be neither a seeding nor a prison planet in the future but will become a spiritual training ground for leadership and not a kindergarten and jail that it has been until now. Earth has been in 3D since Her creation 20 million years ago and has now moved to 5D awaiting those who will ascend to join Her soon.

Some say that there are 2 Obamas now (which is quite normal and has existed for about 40 years) with the old one still up to his dirty tricks and darkside games (but limited in his actions) and the new one safely waiting off stage biding his time so he can perform the duties he was created for. The first known clone was reportedly Jimmy Carter, and many leaders have clones available so when one acts up or doesn't perform as he should he is replaced. Mr. Carter is a good example of a clone that has received a soul (thought adjuster), and there is hope that others will likewise be transformed in time. Those clones who have now replaced our leaders may continue to play their darkside role so they do not expose themselves to assassination. There have been many assassinations of leaders who have sought to expose corruption and bring changes like that of John F. Kennedy, and the list could fill a library of books. He wanted to shut down the Federal Reserve and the alphabet agencies, and the secret darkside government would not allow this.

This new 5th dimensional experience is what some have called an adventure into an unknown country and universe since this has never existed until now. Most 5D plans and concepts revolve around a better 3D since that is all we understand. Bodies of Light can best be understood as appearing to us as ghosts and spirits that can walk through walls and even through each other, so concepts like 3D sex and hard labor will not exist as such in 5D. We will still have carbon bodies that we keep stored in the closet for times when we wish to visit other 3D worlds, but there will be so many new worlds to explore that most will try to forget 3D and move on. AA Michael has not discussed these new bodies of Light because that is not His responsibility (it has been left to OM and AA Anael). Many of the plans that have been made for 5D will be totally revised or even canceled as we adapt to this new life, so you will find that reading what some have planned for the future is totally inaccurate.

William Henry - Angels and Light Bodies Videos

William Henry talked about the transition into the "next human" as beings who enter the rainbow body of light. There are several different kinds of angels, he noted, but the seraphim are of the highest order, beings of pure light and love, who could represent the next level of humanity. The Tibetans teach that Earth is part of a federation of 14 different star systems, including Sirius, Arcturus, and the Pleiades.

Some of the advanced Tibetan masters are said to have evolved into light bodies and traveled to these other systems, possibly through wormholes, said Henry. Beings who have transformed into rainbow or light bodies may appear to us like apparitions, such as when Mother Mary is seen. Note that there is both truth and error in his work and discernment is needed, but he discusses concepts that are generally unknown to mankind.

There is a saying that there is no magic wand in 3D which is absolutely true, and that is why many plans have been modified or canceled and have not worked out as desired here. However in 5D there is a magic wand for everyone as co-creators, and what we desire will be created as such without labor and factories that we now have. Some historians know that the great pyramids were not created by slave labor as we are now taught, and one source said they were assembled in 5D using advanced antigravity techniques and lasers and were then lowered in frequency to 3D so they could be used for many purposes, and you will find many of these all around the world. There is even a sunken pyramid off the coast of Japan that dates back to before our known historical era.

There was a Lunar eclipse on the Winter Solstice Dec. 21 that caused significant quakes worldwide. The darkside tried to claim responsibility for these just as Al-Queda [CIA] wants us to believe that they are responsible for most terrorism that goes on, but these are normal occurrences when the moon is hidden from Earth by an eclipse, and this stability is one purpose of this moon satellite that is in place here.

Gaia [Earth] has held off allowing significant quakes until now so humans can be evacuated and out of harm's way. We will probably see Atlantis and Lemuria resurface, California collapse into the ocean, much of Northern Europe disappear under the Ocean, and the destruction of skyscrapers in many large cities due to the coming Earth changes. It is not like the new age teaching that everyone will become enlightened and ascend to 5D and we will live happily ever after. This cycle is over for good and will become a bad memory that is best left forgotten.

Most of what I say here seems like a fantasy from "Never Never Land", and these are just words until they are fulfilled and we see visible proof. Those who knew Noah thought he was crazy for building an ark when there was no ocean for hundreds of miles, and when they found out its purpose it was too late. The same is relevant for us here now since this cycle is over and a new one is about to begin that will result in what the Bible calls a new heavens and Earth. When you have a computer that has so many viruses that it stops working you can either reformat the hard drive and install a new operating system or buy a new and improved PC and start all over again. Many want to try to repair 3D Earth so they can continue in status quo and have a better 3D, but they do not understand that it is beyond repair and a new one is needed.

The Lucifer-Draco era is over and it is time to start over anew. These carbon bodies cannot exist in 5D and will need to be replaced with higher density bodies, and new plant and animal life that is compatible will need to be reseeded, and that is why we are called starseeds. As life advances to higher levels, new universes are created with new planets and new life so that this process can continue for infinity. As Robert Monroe said he traveled to the year 3000 and found it was lifeless. This is because all life had either moved up in a higher dimensional transformation or had been removed.

You will hear many messengers talk about a new banking system and a better 3D so we can live better for another 100 years. Some say that 99% will ascend to 5D and we will be removed to inner Earth and be placed in Light machines so we can become fully conscious beings, but there is no truth to that. The Angelic realms determine our ascension and our future based on our advancement, and many people only want a better 3D and they will have that elsewhere. There are many 3D planets that want new life and more are created all the time as needed.

This session by AA Michael was somewhat brief, but there are several important new concepts here: there is a period of 40 days that will last until the end of next Jan., and during this time there be disclosures in both our skies and on Earth. This is planned to last for 2 weeks and will include an education on how we have been lied to by religions, society, our leaders, and the media who have wanted to keep us as their slaves in this prison without our knowing this.

Many leaders have or are being replaced now so that this will go smoothly because their greatest fear is that we would learn the truth about their corruption and lies by these disclosures. One of the big problems in 3D is that there is no way to discern truth from error, and politicians will promise anything in order to get elected. In 5D we can read others intentions and will immediately be able to determine whether they are telling the truth or not, so the deceptions of 3D will not exist and will be exposed to all.

These disclosures will also include ET contact and our introduction to the cloaked UFOs that have been hidden from us so far. This is necessary so that we understand that these ETs are our friends who will keep us from perishing in the near future by evacuating us when needed since 3D Earth will not exist in a few years. Those who refuse and only wish to continue in 3D will probably be airlifted during stasis (sleep) and transported to their chosen planets as necessary so they can continue elsewhere whether they want it or not. Our reptilian brains only want survival and status quo and will have to be bypassed for this to occur.

Those who missed details of this disclosure can read about it here:

As was stated here "AA Uriel is now on hand to conduct the ultimate reversal of this Earth", and this would suggest that Earth will be encouraged and induced to start a pole shift. This would bring on the start of ascension and a movement to 5D. It appears that 3D will end by the end of next Jan. which gives us about a month left to live in our current conditions, although decisions are made daily that could change this.

We also need a reversal and a new beginning as humans, and the new year may bring this about. It appears that after announcements and disclosures many will be given the opportunity to willingly enter starships. Most want only to continue to survive in 3D since this is what our reptilian brain wants us to do, but that option is not available here on Earth as 3D is over.

Many Lightworkers are still asleep and unless they are dramatically awakened to reality they will continue on in 3D elsewhere. They need to understand that there are trillions of planets with intelligent life that we will soon meet, and the nonsense that NASA and others from the darkside teach is a total deception. This is the reason for these disclosures accompanied by large Motherships [UFOs] visible in the skies which will be a shock to many, but this is now needed and we will find out the truth sooner or later. OM talked about this disclosure earlier this year, but I felt it was overruled at that time, and hopefully this will progress as discussed since time has run out.

Bringing and initiating this change which has now been assigned to the ET starfleet under Michael's leadership is a dangerous job with numerous casualties reported so far, and most leaders will fight to their death to preserve status quo. They would rather die and destroy Earth and all its inhabitants than to surrender their power and control. Hopefully those who have died in this endeavor to bring disclosures and change will be rewarded with a better existence in 5D where there is no death or suffering. What better Christmas gift can be bestowed on humanity than for all of us to receive a new life and freedom from this 3D matrix, and this new year will hopefully bring a new beginning for all mankind whether in 5D or 3D. These plans however are subject to change, delays, or even cancellation. I feel the time has come to bring this on, and we should start to see changes this week, but only time will tell.

Rich N


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