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Ascension and Hercobulus

OM Aivanhov November 10, 2012

Question: What is the role of Hercolubus today?

Hercolubus will change Earth's magnetism, resulting in the reversing of its polarity, and a reawakening of consciousness will begin just before the arrival of the Galactic Wave. [The planets are like magnets, and when one comes close to another it can have a great influence.] I remind you that the movements of Hercolubus (or Herlocubus as some call it) are based on its progression, on the degree of enlightenment of Earth and the collective Christ consciousness of mankind.  It is the interaction of different types of radiation which will allow this planet to bring an adjustment [Divine change] to everything.

The Vatican secret video of Hercolubus (Planet X)

I remind you that during the summer of 2008 Orionis said that Hercobulus would be visible in your skies, but I have said that the longer this period is delayed the better it is for mankind [there will be less devastation and suffering to endure].  Some of the so-called primitive people like the American Indians, and some of the prophecies of the prophets have mentioned the signs of visibly seeing Hercobulus as the second Sun or the second Star.

As Benca [Peter] Deunov [Orionis] said when he was Nostradamus [Quatrain C2-Q41]: "The great star will burn for seven days and the clouds will cause two suns to appear" [there will be two Suns that will be clearly visible for all to see for 7 days before the pole shift and the start of ascension]. But these seven days could have occurred at any time from 1984 [when Divinity arrived] until now. As I have always said, the later it occurs, the better it is for mankind [since these cataclysms will last only for a short time and will not drag on for months or years].

It will be seen with the naked eye without the need for technological instruments [like telescopes], and it will bring a final adjustment just before a number of cosmic events begin. These events are totally independent but are synchronous with Hercolubus now. It is possible using mathematical tools and optical technology [infrared telescopes] for you to have observed this [astronomers already know about this and pictures of this 2nd Sun are occasionally seen on the Internet].

We are not talking about belief or technology or using mathematical calculations; you will actually observe this with your eyes using your retinal vision. This is the event that will trigger the beginning of ascension. Simply there are extremely accurate astronomical dates that exist during this period of time that you now live. This visibility of Hercolubus is the final initiative that will now bring about the magnetic adjustment of this matrix world that will precede the complete return of the Light to Earth.

Orionis August 8, 2008

I bring you My greetings. I am Orionis, the Master and Ruler of this Solar System, and I have been in this position for eons [a very long period of time]. I am the one in your writings who is called the Ancient of Days and I am the founder of the order of the Melchizedek. [OM has taken over this role now, and Orionis has returned to His home in the 18th dimension.]

During various periods I was involved in the process of walk-ins [when a person whose original soul has departed his or her body and has been replaced with a new soul, either temporarily or permanently].  I was called Melchizedek many times and that name has stuck with Me.  My last walk-in role was as a higher conscious guidance and radiance for the entity called Benca [Peter] Deunov. [He spent the last half of His life training O.M. to take over for Him when He retired.]

I will now talk to you about the planetary and solar period that you now live. As you know, you have arrived at the end of this current 52,000 year cycle. The end of this cycle of your solar system is also the end of your cycle of reincarnations and the end of the cycles of this third dimensional world here [there will be no more cycles of birth and destruction here from now on]. The signs of the end of this cycle were not hidden from you by the Light [many are aware of these cycles], but those [dark] who have known about these cycles for a very long time have wanted to take advantage of this situation, but this can not be tolerated by the Intergalactic Confederation [ETs].

The period that this planet is going through now corresponds to the beginning of a number of dimensional changes that have long been written in the celestial movements as cyclical and reoccurring every 52,000 years. You have arrived at the final phase of this transformation. The time allotted for you to carry out your own transformation is now less than 5 years of your earthly time [from 2008 to the end of 2012].

You will by then have completed a full cosmic cycle and a total transformation. I have said that this is a transformation of the Light. There is no way for the dark forces to oppose this ascension process that will be coming to you [although they would like to stop these changes if they could].

The clock is ticking. This is actually a countdown to help you pay off your karmic debts so that you can present yourself totally to this new vibration that will come to you in this new way of life in which the solar system will be restored. This can not be hidden for long [although the dark wants us to believe that nothing will happen]. You are entering into a period of revelation and confrontation.

These 52,000 year cycles that now exist were created long ago in this solar system [they are cosmic laws that must be obeyed].  About 52,000 years ago there was a civilization that existed that you today call the mythical Atlantis. [This is around the time that Edgar Cayce said that there was a major pole shift and an ice age that destroyed most of the dinosaurs and many humans.  It is not a myth, it did exist until about 10,000 BC when it was destroyed.]

It was recreated and initialized at My request and by My orders and was accompanied by the arrival of a vessel of Light commonly known as Jerushalaim [the Heavenly Jerusalem] as you call it today or the starship vessel known as the Merkabah vehicle of Light.  [The Merkabah is used to connect with and reach those who are in tune with the higher realms. "Mer" means Light, "Ka" means Spirit, and "Ba" means Body. Mer-Ka-Ba means the spirit/body surrounded by counter-rotating fields of light, (wheels within wheels), spirals of energy as in DNA, which transports the spirit/body from one dimension to another.]

Each arrival of this vessel of Light points to a number of dramatic [cataclysmic] changes, upheavals, and changes in the conditions of life in the flesh, but it also brings your incarnations to other higher dimensions. [It arrived here several years ago and is cloaked in a location over Mexico according to O.M.] The arrival of this vessel of Light is accompanied in your skies by a planet called Hercobulus which was spoken of in ancient Sumerian writings, and it will be visible to all mankind very soon. This planet signals the changes that will bring an end to your 3rd dimensional Earth. [Some have called Hercobulus a huge brown dwarf star or Planet X.]

You must not be frightened or terrified by this. The ignorant will be terrorized by images shown in the media as you call them in your world because they want to distort the reality of the Light that is coming to you [they want you to be fearful of evil invaders who want to take over the Earth or a planet that wants to destroy Earth]. Whatever the manifestations of the dark and the violent disturbances and the turmoil that will occur both in you and in this solar system, you should in no way be alarmed by this.

This transition from one dimensional state to another dimensional state (for those who wish to and are able to ascend) is accompanied by a formal protection [by ETs and Angels] in specific areas of the planet so that you will have the best possible living conditions during this transitional period that will last for 132 days.

This final countdown began on August 15 [2008], and everything will be completed before the end of your year 2012.  There were not a sufficient number of awakened human beings who could access this new higher dimension until recently. This was the case until the planet Hercobulus entered your solar system [and helped bring an awakening and Light to Earth].

This giant planet (which is far larger than the size of the largest planet in your solar system) accompanies the coming changes to the orbits of these planets [Earth and Venus will move closer to the Sun after Mercury is absorbed into the Sun], the major changes in planetary masses [Earth will expand in size by about 30% according to O. M.], and the distribution [shifting and rearrangement] of what you call continents [causing major earthquakes].

Remember that this dimensional change can allow you to be transformed from an external dimension of life [3D] to an inner higher dimension of life. Some of you probably know that the life you now live is a life separated from the Source [Divinity]. Life in this new dimension that will come to you will be accompanied by an inner life inside this planet that you call Earth.

[This suggests that those who ascend to 5D will live in Inner Earth like most other ETs do. This would allow them to avoid storms, earthquakes, seasons, and periods of darkness on the surface. Those who have visited Inner Earth Agartha say that it has a constant temperature of 70 degrees with continual light, and it is like a Garden of Eden paradise.]

It is now time to prepare for this. This preparation does not involve any external practices like rituals or an involvement in any of these other ceremonies. Only an inner preparation is needed that allows you to find your vibrational balance and your inner peace, which alone can guarantee that this is a transition that remains intact and independent. You will obviously be helped, guided, and accompanied in many ways.

Those whom you call your space brothers or ETs will manifest themselves more and more predominately from the moment that Hercobulus becomes visible to your eyes. These ETs live in logical cycles like you do, experiencing birth, life, suffering, and death. They exist in the same dimensions as you do: they are born, they grow old and they die like you do [they have carbon bodies like us].

This third dimension (initiated by Myself as Planetary Ruler) must now give way to a new paradigm, a new life and a new dimension. For this to occur you must accept the principle of death of the former life in order to allow for your new birth. This will stabilize you and prepare you for this new state of being and this new stage of growth of the soul. The only sign that you should watch for is the emergence of Hercobulus, and you should be aware and attentive to what is happening in your home, in every relationship, and in every external communication that you make.

A number of things must die including your ties to the past, and a number of new things must appear related to freedom in your future. You must cultivate in yourself this vibrational state which has been described by the Archangels, and it is the only state that is conducive to the realization of who you really are [Divinity]. You no longer need to be attached to anything else.

You must be willing at any moment to accept the changes that are imposed on you, but you of course have the freedom to accept or refuse this [due to free will]. However you are still limited now by these same cycles of the solar system [like everyone else]. It is no longer possible to hesitate, it is no longer possible for you to procrastinate and put it off until tomorrow or next year.

What was called "an encounter with an Angel" by Archangel Jophiel is interfering with your privacy [you must make a decision one way or another]. Once this meeting is completed it will bring changes to you, whatever they are. Even if they seem difficult or impossible, you need to move in the direction of least resistance and accept it totally. The only Light that is important is the Light that you allow inside your body and to which I have addressed. All of the rest are merely constraints that were needed so you could experience separation from what you really are. Today it is irrevocably finished.

Whether you choose to continue repeating these cycles of life in this 3rd dimension or not, you can not move from one life to another, from one decision to another. You are forced to decide in complete freedom to choose either one way of life or another. 

Understand that those who choose to live the lines of least resistance [surrendering to the Light] will have the least suffering, and your future will be much happier.  Do not allow yourself to be polluted or diverted by anyone. Your conduct should be guided only by your inner higher self, by what you feel deeply in your being, because it is the solution you have been searching for during this cycle of incarnation in which you now live.

You are invited to this cosmic wedding. You are invited to this grand reunion [with Divinity], but no one can be part of this reunion while still being attached to old habits, whatever your level of spirituality.  During these experiences of life at this moment, you sometimes will go where you do not want to go, and yet it is true that if you are guided by your inner synchronicities they will become more evident to you, your life will become easier, and things will become simpler inside of you, whatever the levels of complexity that may exist around you.

Remember that you will be guided and helped along each step of the way. Your meeting with your Angel in private has already occurred for some of you. Since that meeting you have begun to realize that things are not necessarily progressing in the direction that you want, but this is necessary for your own good [and the good of all mankind] and is consistent with the choices that you have made, whatever these choices are. [Ascension will not be a new age enlightenment where everything will slowly get better for all as many want.]

I now want to give you an opportunity to ask any questions that you may have, and I will hopefully provide useful answers.

Question: Does Hercobulus exist in the third dimension?

Yes. It is known and is recognized by those who run the governments on your planet. It will be hidden to the public until the last minute, and it is now hidden to the naked eye.

Question: Is this the planet that we heard about for the past few weeks that is near the Sun?

This is actually the one. It has other names, but the original name is Hercobulus.

Question: When will it appear?

Between now and the end of the year 2012.

Question: Are these earthquakes directly related to the visibility of Hercobulus?

They are of course related to the approach and presence of this planet.

Question: Is it true that the Earth will tremble and shake violently for 8 hours resulting in the reversal of the poles?

This is true.

Question: How would you describe the famous 3 days?

This is the same event that was discussed here. At the end of the earthquakes occurring in this country [France] during a cold night, the Earth will stop its rotation. It will therefore affect the so-called Western part of the globe resulting in 3 days of darkness [Western Europe and the US?]. During this transition the Earth and other planets in the solar system will change their orbits [and will move closer to the Sun]. The only important thing to be concerned with is your incarnation in this world and your higher inner self. [It is probably up to Earth to decide when it will stop its rotation and thus what areas will be in either darkness or light.]

Question: Will these planetary changes bring changes to our physicality and our consciousness?

These changes are extremely important to the transformation of your DNA.

Question: Will this require specific practices by us to better adjust to this?

During this period of 3 days you will be placed in a state of maximum protection where your body and mind are fully protected, fully living in the Light. You have absolutely nothing to worry about concerning the physical conditions that are related to these events. Your only concern should be for your spiritual uplifting and your inner Light.

Question: What do you mean by providing protection in specific places?

This is not useful to know at this time. Understand only that everything is planned and scheduled for the delivery of these cataclysmic events on your planet.

Question: How can we develop this inner Light?

By listening, by being attentive, by being aware of what is happening, and by living in your inner higher self.

Question: When will what you are talking about occur?

Everything will be completed on December 21 2012. Everything will be completed by then.

Question: From this date on what will the configuration of the Earth be like?

Nothing will remain of what you now know except yourself.

Question: How is the transition period of 132 days [about 4 1/2 months] related to 3 days?

This will occur after this 3 day period. This is a phase of education and preparation for the new life inside the Earth.

Question: Are people who will assist in this transition already living in the 5th dimension?

The answer to this is very complex. Many of those who will accompany you [assist in your ascension] already belong to the multidimensional realms that do not experience physicality [they live in higher dimensions where physical bodies do not exist]. Only a small number of beings keep a certain physicality which is necessary for these physical processes. But this number is very small compared to those who will return to their spiritual being and essence [new Light bodies]. Remember that this event primarily involves your return to the Light.

Question: Why did you create the third dimension?

Because the experience of separation [and duality] allows the human soul to strengthen and grow in the Light. Your separation from the Source, your separation from your higher inner self can develop qualities of Light that would not otherwise exist. You have a role to transcend [rise above] the material world spiritually and return to your own Source [as part of Divinity]. 

Question: Is there is no other way than through this separation?

There are many ways to do this, but for reasons I can not explain now they have been rendered necessary in this solar system.  [He did not however discuss the role of the Anunnaki and reptilians in our enslavement which made life more miserable for most of us.]

Question: Is it necessary that the division [separation and duality] continues in the new cycle?

It will of necessity continue for those who wish for it to continue [in duality elsewhere].

Question: What is the purpose of all this?

Simply to grow in the Light.

Question: Then how do you explain so much distortion in the Light?

It would be easy to explain this because the explanations are numerous. The third dimension is a world of duality, a world where the Light should be sought after and where it is not manifested spontaneously unless it is searched for. The Light is only a reflection of the solar Light. Its appearance is external and visible. The experience of incarnation in this dimension is a privileged means for the soul to strengthen his Light.

Question: Will nuclear disasters be part of this?

These disasters will not be due to humans [Armageddon and other wars] but will be due to these cycles themselves. These disasters are just a reflection of the birth of the Light and nothing else. These structures sometimes need to be destroyed in order to reveal the Light.

Question: What is the purpose of the Light?

Light exists, it has no purpose, it only needs to be radiated. This escapes the understanding of the brain. There are no words that can describe even remotely the reality of the evolution of growing spiritually in the Light.

Question: Why is the period of August 15 [2008] so important?

It is important for several reasons. It signals the entrance of the solar system in its entirety into the ecliptic plane so that it comes under the direct influence of Hercobulus. From this date on the influence of the vibrations of Hercobulus will become visible [although this planet will not be visible until the middle of next month. The precession of the equinoxes that O.M. talked about is the period (now) prior to the Winter solstice (Dec. 21) when daylight is the shortest.].

Question: Will a soul who has chosen the Light be able to ascend into the fifth dimension?

No. He will enter the fifth dimension with or without the body.

Question: How important is it to ascend either with or without the body?

None. We just need a certain number of souls with their bodies who will help in this transition to the fifth dimension in order to ensure the sufficient procreation and faster repopulation of the new Earth. [This was given over 4 years ago and may have been modified recently.  There may be no need for repopulation since the 490 million limit has been reached as OM said recently, and there will be no death for those who ascend to 5D.]

Question: If there are other planetary systems and other dimensions, what is the interest to perpetuate the system of the Earth elsewhere?

So that those who wish to can continue the Earth experience [of duality and control elsewhere] because no member of the Light [including Divinity] can go against your free will.

Question: Can any entity or dimensional being go against the free will of mankind?

Absolutely not. The dark forces can only exist in your dimensional games because it is an experience of the 3rd dimension. They can not exist in higher dimensions because their vibrations force them to remain in the lower vibrations [of 3D].

Question: Does ascension without the physical body require death?

Death in the fifth dimension no longer exists. There is merely a transition from one body to another without the interruption of consciousness during ascension. Thus those who enter the fifth dimension without the body will no longer lapse into unconsciousness due to death. Besides, it is no longer called death since it is merely a transition.

Question: What is the time period between each transition?

How can you speak of time when time is not counted in the same way [time will not exist as we know it].

Question: What is the ascension process with the body like?

There is no single process of ascension with the body. I urge you to just stay focused on your inner self and wait for what is to come.  [OM described this process as waking up from a dream into a new world and a new reality.]

Question: Does the transition to the 5th dimension involve the same body as the one we now have?

No because in the 5th dimension what you call physical defects, diseases and abnormalities will disappear.  Ascension does not allow these dense lower vibrations to reach these higher levels. [This suggests that those few who ascend with their bodies will have new and better bodies in 5D.]

Question: Where does Hercobulus exist?

It is part of your solar system, but it covers a much more elliptical orbit that lies on a plane that is perpendicular to the planets [90 degrees] and is now permanently behind the sun.

Question: Why have our scientists not seen this phenomenon?

They know about it.

Question: Why is it hidden?

Imagine a world in which you live where every day you see in your sky a star that grows brighter day by day and is approaching you [it would only create fear].

Question: Are crop circles messages from ETs?

They are. Their purpose is to prevent this [fear] from happening. It uses a technology related to the Intergalactic Confederation.

Question: What is the role of ETs?

Multiple. It is difficult to go into details. Some have functions that are more directly related to you and to the mechanism of your ascension. Some are here to deal with certain types of dangers while others will also use this time to introduce a new dimension, but this confusion should not unduly worry you [it is beyond your comprehension now].

Question: How can we recognize "good" ETs?

Only by using your inner insight, only by using your inner judgment of your higher self will it be accurate.

We have no more questions, thank you.

I extend my brotherly greetings. When you live in the Divine Spirit every minute of your life, no external circumstance can impair your inner consciousness. This is true of the world of which I have lived just as it is true of the events that will occur at this time in your lives. You must be firm in your choices to live in your Light. I send you My greetings and My blessings, and I tell you we will meet again one day very soon.

Mother Mary - February 3, 2011 on Evacuation

Question: What is the role of the Vegans, the Pleiadians and the Arcturians?

Mary: The Vegans, as you know, are now here in small individual starship vessels, which by their very presence in your environment spreads the Light, and they are closest to you [because they exist in the 3rd dimension like you]. The Pleiadians have essentially the same role, but they are in larger vessels than the Vegan capsules. [They are similar to the ones that Billy Meier photographed decades ago. One of these UFOs can be seen on opening day of the Olympics this year in several videos.]

As for Arcturians, they are involved in a very specific process called evacuation [their motherships are huge]. They will intervene when necessary for those of you who have decided to keep your bodies and who also have the ability in terms of their spiritual vibration to receive this. Their intervention will occur soon, but it is not yet on the agenda. There are in fact 3 stellar groups of ETs that are at work now in your dimension [there may be others who will join this evacuation soon. The Angels say that most will end up in a Unified 3D on Arcturus.]

My comments:  This message by Mother Mary was given about 1 1/2 years ago and no disclosures have occurred so far. It appears that most will not want to leave with these ETs and will choose to remain here to die and be reborn elsewhere. Our present carbon bodies have been tampered with by the reptilians and the Anunnaki so that we only live about 100 years at the most, and our minds are controlled by our reptilian instincts with a goal of survival and control.

Evacuation has not been discussed recently which suggests that new and better carbon bodies may be planned for many of those who continue in 3D elsewhere since we need a new beginning in every way possible. This is only speculation at this time however.  Most ETs in 3D live to be about 2,000 years old and die and are reincarnated in new bodies to continue their existence. It appears that the reason for the planetary movement of Venus and Earth so that they are located closer to the Sun after Mercury is absorbed is because Hercobulus will be placed in the orbit that Maldek had before it was destroyed and thus became the asteroid belt. This belt will probably be cleaned up and removed as part of the reconstruction of the universe.  

This Orionis message was given over 4 years ago and some plans may have been changed, but the basic concepts of ascension and transformation still remain on schedule. OM said that it is up to Earth to decide when ascension will begin, but Orionis said that Hercobulus will bring about this change as part of the Divine plan.  Earth appears to want to resist these changes because of the devastating effects that they will have on the 7 billion humans who still live here, so this Dec. 21 date is firm, and we will not see the new year of 2013 here on Earth.

This will be the greatest Christmas present that most of mankind could receive, although they don't see it that way now.  It will bring a Divine change for all mankind. There will be ultimate freedom for most whether they continue in 3D or ascend to 5D since duality, slavery, and time will no longer exist for them.  As was stated here some (like our leaders) will wish to continue to live in duality elsewhere, and they will be allowed to do this due to their limited free will based on their vibrations.  Reptilian planets will still exist where horror shows will play all day long for its inhabitants.

SUN TIMES v7.1  (17 MB)

Sun Times is a good free program that visually shows areas that are either in darkness or in sunlight around the world at one time. You can also view the past, current, and future times of the sunrise and sunset in over 10,000 locations worldwide, and you can see what the current local time is in these cities (with daylight saving adjustments).  Another good free program is Kingsoft Office.  It has the speed and many of the features of MS Office.

Although hurricane Sandy has left massive devastation and power outages on the East coast they are nothing compared to what will soon occur.  If you had told people a month ago that this would happen they would not believe you nor would they want to hear about it. Most people do not want to hear this Orionis message either. They only want to listen to new age messengers proclaiming the coming of a "golden age" here on Earth that Obama and some ETs will bring in like they said 4 years ago. Nothing has changed since then. 

Orionis said here that "everything will be completed on December 21, 2012. Everything will be completed by then."  These are only words until they become our new reality, and although I have delayed major projects until next year I continue with my life and am not sitting back waiting for hell to freeze over which will probably be the result of the physical pole shift that will occur this year.  It appears that we will finally see Divine change, but only time will tell.

Rich N

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    Get rid of the alcamist
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    live as one
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    All ho forward
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    Speak they will listen
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