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Alex Collier, Money and NESARA updated

Alex began his contacts with the Andromedans as a young boy when he went missing for a while.  He spent many hours aboard their scout ship as part of their introduction to him, and his family refused to accept this experience since they wanted him to be a normal boy.  He was told that he was an Andromedan who was planted here thousands of years ago as part of the starseeding process, and many of us also were planted here by ETs from other worlds and have been held captive until now by the matrix.  After the quarantine is lifted we will be able to travel back home if we want.

Almost everything he learned in school was not true, but he learned to put up with this rather than oppose it, and he chose to be somewhat normal.  He wanted a profession to make money so he could survive and he wanted a family like everyone else so he married, went to college, and became an accountant working for the (criminal) IRS, but he found that it was like selling drugs so he didn't last long.  He only wanted to help those that had been victimize by the system, and he was arrested according to some reports for the crime of working against the Cabal. 

He said he later worked as a producer for Coast to Coast AM radio until he was interviewed about his ET contacts on a show and millions heard it. When the owner listened to his interview he was fired immediately, and he has had problems finding work ever since.  The media is owned and operated by the Cabal so truths like this are not allowed.

The Andromedans said that they are concerned at this time because Earth is undergoing a frequency change which is affecting everything including human DNA . The solar system has already entered the start of a higher frequency quadrant of the galaxy and as time goes by more and more things on Earth will be affected. They have a better understanding of the future than most ETs so it is best to take their words seriously.

Zenetae interviews Alex Collier  2011-10-09

"Zenetae: Welcome Alex, and thank you for taking the time to talk to us. One of the projects  you've been working on is a new book, can you tell us more about this?

Alex: I wrote a trilogy, looking back probably should have done this in the beginning, I should have put the information out in a different way [fiction] and what I've done is written a series of books called 'The Adventures of Captain Denar', and I dedicate them to my kids and essentially what it is in a novel, science fictional novel story. I wrote it for my children and adults will enjoy reading it as well from some of the feedback I've received [I get paid for this and am not attacked by the Cabal].

Essentially what it is, it's about a human being, a terran who was raised on the moon, in an underground facility on the moon [there are some living there now which is true], and he's an adventurer and his crew are extra terrestrials who helped raise him after this father had died, and they knew his father, they worked with his father in the underground base on the moon. Many of the events that occur in the story are actually Zenetaen history of what some of their ancestors discovered as they exploring the known galaxy way way way back...

Zen: When the Andromeda's gave you timelines and probabilities, are we still looking at December 2013 as a focal date?

Alex: I don't know, I honestly don't know the answer to that question any more.

[It appears this date has been pushed back so that other needed events like disclosure can progress, so we may not see ascension and a transition to 5D Earth until later, maybe a year or two depending upon what occurs soon.]

Zen: Are you planning on doing any upcoming lectures?

Alex: I have no plans at the moment, then again, I've made myself incredibly scarce, for reasons. I'm aware that there are people out there trashing me, saying horrible things, I'm well aware of that, It goes with the territory. I've been focused on healing myself, and getting myself into place where I'm ready for these changes not only for myself but I'm also a parent and a step father, I have a lot of responsibilities as well, I want to try to be the best that I can be. I never wanted this fame anyway, or whatever it is.

Zen: In retrospect, had you known where this would lead you, would you still do it?

Alex: Would I do it over?

Zen: Yes

Alex: Hell no. I wouldn't do it over. There are some things I would do differently.

Zen: If you could go back in time, would you have stayed an accountant [working for the IRS Mafia]?

Alex: I wouldn't have stayed doing that, I would not have continued that, I would have done many things differently, hindsight is always 20/20 but in the moment, when you're living life and life is coming at you have to make decisions you do the best you can, and its only later that you look back and you realize, oh gosh why didn't I think of this or think of that, there's always a reason for something especially when it's wrong. You just do the best you can and you try to live with your choices and you try to make better choices in the future. It's not the destination, it's really about the journey, and we need to keep reminding ourselves of that."

Alex on the reptilians:  "The Draconians are a very large reptilian race, otherwise known as "the Dracs". There is royal line of the reptilian race called the Ciakar. They range from 14 to 22 feet tall and can weigh up to 1,800 pounds. They do have winged appendages and they are awesome beings. They're extremely clairvoyant and extremely clever, and they can also be extremely sinister. They apparently were brought by someone to our time and space, our universe, in full physicality, and dumped here."  [Papa Bush told some friends that he was a Draco before he came here.  He was called the 3rd Anti Christ by Nostradamus (1503 – 1566).  Some Cabal programs like Montauk were run by these dragons.]

Alex on implants: "As far as implants are concerned, what I do know is that there are a lot of races that have been abducting people and putting implants into them, and it is a sign or seal of ownership. Ok? They feel that they own you. Now, the Greys have done this a lot, because the United States Government gave them permission to do it. We were sold out, basically. I do know that many of the implants can be neutralized using a very strong ultra-violet light."

Alex on the Flood: "Now, what was the flood of Noah? We are told that it rained for 40 days and 40 nights [Bible]. According to Moraney [his ET teacher], the flood of Noah was a result of the movement of Earth from one orbit to another around the Sun. The Earth was apparently hit with a tractor beam and literally moved to an orbit further out from the Sun. This added five days to our rotational period around the Sun. The period of this 40 day rain was during the period when the magnetic poles of the Earth rotated 180 degrees....

Now, when the extraterrestrials were here in force – that is, during the time referenced in the Bible where it says the Sons of God married the Daughters of Man, they bred and mated with their human wives. Out of this came offspring, half-breeds [our reptilian royalty]. There were at that time, within the last 5000 years, predominantly 13 families from Sirius B  and Nibiru, who were living here on the planet. These were the tribes of Enlil, Marduk [a planet was named after him which was later destroyed in wars. It is also called Maldek.], Enki, etc. They all had offspring."

Alex said that the Anunnaki brothers Enlil and Enki played the gods Jehovah (Israel) and Ra (Egypt) [Enlil took over Ra's role after he left], and later they started the Arab-Israeli wars which still continue today. Reptilians feed off of wars and fears.  Like most of what is said his work is a mixture of truth and error.  He has no knowledge of Divinity and Angels although he like most ETs admits that Creator exists.

Earth will be placed back in the orbit it had during the reconstruction of this Universe according to O.M. It appears that the Anunnaki used this type of tractor beam from Nibiru on the Sun to keep our Universe away from higher energies. 

The Dracos have been working with the Cabal, and they along with the Grays gave us some of their technology that we now have, although the Cabal kept most of it for themselves for control over us.  They are responsible for the Galactic Wars that SyFy movies have described due to their desire to enslave and control mankind using tools like money which Cobra (who speaks for the Pleaidian ETs) said was introduced during the Babylonian dynasty. :  "From what I gather from email conversations with Alex Collier and others that he is to retire from public life in order to be with his family and rebuild his life away from this arena. Myself and others tried to convince him otherwise and that he is a great asset to us all, but his mind is made up."

To many who have followed the works of Alex he is a super hero, and like all super heroes he has been attacked and threatened for his work.  He was told that his friends and family would be killed if he continued, so he became a reluctant off-on spokesman.  About a year ago he was penniless, living alone in a pop-up trailer (his family left him since he couldn't support them) and eating in soup kitchens, and some have helped him restore himself to a somewhat comfortable life and have helped him get back on his feet. 

He has written a series of SyFy books called "The Adventures of Captain Denar" which is being made into a movie with his help, and he is now receiving a pay check so he can live a normal life.  This book-movie deal has since failed because Alex is blacklisted from Hollywood by the Cabal. Everyone needs money to live on including super heroes.  There have been several who have helped him get back on his feet, and he now appears to be living in Europe. He has his own web site  and is giving pay-per-view-webinars and requesting donations so he can make enough money to pay his bills.  He has also begun giving interviews to promote his work.

There are many resistance movements like the Dark Forces who want to rule us slaves forever using money as their tool. Earth is resisting Ascension and change also since this would have a major affect (death) on the 7 billion people living here. Other planets do not have this problem and most have already ascended to higher dimensions.  Most will be evacuated and moved to another 3D world where they can grow spiritually. All of these planets have life that is not visible to us since we only see our matrix 3D world and its evil, and we live on the surface in quarantine from others. 

The Cabal is resisting change since they want to rule the world forever like King Obama does. Most people are resisting change because they want a better 3D world to live in here because that is all that they know.  They have gotten use to living in ghettos and working as slaves for life (if they are lucky to have a job).  Going to a public college for 4 years means paying back a $100,000 plus loan for life, and many are finding that no decent jobs are available after they graduate.  A private University can cost up to a $1/2 million including graduate programs and scholarships are not as available as they use to be. Many have so much school debt that they will never be able to repay it.

To understand what life is like in the 5th dimension you can study Omnec Onec and her YouTube videos which say that she came from 5D Venus about 60 years ago.  Venusians live inside their planet like most other beings in the cosmos do, and to us it appears as a dead planet without life like O.M. Aivanhov said Earth will soon look like in 5D.  It appears that Venus ascended to 5D long ago due to the limited population that was there, and this over population is a major problem on Earth now and is also a reason for delays.

NASA has released pictures of domes on Venus which are similar to our airports but are enclosed for protection and climate control.  In the past pictures taken of buildings and towers on the Moon and Mars were erased by NASA before they were released to make us believe we are the only life in the universe.  Black-ops have been living on and in these hollow spheres for about 50 years, and they are called black projects since they don't legally exist and are top secret. 

Dome City Discovered On The Planet Venus In NASA Photos

These domes connect with their inner cities and are spaceports that connect them with the Universe.  Omnec said that she chose to come to Earth to work out her karma which is sort of like what we call doing penance.  She took on a heavy carbon body and traveled here in the astral dimension in a Venusian "UFO", spending time in Tibet living there as a little girl in a heavy body with the monks while adjusting to her new life, and this body was much different than the light body she was used to living in before. 

Later she took over the role of a girl who had just died in the U.S., so this is similar to being a walk-in like Orionis was. ETs can transfer souls to other bodies so this is normal.  Most ETs have no desire to live in dense carbon bodies like we do.  This is one of the many rewards of living in higher dimensions (ascension), and returning to visit 3D later means taking on a carbon body again which could be like wanting to visit prison after you have been released to revisit there with the friends you made.

Much of what we call paranormal involves astral experiences of duality which the Angels say will be eliminated as part of our return to Unity.  It is well known that in the future planes will not be able to fly due to the lower density that will exist, and UFOs will be needed for transportation.

Alex said that the Andromedans could not understand why we need money since ETs and those on other worlds do not use it.  There are many things ETs do not understand about us since we live here in Hell and they don't.  He no doubt felt betrayed that he did not get paid for his work by ETs, and he had to rely on money from his work for the Cabal to live on.  Money is part of the slave system that keeps us poor and willing to do anything to survive. When you have the money you rule the world, and the Rothschilds and Rockefellers are good slave masters.

Sheldan Nidle - 2013

Jan 1:  "A new epoch is dawning for humanity! Let us start with a brief description of what has happened so far. Our sacred secret allies, with the assistance of your Ascended Masters, have put into position a new financial system and begun to instruct various key individuals in the distribution of the hard-backed currencies associated with this new banking system. Meanwhile, those who are to take up positions to replace old-order officials in the present de facto regimes are preparing the announcements which will transform your world 'in the twinkling of an eye.'

Further, the Light-oriented military and militia groups are poised to complete a legal putsch that will put a series of new, de jure governments into power. Once done, the announcements will be broadcast and the six major components of NESARA will become the law of the land. Initially these acts will: restore the Constitution; ensure the establishment of common law; and institute the use of a set of new hard-backed currencies worldwide. These will be the monies activating the new banking system and establishing global prosperity."

RN: NESARA was the result of a class-action lawsuit in the 1990's brought on by farmers who had been defrauded by the banksters, and it was decided that since we were all victims of this fraud payments would be made to everyone.  It was passed into law by Pres. Clinton in 2000 and was set to be announced to the world on Sept 11 2011 (9/11).  If you study 9/11 it is easy to see that what the government said was a bunch of lies like everything else they say. They are still trying to start WW3 if they can.

There are huge trusts like St. Germain that would be distributed by NESARA which could make everyone a millionaire, and some say that these trusts were opened on Christmas.  A gag order was placed on this settlement, and any who talked about it would be arrested as is common in many settlements like this.

That is why it will not be discussed until (IF) it becomes public. Since money is so much a part of our consciousness it is like air and water to us, and the only way to bring change is to give people enough so that they don't have to worry about paying the bills, and this would free them from their enslavement.  The Cabal says it is their money and we will not be allowed to have any of it.

Jan 8: "The numerous arrests and procedures to hasten and smooth out the affects of the actual launch date are in place. The projected moment is very close. We are ready to act when this moment occurs, so be patient and know that all is ready! Your planet is completing the preliminaries for a magnetic pole shift that will change your world from a dipolar realm [duality] to a true monopolar one [Unity]. These changes will synchronize the energy fields of Inner Earth with the outer one.

The Galactic Federation has put in place several holographic Beings in financial and governmental circles whose duties will ensure that everything keeps moving forward. Our goal is to maintain a degree of normalcy in your societies and to make it look as if nothing much is changing. This is intended to be a temporary facade, as in reality much has changed and is nearly ready to manifest. This is being done for the sake of stability because back in the 1990s, we learned that your world was unable to handle huge surprise events, or even big change on an incremental scale." 

RN: Becoming instant millionaires would cause some to go crazy.  This can be seen by studying those who won the lottery. Using holograms are good because they can't be killed like many have who tried to bring change.  An example is JF Kennedy who died trying to bring us some of these reforms.  Sheldan said that some of our cloned leaders have been removed which suggests that they may have been replaced with holograms who will act for us and not against us like they do now. The big problem with change is that there is still free will to all in 3D. Our leaders have this free will while we are still slaves with no free will.

Jan 15:  "Our Agarthan family informs us that their part in this operation has reached completion. Likewise, our secret sacred allies confirm that their activities have reached the point chosen for them by Heaven. We continue to allow the use of our technology to assist everyone in ensuring that all these interlinked operations are manifested exactly as planned. The one thing now remaining is for us to obtain the final green light from our heavenly hosts.

This signal is shortly to be given to us. Until then we wait, watch, and oversee what is so close to happening. Meanwhile, the dark panics and wonders how and when the arrests will take place. At present, they are in a state of some anxiety because many of their co-workers have simply 'disappeared' [there is no proof of this in the media yet]. They fully realize that the threats against them are quite real and that their positions of power cannot last very much longer. Their vast fortunes have dwindled and the banking system they control is close to being shut down."

Jan 22:  "Your world is still caught in an in-between reality-state as Heaven prepares to signal the much-awaited green light. We are setting up special liaison teams to monitor what is shortly to happen. The coming announcements by your new governance will mark the end of a long era of dark control, during which wars, economic upheavals, and other widespread forms of discord characterized the ups and downs of numerous regimes over the course of this old form of governance. It is to be replaced by an interim administration which will prepare the way for a duly elected one and set up new rules and by-laws regarding the general operating standards of the first of your new de jure governments."

Jan 29:  "Your world is being held in a sacred limbo, awaiting the magic touch that only Heaven can provide. Heaven decreed a short delay in order to afford humanity an integration period into these very new energies. Long ago, when the Anunnaki wished to rule over you, a special agreement was put forth which stipulated that the period of dark rule would only be allowed for around 13 millennia. This time has come and is well and truly gone [they have gone also and only their followers remain here to keep us in this monetary prison].

The collapse of the many timelines into one was the final verification for the dark's earthly minions that the moment for transformation has arrived [alternate realities have been deleted]. Now there is a brief transition during which the dark's soldiers are to surrender and let the new epoch commence.  The dark, as ever, has arrogantly refused this offer and so, under Heaven's strict command, we have removed a number of these recalcitrants and placed them under the supervision of a group of Agarthan and Federation personnel. This group now has a considerable number of these individuals in safekeeping, and these numbers will no doubt continue to grow until this issue is fully resolved.

Our forces are ready to support the legal de jure change in governance, and we have also obtained a number of agreements which are to be implemented once the sacred signal is given. In this regard both the legal and the military divisions of the various governments [that are] to be changed assure us that they are ready to affect a transfer of power upon receipt of the formal signal [don't count on it]...

We come on this day to inform you that a grand miracle is ready to appear on your world. Centuries ago, Count Saint Germaine established a special world trust that was matched in the East by Kwan Yin. These two treasuries are now to pay out a vast fortune that will bring prosperity to the Earth plane. We rejoice in all that Heaven has decreed and set forth for humanity!..

We envision your choices to be wise, and know that by employing this template you can swiftly repopulate the worlds of Venus [according to Omnec Venus is already living in 5D and has for quite a while but is not visible to us in 3D], Mars, and Pax [which does not yet exist]. This new multiplanet star-nation will then initiate its first grand mission: cementing peace throughout this galaxy! This will be the first of many missions that will bring us into contact with tens of thousands of nearby galaxies. What we are to achieve together is a series of mission that will express our divine service to Creation." 

RN:  Sheldan and his ET contacts are still thinking and living in 3D which will soon be over, and money itself is evil and will not exist in the future.  People sell drugs, work as prostitutes, rob banks, and work as slaves in jobs that they hate, hoping to become "financially free" and have enough money to survive.  Some have called it working in a "rat race" which is appropriate.  Unless there is change and abundance this freedom will never happen for most. Our leaders only want to keep it that way although they may say "wait till next year" which doesn't exist since it will be this year if and when it arrives. 

When you need money to survive you will do almost anything including committing crimes.  Most jobs like banking, advertising, and insurance involve money and are useless when there is abundance for all.  These fields are full of fraud as has been pointed out here.  Many of our needs can be fulfilled with replicators and other ET technology that have been withheld from us to keep us living as poor slaves who will do whatever our masters tell us to do. 

The military are mercenaries (hired guns) who work for and are paid by the Cabal to do their dirty work, and this applies to all of those who work for the US Corporation and other governments.  If they lose their jobs they lose their pay checks, their houses, their families (like Alex did), and their lives as they know them, so money is a necessity to all.  The media speak for the Cabal and require an operating license to work and get paid, so they do what they are told.

Nothing has changed since Dec 21 which is said to be the end of the Mayan calendar and the beginning of a new one.  The Mayans never said that it was the end of the world, it is the media and movies that promoted this idea.  The Mayans enjoyed the publicity however since it brought them fame and fortune, and everyone needs money.  It would have been nice to see a real change last year, but we don't always get what we want. 

There are other factors besides the Mayans to consider when talking about 2012.  Remote viewers said they could not see beyond 2012 suggesting that things would change beyond that date.  Black-ops developed time travel over 20 years ago using technology they learned from reverse engineering crashed UFOs, and Russia reportedly has a junk yard full of them. 

Insiders using this technology said that around this time there would be great cataclysms and disclosures, and they began to build many underground cities so they could survive.  A massive city was built under the Denver Airport that has about 8 levels and stretches for several miles.  This was chosen since in the future California, New York, and D.C. would be under water along with most of northern Europe, so Denver was chosen to become the new US capitol later.  The CIA uses this as their western headquarters now.

If ascension and change had begun last year most people would have refused to be evacuated and would have died in their stubbornness and ignorance which is why NESARA and disclosures are important to mankind now.  Having money and leaders who represent us and not the US Corp. or themselves is what is needed, and the Cabal will do everything it can to continue their status quo rule.  If they know about these plans they will try to prevent it with another 9/11 event or similar action so some secrecy is needed until then.  It makes it hard on us because we have to believe what others say without any proof, and most of what we are told is not true anyway.

Our courts operate under commercial (admiralty) law, and all governments, courts, companies, people, and dogs are considered fictional corporations so they can act as property and owners in these courts. Our laws were created by fraud and courts operate fraudulently just as our fiat banking system does. The whole system is criminal and was built that way on purpose. We are bombarded constantly by advertising everywhere we go, and most ads are deceptive.  They will say anything they are allowed to say so that we will buy their products and bring them money.

O.M. talked about disclosures and ET contact two years ago, but it is only now that ETs are getting serious about bringing this on or so they say.  Until humanity knows that ETs and other worlds exist and that they are here to help us (including our evacuation if necessary) will we begin to trust them and understand the lies that we have been told by the Vatican and other members of the Dark Forces.  Giving us gifts and financial freedom is one way to gain our confidence, and NESARA would help do this. 

I try to be a spokesman and a mediator between Heaven and Hell, and I can see many things that most can't. If most of the 7 billion people refuse to be evacuated it will be an enormous job for Divinity to relocate their souls after they have died, so ET contact is very important for everyone.  If the ETs do not do their jobs of bringing change and disclosures as they are able to do they can be held responsible for the deaths of billions of ignorant people. 

Nothing will change and life will go on as usual forever here in Hell is the excuse they use for doing nothing.  They like to sit in the audience and watch us Christians being attacked by the lions in the Roman coliseum.  They need to be more than spectators.  This relocation is a major responsibility for Angels, and they are desiring this change also since it makes their work easier.  Sheldan preaches the new-age philosophy that things will get better, and we will see a "Golden Age" which is contrary to what I see from a Divine standpoint.  The Divine plan has always been for a new Earth, not a better one.

Sheldan relies on donations and seminars to pay his bills, and this is part of the 3D control system. He wants to make everyone happy so they will support him ($$$), and this is reflected in his work.  We all need money to live on which is a problem for everyone, and the system is the problem not us.  He has talked about NESARA for 10 years so this is not new.  He has been told that this change will begin soon, but that could be next week, next month, next year, or the 12th of never.  Hopefully what he says is true. These words are only gossip until they become reality, but that is all we have to go on now, and only time will tell.

Rich N

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