Monday, October 15, 2012

O.M. Aivanhov - Past Present and Future

Dear friends, I am happy to be with you again. I bring you not only My blessings but the communions of Mother Mary. These times that you now live are related to your calendar and are part of a number of actions that We have described, and We will now relate these periods with both historical and futuristic data. This begins with what is called the autumnal equinox [September 22] and includes a number of scheduled encounters that are both geophysical and cosmic and include AA Michael and Mother Mary. This is a time when you will experience in various ways access to your multidimensionality in its various forms while still living in linear time in this carbon body before this final transformation.

We have always said that nobody knows the exact date of this ascension because it is decided by Earth and by the work that We have all done to allow the Light to be restored in this Universe. We have always stressed that Earth is the only one who decides this date [Dec. 21 is only a prophetic date and is not a concrete date].  Earth responds to energy impulses that come from many different places and this includes astronomical events. [We may not see this transformation until early next year although December is the Divine goal.  OM said it will be very cold when it happens.  Since January is the coldest time of the year hopefully this will begin before next year, and this could be the ultimate Christmas gift for all mankind even though they do not understand it now.]

There are currently a number of events that have occurred and will occur during this period which began here almost a generation earlier when the Central Sun of the galaxy of Sirius [Alcyone] issued a number of vibrational radiations (the feminine polarity of the Creator Source) in order to awaken the structures that were deposited on Earth long ago [including the Ring of Fire and the crystal core of Earth] during these falsified [dark] cycles so that all of this energy will come to Earth in a progressive and timely manner. It was in many ways the result of the influence of Sirius, or if you prefer the Holy Spirit [Divinity].

At one point during this period a number of swirling vortexes and portals opened [like the one seen in Norway]. When the time was satisfactory, the Archangels met in their Archangelic conclave and initialized the Celestial Marriages. This was assisted by various energies like the Ultraviolet Light from the Sun which is another component of this vibrational Light. At the appropriate time other radiations of Metatronic White Light were received here also. At the end of the Celestial Marriage [last year] there was during this period the deconstruction of this illusion [matrix], involving both subtle and physical planes [realms]. This deconstruction continues today and is related to dissolution and disintegration.

There are a number of processes that occurred which are in resonance and are related somewhat to these cosmic events. The first was the influence of Sirius. The second was the Celestial Marriage, with changes in the Sun's Ultraviolet radiation and the beginning of the entry of not only your planet but also of the entire solar system into the Galactic plane in order that they may come under the [Divine] influence of the Central Sun of all galaxies, Alcyone located in the Pleiades.  You are now at the end of a particular cycle of revolution that is related to what is called the precession of the equinoxes which brings you back to a specific point that lies in the zodiacal sign of Sagittarius, and little by little you and Earth will finally move closer [to Alcyone] so that the solar system can move through this higher radiation and experience its full power.

Precession of the Equinoxes

"In astronomy, axial precession is a gravity-induced, slow and continuous change in the orientation of an astronomical body's rotational axis. In particular, it refers to the gradual shift in the orientation of Earth's axis of rotation, which, like a wobbling top, traces out a pair of cones joined at their apexes in a cycle of approximately 26,000 years (called a Great or Platonic Year in astrology). The term "precession" typically refers only to this largest secular motion; other changes in the alignment of Earth's axis - nutation and polar motion - are much smaller in magnitude....

The precession of the equinoxes is caused by the gravitational forces of the Sun and the Moon, and to a lesser extent other bodies, on the Earth.... Axial precession is similar to the precession of a spinning top. In both cases, the applied force is due to gravity. For a spinning top, this force tends to be almost parallel to the rotation axis. For the Earth, however, the applied forces of the Sun and the Moon are nearly perpendicular to the axis of rotation."   [This may also result in the return of Earth's axis to zero degrees which would eliminate the seasons.]

This is the first of three fundamental elements.  Another element that existed during these cycles did not allow the Light to return here because there was a cloaked Spaceship [Nibiru] orbiting the Sun whose intention was to lock up the space-time continuum and prevent the possibility of your becoming connected to the Source. In August of 2009, the first rays of Light from the star Betelgeuse helped remove this vessel without destroying it. Light does not destroy anything, it simply deviated it from its normal route. The purpose [of Nibiru] was to imprison you in time, giving you the illusion of living in linear time with a past, a present, and a future. [Time will no longer exist in the future now that the Anunnaki are gone. This will erase the alternate realities that some have seen.]

Along with this event, Sereti the Blue Guide from Sirius announced to you that a major transformation of the solar system would occur in a cyclical period of 7 years between July 2005 and July 2012. [This appears to be the reason why He said that 3D would be over by the end of this July since it is the end of this Biblical 7 year period. OM said that the great Tribulation has existed since August 15 2009 when the Anunnaki left.  Sereti said that in July the Crystalline Core of Earth became free of the Dark forces, and His work now involves creating a pulse at the right time that will end the rotation of Earth.]

A major sign that will be seen less than a week before the announcement of Mary will be observed in your heavens as a celestial body [Hercolubus - not Nibiru which has left]. This celestial body will have a number of apparent effects on the illusion of this world.  This celestial body (considered by you to be the second Sun) will initialize the birth of the ultimate Sun of this universe and this multiverse.  [Hercolubus is a huge brown dwarf sun the size of Jupiter that can normally only be seen by infrared telescopes unless it is close to the Sun where it reflects that light similar to the moon.  It appears that it will be visible about one week before Mary announces the 3 days of darkness that precedes the pole shift.  This will be a sign to the world that change will begin shortly, and it is part of the process of transformation that is scheduled to start in a few months.]

This movement back and forth between what you call limited consciousness and multidimensional consciousness will increasingly build in you the chrysalis of your body [a stage before a caterpillar fully becomes a butterfly], and when the proper time comes it will perform the dimensional transition [to ascension] without difficulty, without pain.  You will experience the greatest of joy and the greatest of love that mankind has ever known, and it will return your original [Divine] memory to you [the veil will be lifted and we will see that we are Divine beings], beyond the memories of your imprisonment during your incarnation in this world.

The action of what has been called the "Four Horsemen" [with earthquakes and other events] allows the actions of the Apocalypse or the Revelation to occur in an extremely short time period, leading you to what is called the completion of the Mayan calendar [Dec 21], corresponding to the end of the current solar cycle and the release of the Sun [from the dark forces] which is similar to your inner Sun [we are in many ways like Earth and the Sun].  This is what has already happened at the cosmic level [although it has yet to happen here yet.  It is why OM tells us this now.]. 

Apart from the work of the Archangelic Conclave, We the Elders [Melchizedek], the Stars of Mary in their starships, and most of the Intergalactic Confederation have somehow regulated these arrivals of multiple and massively different components of Light, first interacting with the Sun so that it does not undermine its final processing before Earth experiences what I will describe later.  [The Sun has been limited until now by ETs (as can be seen by images of massive UFOs next to it that have been seen recently) so that they don't cause major problems until the time is right. OM said earlier that these Intergalactic Confederation ETs come mostly from Sirius and the 18th dimension which would put them on the dimensional level of Angels and not in 3D.]

All of this work (the different components of Light) as well as your work and that of the Intergalactic Confederation has literally helped awaken on Earth the docking stations of Light which have been called the Rings of Fire [in the Pacific Ocean] that were created here over 320,000 years by the Giants that are called the Nephilim [they are not fallen angels like many religions teach] who came from Betelgeuse [in the Orion constellation]. 

They knew full well that their star, when it would be aligned with your universe in a particular cycle at the end of the precession of the famous astronomical zodiac Sagittarius would be synchronous with these very concentrated rays of Light, allowing the deflection of the orbit of the Ship [Nibiru] and the bad boys [Anunnaki. This intense Light caused the eviction of Nibiru from our galaxy. The Angels say that it is now back in the Big Dipper constellation permanently. They are allergic to Divine Light just as reptilians are allergic to certain sounds and higher vibrations.]  This was achieved at an extremely precise period of time which corresponded to the release of the 5 new Metatronic Keys and the five new bodies which you possess. 

We prevented these keys from being tampered with [by the Anunnaki and their reptilian helpers].  This came from the heavens and has freed both the Sun and Earth. The radiation of the Blue Light from Sirius in the previous year created the Fusion [Divine energy] of the Ethers.  This Fusion of the Ethers guided this rich denser Light through the Rings of Fire into the Inner Earth. Because these Rings of Fire are entries to very strategic Inner Earth areas, they can free up the crystalline core of Earth. This core of Earth came from Sirius and is the result of the work of the Blue Guides of Sirius and the great copper colored Dolphins who are called the master geneticists of Sirius. This has now been completed.

There was an elevation in the level of Earth's connection with Sirius that occurred in February. At that point the Stars [assistants of Mary] gathered to take over the work of the Archangelic Conclave.  We the Elders created a kind of whirling vibration of Light so that it would again connect the crystalline core not only with you and Earth but with Sirius also. This allowed the Blue Mantle of Grace to settle and become established here, and it also allowed the Wave of Life that is coming up from the crystalline core to move through Earth, up through the insulating layers that have been weakened. These rays of Light have helped dissolve these dark energy grids that your Cabal has kept you imprisoned with in your three-dimensional reality [this matrix illusion]. 

We started to sever these interlocking meshes of the the Dark [by removing the matrix grids] which are related to what you call gravitational forces [gravity will not exist on Earth in the future].  All of this has created the best possible circumstances for the liberation of Earth.  In 2008 a [false flag] scenario was planned [by the Dark] that would have created [a disaster] which would have been seen on the entire planet and by its inhabitants.  This would have altered [destroyed] the relatively pleasant conditions that you know today in the West and in other regions which have not yet been affected by the horsemen [of the Apocalypse in the Ring of Fire].  

As time passed the actions of the Light cushioned this process of revelation in what I have called this grid-world matrix. [They helped prevent major disasters that the Dark had planned like false flag events such as 9/11.]  This has achieved a kind of alchemy on Earth both in you and in the cosmos, allowing all of it to occur satisfactorily for all of humanity. This is exactly the work We have all done.  Since the beginning of your year 2012 We began to give objective signs to Earth that her Ascension should now begin. These signs were goals that I set during my earlier interventions in other dimensions that define the ultimate moment when Earth would be waking up which would be followed by the eruptions of all of the volcanoes in Indonesia [and other areas].  As you can see this greatly achieved the awakening of a number of volcanoes on Earth that show that the Light of Earth is ready to be released in response to the Fire from Heaven.

This Fire of Heaven and Earth is nothing but Love [although most don't see it this way].  Earth is now beginning to increase its diameter by a few thousand miles (almost 3,000 km) [Earth's diameter is now about 8,000 miles or 13,000 kilometers. It will increase to about 10,000 miles.]. All of this will of course lead to changes in the crust of Earth along with changes in the magnetic and physical poles [dramatic pole shifts will occur as they have on other planets] that are extremely important, but that will happen only when there will be a total synchronicity between Earth and the radiation of Sirius and the alignment with Alcyone and the galactic center. That will come into full force during the month of December of this year.

Along with this, the Sun has begun its final transformation by its reabsorption of Mercury. [Mercury will be absorbed into the Sun and will no longer exist, and Venus and Earth will move closer to the Sun as part of the reconstruction of our galaxy.]   Because the crystalline core has been released on Earth [from the Anunnaki control], its magma can now begin its expansion, resulting in what you are beginning to see [quakes].  All of these changes in the environment result in dead animals, earthquakes, tornadoes, and winds that I spoke of back in 2005.  You should be thankful for the many places on Earth [like Europe and the US] that are still prevented from experiencing these calamities before the time that the Light fully enters in your heavens later. That you will not be able to ignore.

This involves vibrations, this involves the Marian Channel [our connection with Mother Mary], the radiant crowns [chakras], the new body [that replaces our carbon body], and your consciousness. As soon as the Light becomes fully visible here nobody will be able to ignore it because it changes the colors of the heavens [some have already seen this], and the Sun and the planets will become more visible to all.  It will not only be like the small adamantine particles that some of you have had the opportunity of seeing at dusk or during the day, it will be something that is physically visible. 

At this time, there is always the possibility of an adjustment of events [changes in plans if needed] for both you and for Earth, but everything will be done so that this period between the ascension of Earth and your ascension will occur as close as possible to the famous December 2012 date for maximum security [the goal for the start of Earth changes and ascension to begin is that month, and we should be as prepared for it as possible]. 

What is happening now is the arrival of the adamantine particles and the release of the Sun and of Earth [both are now free of the Dracos]. Your release (for those who have already been freed) will allow you to tangibly and physically see not only your inner consciousness but your transparency.  When this Light appears, you will see that you have become really and truly transparent [in more ways than one, no more hiding your dark secrets].

It is the action of the Fire of the heavens and Earth, the [Divine] Wave of Life, and the Supra-Mentality in you which creates this cell adjustment, this cell transformation from carbon to silicon quartz based bodies, and when it happens it will not be just a vibration. There will still be a vibration however until the completion of this process.  This is when the new etheric body is sufficiently present, sufficiently charged and filled with Light (from the three sources of Light, and from the Earth's core) that will bring out this release [freedom from the confinement of your carbon body] that will be visible in linear time.

I use the term release because this result in linear time will allow you to see the Light [that you radiate], and in seeing this Light (not the [Sun] Light of the heavens but your own Light) you will become transparent due to your disappearance from your carbon structure so that you will see yourself and become transparent [like a ghost].  Those of you who were the first to experience the Wave of Life were given the ability to see this not only using etheric vision, not only using the vision of the heart, but to actually see your confinement and the system that controls the human mind.

Those who saw it have changed their lives accordingly because the control system of the human mind is an energy that is not a rational sensible energy, it is not the vibrational Light that you call waveforms [like radio, TV, and microwaves].  These waveforms can either be liberating or imprisoning. That was the case with the vessel of the bad boys [Nibiru] which is bigger than the Earth [that kept us as their slaves], and that is the case with some megalithic structures [like Stonehenge and the pyramids that were built by higher level ETs] that were created on Earth for this spiritual purpose [of freedom and illumination].

This is not what those who were the first to experience the liberation by the Wave of Life saw.  They did not read people's thoughts [telepathy], they did not see auras, they did not see the adamantine Light.  What they saw were the dark lines of force associated with the force fields of confinement. These force fields of confinement are maintained by the human mind, by your social beliefs, by what you create, by the animosity, the lack of humility, the lack of simplicity, the fear, and the need to control others and each other in your family, whether it is your husband, your wife, or your children.  These beings who were few in number at that time in February saw these lines of force [slavery].

These lines are not related to Prana [in Hinduism it is the breath that is considered a life-giving force], they are not linked to the adamantine particles. They are related to the reality of the control system of the human mind which is maintained by all religions [including Christianity], all beliefs in karma, by your DNA, and by the behavior of your brothers and sisters who may have received the Light but who are still slaves while living in this Light. They continue to live in fear and establish control structures without necessarily seeing them as they really are.  They do not understand this yet. [This system of control has been a focus of my work.]

That is why you should not judge people who unconsciously have kept for themselves and others these control systems. Remember this control system is not recognized or understood by you or others.  This format is part of the architectural forms, it is part of the [Illuminati] symbolism that you see in these images.  This is not true Divine love, even if you are living in the vibrational Light.  Some have begun to see all of this, some understand what I have called lines of predation [predatory control and slavery].

All of these lines [grids] of the dark forces of energy will be understood by you first, they will become a revelation to you first. This is true illumination of the Light, not only in the transmutation [transformation] and the appearance of your new body, but it also results in the experience of understanding these lines of predation and their direct effects on your consciousness without going through the Prana experience and without possessing the vibrational Light. This control system is part of the human [reptilian] mind, and this grid mesh has [by the Anunnaki] artificially kept both the consciousness of mankind and this solar system locked up for 320,000 years (at least in the third dimension). 

That is what has created this illusion of time, that is what has created the karma, and that is exactly what has maintained your imprisonment.  That is why I remind you of Orionis who preceded Me in My position. He was the great spokesman for the Melchizedek here on Earth. He told you to be the Lords of Karma because it ensured that the Light would prevail during the time period that He was present as a walk-in as My master Benca Deunov [Peter Deunov 1864-1944] and as Nostradamus earlier.  He ensured that by His work this confinement would not lead to a total obliteration of the Light [like the reptilians and the Anunnaki wanted]. 

Now because this total destruction did not occur but left a minimum amount of vibrational Light, He helped prevent the total extinction of all [higher] Life purely and simply. Orionis was My Master and My Tutor Peter Deunov. He lived as a walk-in here for about 40 years after Benca Deunov died, and He took over his position and his body fully. Orionis was the initial Head of the Melchizedek, but He has now returned to his realm of existence in the 18th Dimension. [OM lived from 1900 to 1986 and Peter lived for 40 years as his teacher, so it appears that He tutored OM from his birth until Peter died in 1944.  He briefly mentioned the great prophet Nostradamus [1503 -1566] who may have also been greatly influenced by Orionis as a teacher, but that is another story.]

Orionis worked here for more than 50,000 years [behind the scenes] to help prevent the spirits who were trapped in this matrix from becoming permanently locked up in this 3D illusion and prison. He oversaw the re-creation of Atlantis [after it was almost destroyed by the "death ray"], He oversaw during this time the development of different civilizations and prevented the permanent imprisonment of all of the spirits who progressively incarnated here on Earth. He planned an escape for Himself and He maintained this exit [ascension] for those of you who are living now. 

[That preservation of the Light is also the job of the porpoises who are here and in Inner Earth, many of whom have now chosen to return to their home worlds in higher dimensions.  When you lower your frequency and live here in this matrix you may be held imprisoned here against your will for a very long time as some have found out.  This imprisonment and duality of the matrix grid is now ending for all.] This you can see, and even those around you who do not yet live the Wave of Life see that the truth is beginning to erupt everywhere because you have brothers and sisters that live on the dark side who now realize, even without seeing these lines of [matrix] forces, that there are errors that need to be corrected.

It is part of the disclosures that are now taking place in the heavens, and they will arrive on Earth and in Inner Earth [Agartha will be affected also] and in your society in its entirety. These are the circumstances in which you now find yourselves. Remember that these lines of force are also present in you naturally [because we still live here in carbon bodies with reptilian brains]. They are created by the first two [pelvic sex] chakras that are in the lower part of the body.

These lower chakras present a challenge [an opposition] to the Wave of Life because when you arrived and were born here, you encountered these lines of force, and at that time you were subjected to both the Wave of Life and to these lines of predatory forces in your desire to live and be free.  You did not want to admit that these beings that you thought were your friends were not of love but were connected with a number of [dark] networks and with a number of thought forms and a collective group mentality of a number of dark beings.

It is necessary that these beings are willing to admit that these dark areas exist without fighting them because the Light cannot attack the dark [and win].  If the Light tries to fight the dark, it will only strengthen the dark, which is opposite to everything that you understand [a paradox].  For those who knew Me in My lifetime remember that I said that there were beings everywhere that were good entities like elves and Angels, but I always said that I had to deal only with the Light, and that it was useless to oppose the dark. 

Moreover, I had the opportunity in My lifetime here when official groups asked me to act against these dark elements.  It was not an act of opposition, it was only necessary to apply this Light with the Fire of Love to the area that needed it in this intervention. [There are no winners in wars, only losers as the Galactic ETs who fought in the great wars long ago found out.]  During this period you will also be faced with a kind of paradox yourself, either accepting the Wave of Life or not. 

These predatory lines will appear in your consciousness as unexplained feelings that you need to relieve yourself of, and it can affect everything that you do and think including the strong beliefs that you have maintained so far.  You need to live under the influence of the vibration of love and move toward the direction of the Light.  Again there is no judgment to be made because these lines of predation control all areas of the human mind individually and are related exclusively to fears that are linked to the first and second chakras.

Simply there is a significant fear that has been experienced in this life or in a previous life that creates a reaction to this fear [experiences in past lives can affect our current life].  These people who have this fear and have thus created these lines of predation around them by the first two chakras do not understand this.  They can live in the heart and at the level of the heart, but they do not have the means to see these lines of predation. [We are all predators at some level due to our desire to control others, but most do not yet understand this now.]

Today the arrival of the Light in the skies and from Inner Earth will enable you to not judge but to see whether you are of the Light or not, and by your physical transparency now that you have you can see whether the Wave of Life is born in you or is not yet installed in your own inner predatory systems which are only games of the ego.  They are not games of spiritual pride but are simply the [natural] resonant systems of human control at your level.

Everything on the level of the ego has been built without your willful knowledge or approval. Your ego personality, unknown even to yourself, maintains in your structures a kind of predatory attitude that is unconscious to you but is nevertheless still real.  That is why we have often told you not to exercise control over anyone. This is extremely important, and that is why control by governments, organizations and strategies only bring slavery [they are not here to help us].  These organizations, strategies, this social mass consciousness, and even these spiritual functions and religions only reinforce these lines of predation and therefore bring confinement.

Just because you see these lines of predation in a system is no excuse for you to fight with another human over this. Just because you are aware of these lines of predation is no excuse to oppose this predation. The only thing you can do is to become more transparent and to accommodate more Light. When you request Our communion and attendance while living in the Samadhi [bliss] or the Abode of Supreme Peace, you will find that these lines of predation, these dark areas that you possess will dwindle and disappear completely.  Autonomy and freedom will be performed at this time.

This same predatory process [control] has affected all planets in this solar system.  This predation by the ship of the bad boys [Nibiru by the Anunnaki] cyclically [in cycles] bent the space-time continuum [it bent and distorted space and time as we know it] and prevented the possibility of your being provided with the Light that is supplied fully by the Source [Creator] and by Sirius. This produced compressive forces [slavery and prisons] here on Earth [reptilians are by nature slave masters because they are cold-blooded predators]. These compressive forces prevented you from fully becoming who you really are by removing your ability to utilize the Wave of Life in its entirety and to install in you this Absolute [Divine] form.

It was useless to speak about all of this until now. We have gradually spoken to you about the necessity of surrendering to the Light and experiencing these higher vibrations so that those who follow this Light will live in it fully.  Those of you who now live in this higher vibration no longer need to ask questions because if you live this vibration, no energies that are occurring [like quakes and other disasters] can affect you at any time during these end times while still living in what I have called this matrix grid-world.

In the meantime you have no way to change anything from now on [ascension will occur the Divine way whether you like it or not]. It is during this final period that you may discover your dark areas and your faults, these faults that still exist which are like the dust you try to sweep under the carpet.  You may begin to recognize the excessive yo yo mentality that you still have [consciousness that moves from one state to another like a yo yo] and the excessive emotions that you still possess. You have to understand and confront the underlying forces [causes] of this confinement. 

It was the vessel [Nibiru] of the bad guys, it includes all of the systems of human control that man has created by himself [without the predatory influence of the Anunnaki] at the group level, the country level, the state level, and the level of social groups which have maintained the beliefs and many of the ideas that you still have which are not related to the Light.  Through them they built cities, big cities.  Cities were never built by chance just because there was a river that ran nearby.  They were built on these dark force lines.

For those of you who are interested, there are Ley lines and Hartmann networks.  [Earth's energy grid consists a large network of Curry, Hartmann, and Ley lines, along with Schumann waves and other dark energy lines that have a major effect on all life.]   There are sacred networks, but there are also dark networks, and those who have this knowledge have always built monuments, cities, and dark force grids there in order to drain the vital energies, the emotional and the mental energies of all brothers and sisters who live in these places in order to maintain in their own way this slavery of mankind [this is very evident in the Illuminati grids of cities like Wash. DC].

This is now over. It is ending and will end with a bang because of the release of the main lines of the force of confinement that pass just south of the Equator.  This is where Archangel Michael will intervene visibly and tangibly very soon.  [This suggests that Archangel Michael will visibly shut down these dark energy grids in the near future.  Most people live in cities because that is where the jobs and the money are. They are often miserably over-crowded places to live in with ghettos and elevated crime rates and taxes.]  So all this is happening on Earth as it is in you. [AA Michael said He is the real Christ Michael that began with His merger with Christ and Mary, thus becoming the new Tri-Unity (Trinity)].

Question: When is AA Michael's intervention planned south of the equator?

You are so impatient aren't you? I told you that the later it [dramatic Earth changes] happens, the better it is for you. All volcanoes in the Pacific Ring of Fire are now awake, the massive movements of the tectonic plates are at such a high level that they have never existed on Earth until now. Meteorites may be crashing into Earth, but until they hit your head [until you are affected personally], you only feel that it means nothing to you.  [It appears that Earth has chosen to maintain a relatively low level of quake activity now because of the affects it would have on the seven billion people still living here.  Unless something changes this could continue indefinitely and delay ascension and change.  Sereti says that He will give a boost of energy to bring this change.]

How many brothers and sisters who have experienced this release and this enlightenment have been called by their first name? There are many. How many perceive the Song of the Soul, the Song of the Spirit, the Song of the heavens in their ears? Many are beginning to see what is happening in the skies, but to find out what is happening in the sky you have to look at the sky.  Nobody wants to look at events realistically or admit to you what is really going on. This is the principle of the ostrich [that wants to keep his head in a hole to avoid what is going on].  In France where you live you do not have as much to endure as in other areas.

Question: Has the Fire from Heaven already left the Galactic Center?

Yes it has.  It is associated with the radiation from Betelgeuse, the transformation of the Sun, with Hercolubus [our 2nd sun], with the liberation of Earth and with your liberation and Our presence. This is a massive cosmic event.  All that is observable both in you and on Earth is part of the same event and the same focal point where everything will come together.  There is also a stargate that will occur at the same time in conjunction with the appearance of Hercolubus, with the Sun and the Liberation of the Earth in alignment with Alcyone, with the influence of Ophiuchus [a constellation in the equatorial region near Hercules and Scorpius], and to a lesser extent with Betelgeuse in which your solar system will fully pass through shortly.

Today the reactivation of the Antakarana bridge of Light and the inter-dimensional collective Merkabah that is connected to Earth has now been finalized here for the past few weeks. This can open new heavens and a new Earth to you if you want this and are open to the Truth. Everything that continues your confinement in this illusion will be removed from you, each at his own pace.  You will become deaf, blind, mute and impotent in the space of a few days [it will occur almost instantly]. This is the only way out of the Matrix.

I said this summer that the more time passes by (time still exists here for you, whether you like it or not), the closer you move towards the completion of these simultaneous astronomical events which will be so vast that you will not be able to follow them all.  The advantage is that instead of having it spread over years We felt that the time should be extremely short.  Every day that passes lessens this time period, so it is easy to understand why We chose this method. 

Look at the skies, look at the night, look at what is visible in your sky at night. We do flybys [UFOs]. Not Me or My spaceship (I can not come close to Earth), but all ETs and Brothers and Sisters of the Unified 3D continue their flybys [except in the US].  If you are in your bed, you will not see these close encounters unless Vegan ETs come to visit you [to evacuate you and bring you home]. If you want to see the Pleiadians, the Arcturians, and the Andromedans [this is the first mention of them], go outside and look for their ships. [Those who ascend may be able to create their own starships that they can call home.]

But what will it bring you? The proof is only in yourself, it will never be on the outside, even when everything stops [like when Earth stops its rotation for 3 days. There are still no clear views of UFOs in the US since the military has orders to shoot down any that they see.  Most UFOs are still only seen at night or are hiding in the clouds during the day.  Many will not admit that they exist even when they see them because society says they don't exist.]

You may hide habits that still remain which do not belong to you but are related to these lines of predatory force that are present in the first two [pubic sexual] chakras. Agree to acknowledge this, but do not to feel guilty about it.  We have insisted on that for a very long time because it is very important. Do not judge others, because even if you think it without saying it, you will find that when you judge others you send bad energies to them. Even if your Heart is open at the level of the first two lower chakras, it will send these predatory dark lines that still remain in you to others.

This is a time for liberation when the final lines of individual predation [control over others] disappear, not by your desire to defeat these beasts [like the dinosaurs I discussed earlier] but because when you accept this transparency [openness], you no longer have to worry about the dark areas that you still possess.  It is the Light that does the job [removes them] naturally. If you think you will be able to do this by yourself, stop thinking that immediately because you are mistaken. You are no longer living in the times of the action/reaction duality [when you act there is always a reaction]. I have said that you should live with greater thanksgiving because you are almost out of linear time.  This is not yet over since this physical carbon body still exists in this density here on Earth as you know.

As this liberation continues these lines of predation will only become more intense [they know their time is up]. This is what will lead to revelations and disclosures, and for those who do not want to acknowledge the Light it is a shock for all humanity when they realize that everything that was told to them by those [leaders] who imprisoned you and those who followed it [their helpers] is a lie, because everything has to be revealed, and it is only the Light that can do this. [The only way to remove darkness is to bring in the Light.]

For those of your brothers and sisters who have not yet returned to the Light and have not taken the first step, this nonlinearity will obviously bring a reaction. There is nothing worse than a man who realizes that he has been deceived forever, especially if he is not open, especially if he has no transparency.  [Mark Twain said "It's easier to fool people than to convince them they have been fooled".  It is easy to fool people by telling them something they want to hear. No one wants to hear that they have been fooled, even if it comes from channelers that they enjoy reading.  We have all been fooled at some time and don't want to admit it.]

Being transparent means living in the Light, and the Light does no harm.  It knows neither good nor evil, it is absolute Love and integrity, and it is does not act [war] against the darkness. Without Love you are no longer a part of the Light. It is there that you need to surrender all of your levels of predation. This infinite and eternal struggle between good and evil never ends [there are no winners in war, and when one ends another starts]. By fully rediscovering who are you, no darkness can affect you. [We are all predators in one way or another even if we don't know it. When you attack darkness and evil you only feed and strengthen it.]

Your job as liberator is to release Earth and all of humanity because only you can do it by living in the Absolute [of Divinity] and in the Wave of Life, and by wearing the Blue Coat of Grace others can see that you are different than most humans who still live in darkness. If you love and accept these dark areas of others, if you only focus on thoughts that are vibrations of Light in Shanti Nilaya [living in peaceful spiritual bliss], whatever you do at this moment in your life will make this darkness disappear, and will therefore bring an end to the lines of predation and freedom for all.  This release can sometimes present difficulties, but it is mandatory. It is the final clearing of these dark areas, these lines of predatory force. In particular, remember that just below the Equator, the central lock [of the matrix prison] will be sprung open shortly [by the work of AA Michael]. That is all I have to say about that.

Question: What are the Marian apparitions that some have described?

Many are simply holographic projections.  In some cases they are from Mary Herself or from vessels of the Intergalactic Confederation, but many are falsifications created by the Dracos.  When Mary told you that she will punish you, it is not Mary talking. When Mary told you that She loves you and has come to help you, that is Mary. Everything that is based on punishment, telling you that you must convert or be sentenced to hell forever are falsifications of the Dracos that only want to drain the emotional energies and divert your energies to their own [reptilian] masters in order to support the Luciferian illusion.

Question: Why is the ringing in the ears and the deafness in the right ear happening?

The ringing in the ears is a sign of the activation of the Antakarana, the bridge of Light that unites the body and soul to the spirit.  [I often hear these sounds when I am typing like now. It can be accompanied by what sounds like angelic choirs and only happens around fans and other white noise.  It is a low level sound that is beneficial to help uplift me, but I have to listen closely in order to hear it.]  In the same way, since December 2008 Earth has connected to the Sun by its own Antakarana bridge of Light which has begun to destroy the magnetosphere [it is a shield that will soon not exist].

Similarly, there are human beings who since 1984 and the arrival of the first Galactic wave have perceived the song of the soul in the ear. This whistle is in fact a signal that helps establish a communication with other worlds and with the Divine Truth, so this is not an end in itself.  You may become deaf at times because there is nothing important for you to hear anyway. In the same way that your consciousness has been trapped in this world for thousands of years, your consciousness has only focused on this life, this dimension, and the evolving events around you because there has been no change in the matrix so far [how true].

Question: Will the solar activity awaken soon and become violent?

Yes, there is not only the arrival of the Galactic Wave, there is also the arrival of Hercobulus that you call Nemesis which will completely change the entire gravitation and orientation of this solar system [that is its purpose as part of the reconstruction process]. As you observe the Sun, the release of your body of beingness [the release of our eternal body of Light from the Sun] is linked to the complete breakdown of what is called the heliosphere which will be implemented in a timely manner.  This will result in a breakdown of the electromagnetic forces of gravity [no more gravity]. All of this will be done according to the Divine plan, but it must be done synchronously [timing is very important]. 

The Galactic Wave and these gravitational forces must all change at the same time. That is the final process [ascension and transformation]. It can happen in just 8 seconds, it is very fast. There are intermediate steps however. As I have said you should be thankful because the longer the period of three days [of darkness] is from you, the more time that remains until these 3 days begin, and these final moments [before ascension] will be shorter. The more quiet time you have [the less chaos there is], the better it is for you because you still have to maintain your bodily functions and live in this society.

Question: What percentage of people are now awake?

I would say that there are about 7% [7 billion x .07 = 490 million].  Many who are still asleep have questions that they would like to ask, but asking questions does not mean they are enlightened [they are just curious]. Some still believe that it is just a hoax, but that is fine. The problem is that it is going to trigger more reactions, and they will only get worse.  Questioning it is the first step towards freedom, but it is not yet expressed in a formal [global] manner. From what We see, there are still only a small number of the humans who are beginning to realize that something unusual is going on that is related to the signs [changes] on Earth and in the skies.

Question:  How many of these are adults who are now fully awake?

No more than 10% [49 million]. I would simply say the number of totally liberated beings who have been affected are only about 10,000 souls, so you see it is not large. I speak only of fully awakened beings because those who have fully experienced the Wave of Life is much less [than that 10%].

Question: Could you tell us about the process of ascension?

Ascension involves many elements. I will only summarize this because it is impossible for Me to elaborate on the numerous destinations that are possible because for each of you it is different. You will  instantaneously pass through a system of frequencies [dimensions], and you will move into another system of frequencies while you are still under the influence of this matrix planet and under the influence of beings that now accompany you (ETs from your stellar lineages and stellar origins, Marian Channel, etc) who are coming to pick you up [evacuate you. Some will be returning to their ET home worlds that they left before they were imprisoned and quarantined here, many will continue on Arcturus in 3D carbon bodies so that they learn to surrender to and grow in the Light, and others will return to the higher dimensions that they left after volunteering to spend time here.]

You will then leave this carbon body and you will find yourself in a new body [an eternal body of Light].  This takes place either with great joy and illumination or with very little joy depending upon the fears, the attachments, and the lasting bad effects on your mind and negative feelings that you still possess.  As long as you want to continue to possess these dark areas that still belong to you (whether they are wounds, emotions, links or desires), this only creates resistance.

If you have no resistance and want this process permanently, your ascension is guaranteed and it becomes a joyous experience. It is as if you are in a dream and you awaken from this dream. Light is the best stimulant for your awakening.  All of these events that I have discussed and which are likely to occur during these moments here are your guidelines to what will happen [these are only probabilities since this has never happened before here on Earth.  By looking into OM's timeless future and by considering what has already happened on other planets He can get a general idea of what will soon occur here.]

You will give up this old carbon body, casting it aside like a dead carcass, and you will find yourself in your new body. This will happen either with joyfulness and enlightenment or with sorrow, depending on the fears, attachments, and the suffering that you still possess. As long as you carry these dark areas with you and desire that these areas still remain with you (whether they are injuries, emotions, links, desires, or memories of the past), it only creates resistance. If you do not have any resistance and the Grace lives in you at all times, your Ascension is merely a formality.  Quite simply it is as if you are having a beautiful dream and you eventually awaken [to a new reality]. 

Question: Who are those that are called Indigos and Crystal children that live here, and what is their role?

What you call Indigos include numerous groups of children.  [According to new age teachings, Indigo children are those who are believed to represent a higher state of human evolution. The term is a reference to the belief that such children have an indigo colored aura. The color indigo (dark purplish blue) represents the chakra of the third eye which is associated with intuition and with paranormal abilities such as seeing angels, spirits or deceased loved ones. They are supposedly highly impathic, possessing the ability to discern what others are thinking and feeling. Thus they have the ability to know when someone is being authentic, honest and truthful.]

Indigo children are not yet awake at the level of the Heart, they are only awake at the third eye. They are part of the falsification of the matrix that always directs you to focus on the 3rd Eye beliefs [like Asian religions and new agers teach].  It is only an esoteric and a complex scientific knowledge that is often taught these children. This does not include all of them however because there are a lot of groups that are involved, but many of them are not yet awake.  [Some teach that all children who have not yet reached adulthood will ascend which is not true.]

Question: How involved are those who accompany us in different ways [like Angels and ETs]?

They work with you but not at your dimension. The seven Archangels have handed over the vibrational keys to Mary who now is monitoring the developments of the Intergalactic Fleet Command of Light, most vessels which come from Sirius and the 18th Dimension.  They control [limit] the solar flow of energy in order to avoid  the rapid collapse of the matrix grid world so it will not happen unexpectedly, because there are some extremely accurate events on the astronomical calendar that must be respected and followed. 

There are many beings who are now beginning to descend [lower themselves in frequency] to your dimension, and they include all of the original Unified Vessels of Light directly involved in your skies that are now becoming visible to you in your 3rd dimension. These ships of the Intergalactic Confederation and these scout [small] ships have made their presence known by increasing their density as they approach your lower vibrational dimension. As the Archangels have said, We have appeared next to the Sun, and We are lowering Our vibration and Our dimension to be closer to you while still controlling what happens on the Sun.

That my brothers and my sisters is all that I will say to you now, and there is nothing more that I can add to this. It was useless to know this beforehand because you had no way of understanding it and no way to watch it transpire, but that is not the case now.  Dear friends, I am grateful for your kindness and I will talk to you again soon. [My comments are in brackets like this.]

My Comments:   I have combined several works by OM that are related to the events that have occurred or will occur soon. This is a long complex message that may need to be read several times to fully understand its scope and truth in order to see what lies ahead shortly.  The 3 days of darkness that OM mentioned is a period when Earth will stop its rotation and the Northern hemisphere will be in darkness (according to Sereti) before Earth reverses and spins in the opposite direction.  This reversal is the start of ascension and change and will not be caused by any UFOs blocking the Sun or by Nibiru passing by as some have said.

I enjoy reading O.M. Aivanhov because He is a true "Ascended Master", having lived here from 1900-1986.  Upon the death of the body of Mr. Deunov, Orionis returned to His home and OM became Head of the Melchizedek.  He said that the Intergalactic Fleet of Light are vessels which come mostly from Sirius and the 18th dimension which would suggest that they are different from many of those who communicate with us since most of the messages that we hear are related only to continuing in a better 3D.  He stated that our life as slaves working to make money to survive is almost over, and there will be no need for alarm clocks to awaken us so that we can work our 9-5 jobs as slaves to pay the bills. 

We will only do the work that we enjoy and want to do.  It appears that in 3D the technology will be so advanced that there will be no need for factories or farms, and those in 5D can create with their thoughts and intentions anything they want or need.  OM said that there will be no families in the future for those who continue in 3D elsewhere which is difficult for most to understand since our society is based on "Christian" principles. 

AA Anael said recently that our religions were created by the Archons (Dracos like Jehovah, Allah, and the Vatican Popes) who only wish to control and enslave us.  OM also said that most will lose their memories (and their bad habits and thinking) and will start over with a new beginning which seems logical to me.  There will be no time or gravity as we know it now, and the laws of physics and the atmospheric shields like the ionosphere will not exist either.

Andromedan ETs live for about 2,000 years and incubate their children in climate-controlled vats so their females don't suffer the pain like mothers here now experience in child birth.  Most ETs don't have children unless they want them, are prepared for them when they choose to have them, and are able to support them unlike many here.  This would suggest that they may be created in test tubes in labs using fertilized eggs from parents which is far better than the way children are haphazardly born here in the pain of motherhood.  Since those who ascend to 5D Earth will live forever with new bodies there is no need for families or children like we now have.

When you live for over 2,000 years like many ETs it is not "till death do us part" (which doesn't apply to many here now anyway due to divorce rates of around 50%).  Marriage and money are part of our slavery, although most don't understand this now.   This glimpse of ETs came from Alex Collier and his Andromedan contacts about a decade ago. He said recently that if he had to do it over again he would have remained silent because of the misery he has endured from it. 

Alex had several attempts on his life, and his family left him when he couldn't find a job ($$$).  He became homeless and penniless until recently.  His current comments are generally useless since he doesn't want any more controversy or trouble.  He is now writing a fictional but factual book while living with a friend who is helping him out.  Even whistle blower Bill Wood is no longer giving interviews since his release from jail that kept him confined on trumped up charges. 

OM said that Orionis worked here for more than 50,000 years behind the scenes and helped recreate Atlantis after the pole shift and the ice age that followed which Edgar Cayce talked about.  It is generally believed that Atlantis had 3 cataclysms and this was the second. The final event that destroyed it occurred around 10,000 BC.  Atlantis always existed in the "Dark Ages" with continuous attacks by the Anunnaki and reptilians in order to bring control and slavery to those living there at that time.  There was never a "Golden Age" as some want us to believe. 

Orionis was the Light Bearer that helped prevent the Dark from removing all Light from Earth, and it was not until 1984 (OM died in 1986) that Divinity chose to start the restoration process.  Tolec said that the Andromedans saw that 300 years from now the reptilians had removed all Light and had lowered the vibrations of mankind down to their level which was probably due to the influence and control of Nibiru.  This was the reason for their ET interventions and the removals of many reptilians from their underwater bases here.  This is an alternate reality that will not occur because of the Divine transformations of Earth and this solar system and the removal of Nibiru and the Anunnaki.

OM said earlier that the Intergalactic Confederation of Light comes mostly from Sirius and the 18th dimension which would suggest that they are different from some of those who communicate with us since most of the messages that we hear are only related to status quo and our continuing in a higher 3D life while living in ghettos that we call cities.  Because Earth will expand, areas like Agartha and Telos under Mt. Shasta will probably be destroyed along with all cities on the surface.

Greg Giles' Finale - Sept 29 2012

"Greg has been participating in what you may refer to as a research study or a project, or what we refer to as a great [Cabal] program.  We told him some whoppers, as you say, and he bought them hook, line and sinker.  Yet, because he received this information as what you know as telepathically [radio waves], but we do not and we will not get into that, he believed these communications must be real and they were in a way, but they certainly were not from the Galactic Federation of Light or the Ashtar Command..... 

None of you are ascending into a higher dimension [lies], for although we have traveled through space, we can tell you we have never found any other dimensions. No. There is just one, this one. You can call it your 3rd dimension, but we just call it ‘space’ or ‘the universe,’ for there are no other dimensions, so why call this your 3rd dimension?  We kind of lied to you there too, but we wanted to see how much you would believe about your universe that clearly had no basis in fact....This leads us to Atlantis and Lemuria folks. They don't exist. They never did. It is not a part of your history. We lied there too". [Most of these words are lies also.]

I took Greg and his work at his word at first since he said he was speaking for ETs, but I saw so many errors that I considered them either black-ops mind control transmissions or ETs who had no understanding of what is going on.  His first big error was when he said that Tim Geithner was arrested and put in jail, and he showed up on TV a few days later to show this was a lie.  My conclusion is that it was the work of the Cabal, and I have now deleted his lies from my blog. 

Greg said that they continue to bombard him with messages despite his refusal to listen to them.  This harassment suggests that they want to continually nag him until he gives in and resumes relaying these lies to us or at least changes his views to match those of the Cabal. He has no understanding of our Divine future or the transformation that is to begin shortly. The Dracos often give out truth mixed with error, and sometimes it is so outrageous that many will stop believing anything that is said which is the purpose of works like this to begin with. They want us to stop listening to the messages of the Light and only listen to the lies of society, religions, and the media.

I commend Greg for his work which helped some people, and I have always felt that his deceptive work was not deliberate on his part, so there should be no animosity towards him.  He is a very good writer who is still worthy of reading, but his knowledge is limited and somewhat distorted due to the propaganda that he was fed.  The Cabal has many methods of confusing us, and this mind control is only one of many tools that they have available since they had help from the reptilians and the Greys for thousands of years.  There are many who continue to speak for the darkside without their knowing it, while for some it is deliberate since that is their job and they get paid to do it.

Rayelan on Channeling

"At one point in her life, Rayelan was part of the New Age community and believed she had been chosen to receive channeled messages from the star system Sirius. After a strange set of circumstances, she found herself married to a Naval Officer [Gunther] who, at the time, was also the number 3 man in the CIA. From him, she learned that the channeled voices were originating from a more earthly source, namely the Office of Naval Intelligence..... Rayelan discovered that many New Age channels are receiving messages in the same way she received them, via modern technology. She also learned that there are several competing factions involved in these transmissions.

Q: You state that "the messages were dictated to me by a man's voice." Was this voice "inside your head," or was it as if someone was in the room speaking to you? Rayelan answer: The first time it happened, I really thought someone was in the room with me. I began hearing the voices during one of the only times in my life that I was not working outside the house or going to school.... I believe I was used in some kind of mind control project by Navy Intelligence.... It was another Admiral who first spilled the beans and let me know what had happened to me, and why I now think of myself as a Navy intelligence project, rather than a New Age Channel.... The New World Order was using New Age channels to subtly change the world we live in."

Rayelan said that what she was hearing came electronically to her brain through radio waves that were transmitted to her by black-ops about half a mile away.  These are transmitted by highly directional antennas so that no one else can hear them.  Some have implants so that they can directly and more easily communicate with these dark agents.  She said she visited Mars and Inner Earth and viewed the porpoises that OM said have helped stabilize the Light during these dark ages. The US black-ops worked on Mars with UK, Russia, reptilians and Greys, and three who were actually there said Obama was there with them for a while also.  The military works for and are paid by the Cabal and Dracos so they are not the heroes that society says they are.  If they didn't get paid they would quit and find other work so they are mercenaries like all of us who work to get money.

The Navy has been a very important part of the Cabal since WW2 when MJ12 was created for involvement with ETs, and they provided funding for these programs like their work on Mars by helping sell drugs and their involvement in other crimes for the money to pay for these programs. These events that Rayelan spoke of occurred in the 1980's as part of the mind control programs, and it has advanced far beyond that since.  When she found out about it she gave up her channeling life permanently since she realized she was speaking mostly for the Cabal. 

Her husband Gunther was a member of the European royalty, and there is much that she does not understand about this relationship.  He could shapeshift in front of her (like Bush senior and English royalty) to look like someone else including a woman which showed that he was part of the reptilian bloodline.  From the moment that she met him her life was in danger because he could only marry someone in that blue blood lineage. 

This is why Princess Diana was murdered on orders of the Queen.  She told friends that they shape shifted just as David Icke and others have described. Insiders say that a huge spotlight was turned on when they were driving in the tunnels, and it blinded the driver which caused the fatal accident, and there is no evidence that could prove this crime.  To understand what Draco England is really like you can study James Casbolt ( ) whose father was an MI 6 Cabal agent.  He spent much of his time in underground labs and on the street selling high level drugs to other countries in order to support these operations financially.  

Donald Marshall the Clone

Donald Marshall says he is a clone, and he has had a similar life in these labs and says that many of these clone labs still exist.  He met the Queen, the Obamas, and Romney there which suggests that they are reptilian clones also (no surprise).  Clones have no souls and do what they are told although they aren't aware that they are clones.  If you read these two above links you will see why I have called 3D "hell" since this is what our reality is now.

I speak of negative subjects at times so that people will begin to realize how evil our world is.  It is best to demolish the ghettos and garbage dumps on Earth and start over again, but most don't see it like that.  It is like having an old PC running Windows 95 that is loaded with so many viruses and spy ware that it will not work any longer.  It needs to be upgraded to a new PC with a new operating system.  When you have worked all your life to make a better existence for yourself and your family you don't want to hear about death because you want to bring it all with you into the future when you do die.  You don't want to start all over again with nothing since you do not understand that duality, misery, sickness, and poverty are over, and a new better world awaits you.  Divinity has said that enough is enough, and it is time to create a new Heaven on a new Earth, and this has been the plan for all eternity.

Illuminati Power Grids

"As you can see on the back of the U.S. one dollar bill there is a pyramid with the All-Seeing-Eye of God, with the message New Order of The Ages or New World Order. You are about to learn that the U.S. Government is linked to Satanism.  The street design in Washington, D.C. has been laid out in such a manner that certain Luciferic symbols are depicted by the streets, cul-de-sacs and rotaries.   This design was created in 1791, a few years after Freemasonry assumed the leadership of the New World Order in 1782. In Europe,  occult leaders were told by their Familiar Spirits as early as the 1740's that the new American continent was to be established as the new "Atlantis", and its destiny was to assume the global leadership of the drive to the New World Order. The United States of America was chosen to lead the world into this kingdom of Antichrist from the beginning.  The capital is Washington, D.C."

As OM said major cities like New York, London and the Vatican were built by the Illuminati Dracos using these dark power grids.  There are many web sites and videos devoted to this if you look.  My work here is unique and can be found nowhere else, and much of what is given here is Divine in nature and is unknown to most.  Every message including mine always has some questions since the veil still exists here now, and it appears that this veil will be lifted soon, but only seeing this is believing. OM said that He now knows that this is true because He is part of Divinity and thus has proof of this. 

Many new agers only want the end of the Mayan Calendar (Dec. 2012) to bring triumph (a better 3D in 5D) rather than disaster (the end of 3D) as they see it. They want things to get better so we can remain here forever which is not possible.  We all have a role to play here in 3D.  We are like actors in a movie where some must play the role of heroes and others must play the role of villains in order to make it entertaining.  This environment (hell) has made it difficult for many to advance due to the many obstacles that have been thrown at us, but some have overcome these roadblocks to move on to higher levels. The Cabal is well aware of the changes planned for 2012, and they hope to escape to huge underground cities that they have built over decades, and they want to resurface after this is over with less slaves to rule over. 

The Illuminati all agree that Earth is only able to sustain about 500 million people which is their goal according to their leaders because it is too small to accommodate the 7 billion that we have now.  OM says that this is about the number who will ascend to a new 5D Earth. The Angels say that most in 3D will be moved to Arcturus which is 26 times the size of the Sun which is about 110 times bigger than Earth (26 x 110 = 2860), and these ETs that live there in Unity appear to be thousands of years ahead of us technologically.  Most ET advances like free energy have been kept from us in order to enslave us.  It is so large it is like comparing the size of Earth to a basketball and Arcturus to the Moon. It is seen as a star to astronomers because it gives off vast amounts of light.

The Bible speaks of a new Earth where the lion (now a predator) will lie down with the lamb.  Most animals have a lower vibration and will not be able to survive here (say goodbye to mosquitoes, pit bulls, snakes, and alligators).  Many ancients have talked about the 3 days of darkness, and the Andromedans say that by 2014 Earth will be in a higher dimension and density, and those who exist here will have new Light bodies.  Other ETs have also said that Earth will ascend with humans, so this is not a message from a single source. Remote viewers have said that they are blocked from seeing into next year and beyond which means that time as we see it is over.

Some continue to support arch-criminal Obama which only shows their intentions and ignorance.  Many were distracted by the debates of the two criminals who want to be our next president and the CEO of the US Corporation, but that will mean nothing to us soon.  The Cabal controls all elections by manipulating the voting machines and the Electoral College like they did with Bush and others, so this election is a waste of time anyway.  It will bring more of the same no matter who is elected.  Some like Sheldan Nidle still talk about new governments and financial systems that may result this year or next, but they are too little too late for all since this should have happened years ago to be of benefit.

As OM said 3D Earth will have no life and will look like the other planets around us, most of which have already moved to higher dimensions.  There is even life on the Sun.  Most everything we read and hear are half-truths and lies given out by the media, religions, and society, and most new age work comes from the higher self and not from ETs or Angels as Drunvalo has often said.  We all need money to survive, and many will do almost anything to earn it.  People are paid to spread lies in order to discredit those few who speak the truth.  If you are a whistle blower you can be jailed or murdered, so this is an easy way to derail the truth. 

OM spoke about the feminine polarity of the Creator that is arriving which will bring love to all.  Until now man and his brutal predatory control has kept us imprisoned as slaves, and as they change they will become more loving and feminine and women will become stronger and more independent.  When you see Earth as the hell that it really is there is no way to change the thinking and structure of mankind without shutting it down and rebooting with a new operating system since it is not fixable under its current system.  Most of us are predators because we want to control others.  Our leaders are a good example of this predation, but this can also be seen in families, jobs, and most other areas of life.

Major Earth changes have not yet begun but will happen at the right time, and they will be a part of the major reconstruction of Earth and our galaxy.  Earth and each of us will have a reversal and will start over with a new beginning.  It will then be called Heaven.  I appears that Earth has chosen to delay any cataclysmic events now because of the devastating effects that they would have on the 7 billion people who still live here.  That is probably why Sereti said that He will execute a stimulus blast of energy (kick start) to get this process started on schedule.  It will cause Earth to stop its rotation, and this will begin the transformation process that will result in a new Earth.  This is what could be called a total makeover of our universe and mankind.

As OM has pointed out when you attack evil you only strengthen these evil doers, and you will never win.  You cannot remove darkness, you can only bring in the Light so that darkness no longer exists. If what is said here is true (I believe that it is accurate and not a hoax like most of what we read) it is the most important message that you will ever read in your life, so it is important to study it seriously.  I feel that it is so unique that it can only come from the Source and Divinity, but as I have often said these are only words until they become reality, and only time will tell.

Rich N

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