Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Archangel Uriel - January 17, 2011 - Pole Reversal

I am Archangel Uriel, the Angel of Presence and the Archangel of [the pole] Reversal. Beloved Children of the Light, I am now during the final days of your 3D era officiating in your reversal. As Archangel I have never been as close to your consciousness on Earth as I am now. My Radiance and My resonance enables the Adamantine particles of Light to enter into each of you, bringing you into My resonance also, allowing these particles to collect and perform a transformation within your structures and your consciousness. Beloved Children of the Light, each of you can now call on Me and My Radiance, and each of you may now feel My own presence through your own Divine presence and essence.

I am the Angel of Presence. My Presence establishes the Tri-Unitarian Triangle of Christ, Michael, and Mary in the Radiant Crown chakra of your Heart, allowing you to be transformed in Joy, in Truth, and in Peace. I am the Angel of the Reversal. Thus I officiate in a process called the opening of the mouth, corresponding to the activation of your 11th body located in the middle of the upper lip, and by using the Creator concept and placing My reversal in this part of the throat, you will be transformed from one state to another. This is a passage that each of you is beginning to live now at his own pace. This dimensional passage is accompanied by a process known as the reversal of the consciousness. Thus far this reversal has allowed you to move from your ego consciousness to the consciousness of your Heart. Today this reversal performs not your transition from one state to another but the merger of one into the other, corresponding to your state that you now live intermittently.

These events will gradually become your daily habit and your life before becoming your total reality permanently. The activation of what is called the 11th body of the Earth, through the activation of the interdimensional Merkabah of Earth, is now carried out in full also. The transformation of the crystalline core of Earth and the iron layer which is immediately above it is complete so Earth can begin to change Her rotation at any time. The Earth is now released to do as She desires, and you yourselves are also being released. This too is a reversal, this is a move in you from limited to unlimited consciousness, a move from darkness to Light, transcending the darkness and Light of duality. By having discovered and removed your built in limitations and your darkside constraints, you allow your Spirit to unfold in full within this world.

I am the Angel of Presence. Call on Me and I will be present as you perform the new routine given by AA Michael on January 7, 2011 using the mantra OD-ER-IM-IS-AL on your head, and I will be at your side. [Repeat the mantra "ODE-AYR-EEM-EES-AHL" verbally as an invitation to Divinity.] Beloved Starseeds, today freedom comes to you. This is the end of suffering, the end of separation, if that is your choice, if that is your vibration. I am the Archangel of Reversal working within this dimensional gateway, which is currently occurring on Earth and in all life forms present on it, as well as in inner Earth.

The connection and communication between the Earth and the Sun is becoming increasingly important, allowing a larger amount of ultraviolet radiations and Adamantine particles to pour into you. Welcoming the Light is now an act of joy, welcoming the Light is now a measure of Truth. This act of Truth allows you to gradually build through Our combined Presence, My Presence and your Presence, the establishment of this new Truth in you. The hour of liberation is coming, and what you see and observe more and more on Earth reveals that. This release and freedom (as AA Metatron announced last summer) is performed by the four Horsemen of the Apocalypse: this involves releasing and removing what has locked you up and imprisoned you and what has been forced on you, and this will bring the end of all Illusions by new disclosures and revelations. The important point is to understand your spiritual inner state and who you really are.

You will give birth to a new self and Earth will give birth to a new self also. This Rite of Passage ritual involves opening the mouth and breathing deeply and slowly through the mouth so you may experience it at this time [spiritual breathing is very important in accessing your higher consciousness]. The time has come to be free. This vibration is your new consciousness. Beyond your ordinary consciousness, beyond even your body of essence now present in the Sun [the 5D Body of Light that you will receive later] is the new being which now comes to you so you will experience a merger, an alchemical wedding of your true person with your Divine essence, leading you to live in the state of Ki-Ris-Ti or the Christ. This will reveal your potential to communicate with the Sun, with the Children of Light, the Children of the Law of One, the Children of the Truth. Your ego personality dissolves and disintegrates with this.

Some have resisted this and have thus failed until now. Whatever occurs is only up to you. This is your choice only, this is your destiny to choose what you are destined to live in Presence and Truth, in Presence and Joy, and in Presence and Peace. You are that and absolutely nothing else. All the rest are only external projections and illusions of the Truth that led you to live and establish your consciousness in this Illusion, and even if for some of you those illusions still seem real and insurmountable, they are not. They will dissolve more each day. You have nothing else to bind you as a prisoner of 3D when you welcome the Light, and everything else will melt away and disappear.

I am the Angel of Presence and Reversal. I am personally here now to accomplish this passage by the opening of your mouth and the opening of the mouth of Earth. That is produced by the awakening of a growing number of volcanoes, by changes in the distribution of electric charges on the surface of the Earth, and by changes in vibrational movements in the tectonic plates on Earth. This inner vibration that you experience is the shaking of the Presence in you, announcing your reversal by the activity of your mouth and the awakening of the 11th body in you.

The Earth is experiencing it also, and you will live it a little more every day. Each day the Light vibrates a little more both in you and on Earth, every day the consciousness of Unity takes another step in transforming the consciousness of your higher self. Rejoice, be at Peace, it is time to experience the joy of release and freedom. None of this chaos should occupy or distract you. As Christ said: "Seek the Kingdom of Heaven that is within you, and all the rest shall be added unto you", and there is nothing more for Me to add to that. You are the Light of the world, you are the Children of the Light. This is not an empty promise but a vibratory revelation that you will experience more every day.

I am Uriel, the Angel of Presence. Call on My Presence and you will become a presence yourself. In return the Light will appear in you. This Light is a soothing balm, this Light is comforting, it is Joy and Peace. All of this you know mentally, but you have to experience it personally, to integrate with it, and to manifest it. Beloved Children of the Law of One, I am the Presence and the Reversal. It is time to live what you came here for, it is time to find your affiliations and your freedom, your Presence and your higher vibration.

Beloved Starseeds, this chaos within you is an external upheaval also. When you are centered in the Light, this Light is stabilized and this upheaval can do nothing to you either internally or externally. As long as you agree to radiate your own Presence, you will live this coming Reversal event in you more easily. As Archangel Michael said, only the Creator Source and the Earth Herself know the end result of this reversal passage, but you definitely are in the midst this Passage event now, and We are with you also. For many of you, all of the new DNA strands are now enabled or will be activated soon. Realize that you are at a level that has never existed on this Earth until today. Realize that the rites of passage by the presence of the radiation from the Heart will lead you to live your reunification with the Creator, the One.

Gradually, by the clarity and understanding of what you are as beings Unified (not separated) with the One, you will be able by the vibration and the mechanisms of your consciousness to understand yourself and to be aware of your true self. The rate and progression of this reversal passage and your presence will continue to reach a climactic point every day with each breath. This is also the guarantee and the signal that you are aligned, centered and living in the Truth of what you are by your surrender to the Light. As Archangel Michael said, do not dwell on symptoms and illnesses in your body, but focus more on the clarity and accuracy of what you live and on what is directly happening in your consciousness.

I am Uriel, the Angel of Presence. Every day, you will be given the opportunity through your presence and My presence to move closer to the dwelling of Supreme Peace. It is within this state of Supreme Peace that all foods are integrated within you. It is inside this state of Supreme Peace that you will nourish yourselves and be satisfied both physically and spiritually. The rest of your life (what you usually call your life) will be filled with synchronicities, evidences, and a lowering of your resistance to the Divine Light, provided as always that you leave the work in you to the Light of the Truth.

By the end of this month I will return with Archangel Michael. We will then be accompanied by both Archangel Anael and Archangel Metatron to seal and confirm your return so that it initializes and starts this final phase, which, I remind you, brings the scheduling of new Light and the beginning of this new plan and program of life within these new higher dimensions. I am Uriel, the Angel of the Presence. From this moment on, now, here and elsewhere throughout this Earth, I have decreed the opening of the mouth of the Earth in full, the opening of the mouth of the Sun in its entirety [so more energy will arrive here]. I bring My Communion, My Resonance, My Presence and My Unity. Beloved Children of the One, My Presence is with you now. You have total freedom to decide to reveal, to welcome, and to disclose your Dimensional Christ. My blessings are with you. I will be with you again soon.

My comments: The preparations for a reversal of both Earth and each of us are nearly complete and can occur at any time, thus bringing 3D to a close. This matrix is a distortion of reality and will not exist soon, and this transformation will not wait for 2012 but will happen now. There have been delays in funding and disclosures, so I will discuss this now. It appears that prosperity funds will be distributed this week which will start the avalanche of disclosures and changes. What held this up so far was treasonous actions by the military and some of the Chinese (who are no longer around now in 3D) that held up certain events, but this will proceed as planned. This was scheduled to occur by the end of last year and is part of the reason for the delay so far.

The best way to make friends with people is to pay off their debts, and it appears that this is what is in store for us so we may welcome these disclosures more easily. We have been held captive in a maximum security prison in this 3D matrix without any hope of escape until now, and the time for freedom has arrived. These disclosures will hopefully awaken many and help some choose to join the Light. The best method to bring about disclosures is to remove and not replace those who oppose this so that their absence will be noticed by others and will serve as a warning that it will not be tolerated. In China when you commit treason you are executed immediately while in the US you are appointed to office.

According to several reports the economic release of World Global Settlement Funds is imminent, the Global Dinar Revaluation Program is imminent, the US Dollar Refunding Project is imminent, the new gold-backed Global Banking System is imminent. This is why the Chinese have been in town, this is why Barack Obama will shortly leave office (his job is only temporary), this is why the US Federal Reserve Board and the US Department of Homeland Security will soon be abolished, this is why America is returning to Constitutional Law. It looks like we are finally getting the change we have requested.

It appears that these disclosures may be delayed until the appropriate time depending upon what occurs now as the timing is flexible, and these will educate man to the corruption and lies that we have lived under for so long. There will be no time as we know it in the future since it is based on day/night and summer/winter seasonal changes which will probably not exist in the future. As in inner Earth Agartha the temperatures will be constant and we will have constant sunlight and will be able to travel back and forth in time as some have already experienced.

Those who have seen the future all know there will be many changes, and the ones who are preparing for another 100 years in a better 3D here will be disappointed for a while until they understand that life will be different and better for all whether in 3D or 5D. I feel that all life will in time be removed and there will be a new beginning for both Earth and all mankind. We all need a reversal of what has been our life imprisoned in 3D hell and we need a new beginning. Mary last year spoke about Her warning us 3 days before this reversal, and since She has not discussed this recently it appears that plans have been changed and all life will be removed.

This reversal will consist of a halt in the rotation of Earth for several days along with either total darkness or light depending where you are located, and the Sun will then rise in the West instead of the East permanently. Usually this causes a pole reversal and a pole shift where temperatures drop to -200* F and massive quakes and tsunamis result. This is like riding in your car and coming to an abrupt halt, and the centrifugal force usually causes occupants to go through the windshield. There have been many pole shifts in the past usually resulting in the loss of all life as seen in the Ice Ages. The severity of this event is unknown but most from the future say there will be vast changes that will occur and thus the need for an evacuation and a removal of all life. This is why ET disclosures are necessary. When you build a new house you have to tear down the old one first, and this is not pleasant but necessary so you can receive a new mansion later.

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse that are mentioned here are described in the Book of Revelation in 6:1-8 and may refer to Archangels Uriel, Anael, Michael, and Metatron. That chapter tells of a scroll in God's right hand that is sealed with seven seals. Jesus Christ opens the first four of the seven seals, which summons forth the four beings that ride on white, red, black, and pale horses which each symbolize the end of Conquest, War, Famine, and Death, respectively. The Christian apocalyptic vision is that the four horsemen are to set a divine apocalypse upon the world as signs of the Final Judgment. It is also a time of liberation from the matrix, a change, and a new beginning. Their appearance at the end of this month may suggest something is planned for that time.

There may again be revisions or delays, but the end times have arrived and a reversal will occur sooner or later as this has been planned for all eternity. Many have requested a change and we will get our wish, although it will not be as some anticipate. You will not hear any other channelers discuss a reversal because neither they nor their readers want to hear it, just as most do not want to know before hand when they will die as they fear death and the unknown, even if it brings a better existence. Most of those who have died and returned wished they could stay and not return to our 3D hell, but they were told their time was not up and they had to return. Our reptilian brain wants us only to survive in status quo forever.

I try to give a behind the scenes' view of what is really going on now and a view of what will occur in the future. No one knows the result of the pole reversal and we can only theorize it based on what has occurred in the past, but as the saying goes "past performance is not always indicative of future activity", so there are several scenarios available. Only Mother Earth knows the timing for this event, and She will probably wait until preparations are finalized before this will begin, but only time will tell.

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  1. OD-ER-IM-IS-AL =reversal DO-RE-MI-SI-LA.. (C-D-E-B-A) in american music notation...
    I woudl play progression: Cmaj,Dmin7,Emin7,Bdim,Amin..( chords played 3rd inversion?? so they would be reversed???..... if I would experiment on this .. I would tune the keyboard at A=432hz...

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