Thursday, April 28, 2016

I’m Back

It’s been over 3 years since my last post. At that time I spoke about the need for NESARA and its many changes, and there are reports from Sheldan and others that it has begun with trillions of dollars in trust funds and programs being distributed world wide which is the first step of NESARA. The banksters and others have held this up since it would end poverty world wide. There have been threats and probably even murders to try to prevent this. Slaves have to be kept ignorant and poor so they will do anything the Illuminati masters want. When you own the banks and money you rule the world no matter who is president or king. You can manipulate depressions like in 1930 and buy businesses for next to nothing, and people will do almost anything in order to get money.

Until recently almost every international monetary transaction had to use SWIFT, a private IMF institution based in Belgium and created by MS boss Bill Gates. This has been a major problem since it has back doors so anyone can access and manipulate these funds for their own personal use. Now China has programs called CIPS that will bypass this obstacle. This allows secure transfers of funds which should help the distribution of these funds.

This change is a good start, but it is too little too late as I will explain later, although it is better than nothing. Hopefully in the short period of time that we have left we will see prosperity and disclosures that may awaken many who have been deceived by the lies that governments, religions, and the news media have told us, and we will learn the truth for a change. I am updating dead links like the French site which has been changed from .com (commercial) to .info. The home page is now which has translators and an index to past articles. I am also removing some posts that are no longer relevant, so hopefully this will help.

Rich N

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