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Creator Gods of the Physical Universe 2008

RN: Elohim is a group of Creator Gods acting consciously as one being that we call Angels. The Council of Elohim say they exist in 10th density which appears to be in the Divine lower realms like Angels. The French site that I have quoted from says that some Elohim were involved in the fall and have since been restored to the Light and are working to move back to higher dimensions of Light. P’taah is a higher dimensional/density ET like the Elohim and RA. He is here to help and teach us Divine truths during this transitional period.

The problem with working with lower dimensions is that sometimes you get trapped there because you lose your higher self consciousness and take on the evil traits of those that you live with. Elohim is the most commonly used word for God in the Hebrew Bible which has some truth. Jehovah is the Annunaki god called Lucifer [Satan] that the Jews, Vatican, and Muslims worship.

P’taah : Dimensional Shift
Q: Is the 2012 date an accurate date for the culmination of the ascension process [the move of Earth and our Universe to a higher dimension]?
A: We suggest a more precise date of 2017, though there are those who will leave much sooner, as early as 2009.  [This was written almost 10 years ago but is still relevant.]

Q: Will life on the planet be destroyed?
A: This is indeterminate [unknown] in nature as of yet. There must be a preponderance [majority] of negative choice for this to happen. [This destruction is normal procedure for planets that are as evil and dark as Earth. The only thing that has prevented this destruction so far is the star-seeds that have volunteered to serve the Light here. It appears that Earth and this universe will be rebuilt by Creator Gods, and Planet X (Hercobulus) and the pole shift are an important part of this reconstruction. This has never happened before so there is nothing we can compare it to, although there have been pole shifts and evacuations before. There will be no “Golden Age” in this present dimension like many ETs want. Hopefully they will not interfere with this Divine process.

Q; Is the planet Venus being prepared as an alternative for third density beings who don’t make it ?
A: We do not see Venus as hosting at the current time. We see transportation out of the solar system to a system 3000 light years away. [Those who continue in the 3rd dimension (3D) will be transferred to another 3D planet in another universe. This may be Arcturus which is huge.]

RA: The 3rd density conditions on Venus are not hospitable to the life-forms of your peoples [900 degrees F]. But the 5th and 6th dimensions of that planetary sphere are quite conducive to growing / learning. The beings inhabiting Venus at this time are 5th density entities [dimensions and densities are not always the same].

Q: What does the process of ascension feel like to a physical body?
A: This question would best be continued at a further session, as the answer is somewhat involved and depends upon the physical, emotional and psychological preparation of the particular vehicle [person] to which we are ascribing said experience. However, we may say, it does involve a sense of the “melting away” of the current localized physical space and a birthing into a silvery-white light of gold [a spiritual Body that looks like a ball of Light to us].

Q: When this transportation takes place, will the soul energy follow the DNA automatically, or is there some other exercise required to move the soul energy into this new planet ?
A: The planet will reawaken as an etheric [heavenly] envelope.

Q: Will the First bodies on the planet have to go through a long period of evolution?
A: It is the choice of the entity [person] contained within. For many, yes, 70 million years or so [time does not exist in Divine realms like it does here so it may be difficult to give accurate times. One day is as a thousand years.].

Council of Elohim:
Q: In the process of ascension, will the majority of people who will ascend enter inter-dimensional spaceships?
A: We would not say spaceships. We would say inter-dimensional portals. They may appear to some people as spaceships making it easier for them to understand what they are doing.

Q: What will happen to one who chooses to keep experiencing the third dimension?
A: You will play out the third dimension where you are able to [but not on Earth]. Not in this solar system, since this one is slated for ascension, but perhaps in another light years from here.

Q: Is the ascension process coming about on this planet unusual on the galactic circuit ? Why will some of us, as I understand it, release our bodies in the physical and move on, rather than die and move on? Why must it operate in that manner, if true?

A: There are no prescribed protocols for this particular ascension process. It is somewhat experimental in nature, and the individualized experience of the entities choosing to undergo it will be as many and varied as there are people currently incarnate on the planet. Indeed, many will die; many will choose to drop the body [leave it behind and travel in spirit]. Some say as many as two-thirds of your current population.

There are those who would shed their bodies for other reasons. The great experiment is to be able to consciously ascend, thus keeping certain DNA patterns and crystalline blood coatings intact in a way that is fairly rare for this sector of the galaxy. This is part of a grand experiment, the outcome of which is greatly anticipated by those who would wait and see what happens.

Q: It is my understanding that, as we move into the energetic field of the photon belt, our DNA is transforming, and the previously dormant strands are being activated. How is it that the DNA was designed with these extra strands?

A: The DNA carried within your blood was at least 70 million years in the making. Do you think that all the potentialities would be released automatically? It is a matter of choosing, choosing and choosing again. There is a period of dormancy; as a seedling may lay dormant for hundreds of years before its growth, before sprouting transpires.

Human beings, in their own way, have been experimented on [by ETs], and now want to experiment on others. It is a natural outgrowth of the process of curiosity, just as humans wonder what is outside of their solar system; equally vast solar systems exist inside of the cells [This DNA transformation will take a long time and will have little effect on us now. Most of our DNA is useless and will be upgraded over time.].

Q: When exactly in the history of our planet, in time as we measure it, did the Elohim begin an interaction with life forms here, and how did that start ? What was the original plan?

A: There have been numerous starts and stops in the history of earth. We began to focus on earth at various times aiding and fanning the hopeful family of humans into prosperity. After the Atlantis disaster [10,000 BC], we hoped to renew the life force, sending Elohim star-seeds from other sectors to reseed the earth plane, hoping to establish a strong connection between the Elohim and the Annunaki star-seeds on earth. [These Annunaki were teleported to Earth from Nibiru and lived on Lemuria until Atlantis was destroyed. Many then moved to Inner Earth Agartha and now live there in 4th density.]. We became discouraged at the divergence of these Star-seeds into Earth activities and their forgetfulness of their Elohim origins.

Again with the Mormons we began to send Elohim souls to be born in the waiting arms of their earthbound fathers in another attempt to penetrate the earth plane and bring light, wisdom and love to your planet. Under Joseph Smith we had the vision of a clear connection between the celestial Elohim and the Earth star-seeds. [Here the Elohim are referring to the foundation of the Mormon Church by Joseph Smith. They have been infiltrated by the Dark and are now corrupt like most religions.]

The veil has clouded the connection. As you reached out for us, we reached back, but the interaction of energies was dispersed by the veil [This veil is the result of the heavy density here and the energy fences on Earth that have kept us as prisoners (quarantined) until now. It is like living in a pool of jello and viewing everything through a heavy fog. This will soon change.]

The human being is a composite and, as such, it contains within it factors of the veil. The veil, then, is difficult to reach through; it is difficult to focus directly on the connection to the Elohim or other soul groups. [This is a reference to the RA group.] We hope to make the circuit whole and complete between the Elohim star-seeds and their fathers and to communicate to each of you that we are there for you. We love you.

When there is a whole and complete connection, we can co-create miracles with you, we can strengthen and support you in this difficult realm, and we can bring you into the rightful expression of your full potential, thus helping us to ground and manifest the joy and love of the celestial realms into the earth plane.

It is not due to the lack of diligence of the Elohim star-seeds that the connection is not made. [An Elohim star-seed is an Elohim who volunteered to take an incarnation on Earth usually with the intent of uplifting the planetary vibration here. In most cases, once that soul is incarnate in this realm, they forget their original intent and lose their connection with the celestial Elohim].

It is a subtle shift in awareness that is needed to complete the connection. The homing signal of the Elohim is interwoven in the words we are expressing now. All those who have been or desire to be connected to the celestial energies can find a beacon in the energies flooding in with these words and the words to come.

We honor the diligence and the passion of the Elohim star-seeds in their desire to communicate with us. We see their reaching out to us, and we long for the connection to be completed. Listen to our response to your prayers. We are there for you in love, in light and in abilities to have miracles and coincidences. We enhance and give wings to the creation of answers to your prayers.

We offer this, not just to our star-seeds but to all those on planet Earth who resonate with our energies and those who reach for our help. Life goes through cycles where it reaches a peak, dies off and then starts again. One of the dying off periods was the Atlantis era. During this period there was war and destruction and, finally, nuclear disaster. This was sad. [Life in 3D exists in cycles where life is removed and restarted. This will change for those who move to higher dimensions.]

Afterwards we brought in more star-seeds to make another attempt at transforming the consciousness of the planet. We sent our best. RA sent their best in still another attempt to bring heaven to earth. At times we became discouraged and felt the whole project was a waste, but there are many star-seeds on Earth of both RA and ourselves whom we love, one of which is Daphne, and we yearn for their reconnection.  We feel sorrow for the misery they have identified with on the earth plane and have taken on as their own, which is not their birthright. It is an earth condition truly not of their nature.

Q: What is a star-seed?
A: “Star-seed” is the term for an Elohim individual who has connected with an earth body. The star-seed is the body, part of which the Elohim soul has connected with as a vehicle to maneuver in this realm.

Q: Are they volunteers?
A: Yes, they are volunteers. It is for them not only to express our will but to express their own will and creativity in the bringing of heaven on earth in their own way through their own passion and creativity. It is not the Elohim who is the master of the star-seed. It is the star-seed who is the master of himself. He is able to bring forth his own creative passion towards his earth life and, in his own way, to creatively express himself in the job that he has undertaken. He is to express his passion and bring his creative juices and energies into his earthly role, whether that be shoemaker, cook or house builder.

Q: Once an Elohim soul makes the decision to do that, does he know that, once he gets here, he is going to forget that he made that decision. Does he know he could get lost in this realm?
A: They don’t feel they are going to lose their memory or be overtaken by the veil. They are who they are at the time, and they will be the unconquerable.

They will come to earth and be able to bring this wisdom joy to the earth plane, to the other Elohim star-seeds, and they do not feel that they will be overcome by the veil. It is when they are "finally here that they become blunted and overcome, because they have combined with the elements of the veil, which are not of them. In their deepest selves they have not forgotten.

They have the passion. They have the knowledge. It is still there. It is always part of them waiting to be remembered. It is when they misidentify with the elements that are other than themselves, that they then view things through those other elements, and they appear to have forgotten. They have never really forgotten. It is only through misidentification that they seem to forget.

The Elohim star-seeds can identify themselves. There are self tests they can apply to determine whether they have Elohim origins. They may have a penchant towards mathematical and geometric thought—they have a love for that—where the RA star-seeds tend be very psychic and loving.

Q: It seems that throughout history there has been a tendency for people to worship a group like the Elohim instead of blending with it. Is there some advice or wisdom that you could share about how a person could have the right inner approach to making the connection?

A: It is irksome to be worshiped, because worship creates a division: “I’m better; you’re the one who’s not as good.” It creates a falsehood, a fallacy, and it creates a break in the communication between the two. Here is a father and a son, and the neither is better than the other. One is wiser ; one knows more. Worship tends to deaden the brain and to place one at a disadvantage.

It tends to close down the channel of communication and say:“ You tell me everything. You tell me what to do. I will follow you. I will do what you say.” This kind of connection is not what we are looking for. We are looking for the connection where there is a mutual respect and equality.

RA is more of a male energy. Elohim is more of a female energy. The Elohim are more involved in sacred geometries, and are able to work in smaller spaces. The Elohim don’t look at the grand sweep as much as RA looks at grand sweep, although we can sweep over the earth and we can see patterns of energies located in specific areas and isolate them. We can ask for energy associated with a particular situation.  P’taah is an individual. RA is a group. Elohim is a group. P’taah has his own personality and his own delightful way of looking, talking and seeing the world. He has his own delightful energy.

RN: RA is a group consciousness group of beings that exists in 6th density [probably 7th or 8th dimension]. They think as one being and can see those in lower dimensions although they may not be able to understand completely what is going on or why. This is a problem with many ETs who have little contact with Divinity and come from other worlds. RA has worked with those in Egypt in the past although they admit their work didn’t produce the positive results that they wanted.

RA: We want to again remind you, as we have often stated before, that before the time of ascension there will be a [physical] shifting of the poles. Before the time of the shifting there will be what we refer to as a mass boarding event [evacuation]; we will arrive in your skies and allow those of you who are ready to come with us. Those who are ready will experience a greeting of some sort.

It is this greeting that will be most explicitly inspirational and uplifting to the physical entity as it will correspond to that which is of most religious or spiritual significance to that entity’s vibratory pattern throughout the physical sojourn. [Reptilians cannot give us this loving greeting, so we will be able discern those of the Light whom we want to leave with by their Light and Love radiations. Portals will open up that will teleport many of us to a different 3D universe if we want. Those who stay here will die and will get new bodies later after they move elsewhere.]

This inspirational uplifting experience takes the form of an invitation, and it is important that the decision then be made rather quickly, as time is short. You won’t be able to take anything with you; you must step forward and proceed. This time will be occurring in the now, which is all you have. You are reading these words in the now, and you will experience in the now the invitation to come with us. You must not hesitate. You must be ready to go, or you will have to stay behind for the resulting traumatic changes on the physical earth.

There will be those who do not proceed, for they fear there is some evil or deception occurring. They understand only that which tells them, “ This is a trick. This is a trap. This is not what I want. I don’t believe you.” We are fully prepared for this, and thus those who choose automatically to be ready will be those who have meditated and prepared in advance for this experience. It will not happen in some ill-defined and never reached future, but rather in the now. Thus, we encourage you to seek ascension in the now.

Harvest and ascension is a process that has occurred on many, many third-density planets in the past, and though this planet is rather unique because of the blending of souls therein, this harvest is a process that has been rehearsed and has been brought through many, many times before. Regardless of whatever wild cards are thrown into the deck, we are more than adequately prepared to insure that the harvest occurs without bruise or blemish to the fruit.

You are the fruit, of course: you who read these words, who have been diligently working on uplifting your own vibrations and on seeking a greater degree of fulfillment in the joy that is brought forth when you serve others and feel that smile, the joy of giving or the spirit of Christmas. It is the birth of the Christ within yourself that is coming through at this time. It is the understanding that it is you who will be growing into that fourth density earth that is now forming, as you are the earth. Because you participate in its consciousness, you are also participating in its evolution.

RA: The 1st attempt to aid your peoples occurred about 75,000 years ago. [We helped Martians come to Earth by evacuation when it was attacked by reptilians]. Next help was given to those of Mu [Lemuria] about 58,000 years ago. Next, help was offered to Atlantis about 13,000 years ago [by evacuation]. We later attempted to contact (mentally) the rulers of this land (Egypt). In the 18th dynasty we were able to contact a pharaoh, Aten or Ikhnaton. He was an [ET] wanderer. This entity became convinced that the vibration of One was the true spiritual vibration and thus decreed the law of One. But his beliefs were accepted by few. When he fell [murdered?], the polarized beliefs in many gods came into their own.

From the 6th dimension we are capable of manipulating energy with thought [as Creators] which is the intelligent in infinity present in each particle of light, or distorted light, so that we were able to clothe ourselves in a replica of our 6th density/mind/body/spirit complexes which were visible in the third density.  RA’s Council is located in the 8th dimension of the planet Saturn, taking place, in 3rd dimensional terms, in the rings of Saturn.  [from Law of One]

Author Wynn Free:
Long before the inception of life on this planet, RA says, there were Third Density life forms on Venus similar to our human forms on Earth. Through evolution, these life forms ''ascended'' beyond the Third Density and ultimately fused together into a unified complex which is the entity we now refer to as RA [they act as one being]. RA identifies himself as a ''social memory complex.''

According to RA, there are eight densities [that they know of] that all life must pass through, and in his present form RA exists on the Sixth Density. The Earth, RA claims, is presently at the end of a 75,000-year cycle where many humans will graduate from the Third Density to the Fourth Density by the process known as ''ascension.''

[Density can easily be measured with meters which is why it is so popular with ETs. According to RA , there are eight densities or dimensions that all consciousness evolves through. There are now 12 densities according to the Andromedans]. Earth is now in 3rd density. As positive fifth density moves into sixth there are virtually no entities which any longer use outer technology for travel [they live and travel in bodies of Light] or communication [they are telepathic and can read minds]. Fifth density is perhaps best described as extremely white in vibration. The sixth density of a whiteness which contains a golden quality.

RA describes how the Great Pyramid was built 11,000 years ago: When one can speak to that intelligence [the intelligence within the rock], the finite physical energy of the physical rock body is put into contact with the infinite energy which is resident in the more well-tuned higher bodies. With this connection made, a request may be given. The intelligence of infinite rock-ness communicates to its physical vehicle or body, and that splitting or moving which is desired is then carried out.

RN: It is called creation by thought and intention. The rocks have to give their permission before they can be used in this building process. RA said they built the pyramids to connect with energy portals although they are not tuned properly now and don’t function like they did at that time. Those who advance high enough can become Creator Gods also and can create anything they need or want out of plasma energy that is everywhere. They can even create their own universe and life.

One day after I wrote about the pyramids’ tuning problem a fleet of upside down shaped triangular UFOs appeared over these Egyptian pyramids that included trumpet sounds similar to what has been heard around the world for the last few years. They appear to be using resonate frequencies to retune these pyramids so they can be restored to what they were like when RA created them. This will not be shown on the Illuminati owned news.

A video showing these UFOs is available on YouTube:
UFO FLEET over GIZA PYRAMIDS !!! April 2016

RA: The larger pyramids were built by our ability using the forces of One. It was our naive belief that we could teach by direct contact. These cultures were already closely aligned with an all-embracing belief in the live-ness or consciousness of all. We came and were welcomed by the peoples we wished to serve [they came as servants not gods]. We attempted to aid them in technical ways having to do with healing of mind/body/spirit complex through the use of the crystal. Thus were the pyramids created. However, it turned out that those in power reserved this technology for themselves [like they do today as everything important is top secret]. This was not intended by the law of the One. We left your peoples.

Wynn Free: The purpose of the pyramids, RA says, was healing and initiation: The chamber worked on the mind and body. The mind was affected by sensory deprivation and the reactions to being buried alive with no chance of extricating the self. The body was affected by both the configuration of the mind and by the electrical properties of the materials used.

A Wanderer is an ET entity who has made the conscious decision to reincarnate into the Third Density of Earth from a higher density, in order to assist in the raising of consciousness on the Earth plane. RA says that there are 65 million Wanderers currently on Earth.

When the choice is made to be a Wanderer on Earth, the entity does not know that it will forget its original origin once it incarnates and subjects itself to the dangers of getting trapped here. The challenge and danger to the Wanderer is that it will become karmically involved and thus be swept into the maelstrom and turbulence which it intended to avert [he will become like everyone else].

If Wanderers can penetrate their ''forgetting,'' they have the ability to greatly accelerate consciousness on this plane. Unawakened Wanderers tend to have feelings of alienation because of the chasm between the density of their origins and the density on the planet. They often exhibit allergies.

We can speculate that many readers of this article may fall into the category of Wanderers, as might people who suffer from such New Age maladies as Epstein Barr's and chronic fatigue — people who have a difficult time reconciling their higher-density existence with the Third Density.

According to RA, our planet is coming to the end of its 75,000-year Third Density cycle. The year 2017 is when that cycle is projected to end. Since not everyone on the planet is ready to move into the Fourth Density, however (when RA moved into the Fourth Density, only 20 percent of the Venusian population was ready), the remaining Third Density entities reincarnate on a different Third Density planet. [Venusian Omnec said the Draco reptilians ruled Venus and created wars like they do here now, and Venus is now on 5th density or higher and the Dracos are gone. Venus was different than Earth because they didn’t have 7 billion people like we do here so its takes a lot longer to bring change here.]

RA says that to be eligible for graduation (or ''harvesting'') [ascension] into the Fourth Density, we must have a 51 percent orientation towards service to others [Love]. We do not have to understand the Law of One or have esoteric, metaphysical knowledge in order to ascend.

Part of this ascension process, RA says, will involve the temporary end of all life forms on planet Earth while the planet is readied for its new Fourth-Dimensional inhabitants. At this time, entities who need additional Third-Dimensional experience will find themselves on a different planet, where they may unfold their karma. And those who ''graduate'' will reincarnate on the New Earth.

Because of the veil of forgetfulness in this realm, we have become disconnected from the awareness of being part of all that is, so we experience ourselves as separate isolated entities. Even though this veil limits our conscious awareness, it is possible to penetrate the veil and come into a greater awareness of our expanded matrices.

We are presently at the end of a 75,000-year cycle. There is a graduation of sorts taking place on Earth that will lead to a division of souls in future lifetimes, some going to the higher paradigm earth of the fourth chakra and many having to repeat the third chakra [3D] lessons. Cycle repeaters will be moved to another planet in another star system to repeat the third chakra experience. There is still a short time to redirect one’s destiny if one so chooses.

RN: These are quotes from the book Creator Gods of the Physical Universe Want to Talk to You by Wynn Free along with my comments which are in brackets. If you copy this link you can download it as a PDF so you can read it anytime you want or print it so you can read it away from your computer. I believe these events are accurate and will occur because they are consistent with what I have discussed in the past on a Divine level.

During the 1950s there were visits from several people on Venus including Omnec Onec and Thor. Thor lived in the Pentagon for a year and worked with high level government personnel. He promised to create a heavenly type world IF governments would give up their nuclear weapons which they refused. He failed in his work just as Tesla from Venus failed in his goal to provide free energy to the world 100 years ago.

Omnec arrived here as an 7 year old girl in the 1950s. Her mission was to bring change like what happened on Venus long ago and to stop the nuclear devastation that ended WW2. She got caught up in family life and survival and accomplished very little until recently. She had a stroke in 2009 that left one side of her body paralyzed, but she still conducts seminars in Europe so she can make enough money to live on. Had she known what her future would be like she probably would have refused to volunteer to come here.

Ascension is a Divine process that will raise the frequency of Earth and this Universe to a higher dimension and density. This has been the Divine plan for millions of years, and the question is not if but when. Since most are not ready for this they will be moved to another 3rd dimensional universe to continue to grow spiritually.

Much is needed in order to rebuild Earth and this Universe, but this cannot be done with 7 billion people living here because these Earth changes will be so violent no one would be able to survive. Hopefully the oceans will be restored to fresh water like they were before the Draco Annunaki transformed them into salt water over 26 years so that we would fight over water rights.

These are only words until this happens, but it is best to be prepared for this possibility. We should search our souls and remove the dark areas that may prevent this ascension, and we should learn to live in the Love and Light of Divinity .

Rich N

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